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"Eyes on the target," Agent 1HK breathed into his communicator. Taking a deep breath, he released it slowly, squeezing the trigger just as the general emerged from behind the wall. The bullet flew through his eye, blasting him to kingdom come. "Target eliminated," he radioed coolly.

"HQ to 1HK, we have a new target. Sending coordinates now." 1HK's GPS reloaded, displaying a location not far from his position. Slithering out of the bushes, he stood up, keeping low as he jogged along by the wall. After a minute, he reached the position, an old farmhouse with a perfect view of the valley. "In position," he declared.

"Coy that, 1HK, fire at will."

1HK loomed down towards the pagoda, where his target seemed to be sharing a drink with some fellow soldiers. On a whim, he once more bent his head to the communicator. "HQ, you have eyes on the operation?"

"Affirmative, in the air. Any reason?"

"HQ, I'm going to hit this man right in the testicles."

"1HK, that's impossible, you can't do that. Do not attempt, I repeat-"

"With all due respect, HQ, is that a fucking challenge?"

There was a long silence. "Alright, 1HK, permission to proceed. If you fail, I can guarantee you will be the laughingstock of the entire Special Ops force for at least a month."

"Copy that, HQ." Once more steadying himself, 1HK pressed the scope to his eye and aimed carefully at his target. Breathe in, breathe out, bang.

There was a brief silence, followed by an explosion of cheers in his left ear. "1HK, we can confirm the testicle shot," a voice cut through the incredulous shouts. Agent 1HK smirked, reloading and checking his GPS for new coordinates. He was the best shot in the Special Ops force, and if he said he was going to hit something, he was going to hit it.