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The Realm of Eternal Darkness

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Ganondorf awoke to the sounds of rain hitting a window. This was odd. His last memories consisted of being stabbed through the head with the Blade of Evils Bane by that ancestors-damned Hero, before being cast from Hyrule by those infernal Sages, and he was fairly certain that rainfall was not a thing in the Sacred Realm. As he opened his eyes, Ganondorf was certain that he was somewhere entirely separate from both Hyrule and the Sacred Realm. He was in a large, dimly lit room, with a pair of curved staircases leading up to a second floor and doors leading to other rooms in every direction. Moth-eaten carpets shifted silently under Ganondorf’s feet and austere faces gazed down upon him as he got up and moved towards the ornate clock on a table between the two staircases. A closer examination revealed the clock to be missing its key, its face frozen at around half past 3. “Odd”, Ganondorf thought, “what reason would the Sages have for banishing me to an abandoned manor?”

Just then, Ganondorf’s attention was caught by the sound of a door opening to his right. A young woman had just entered the room. Her blonde hair had been pulled back into a high ponytail and she was dressed in a plain black sleeveless shirt, and trousers made of an unfamiliar fabric. An ancient looking short sword hung from her belt, and she was carrying a glass container within which rested a large, shrivelled looking heart. She stared at Ganondorf in surprise and fear, before dropping the container and reaching for something in her pockets. But Ganondorf was faster, and, grabbing her arm, he shoved her forcefully against the wall. “Who are you?” he hissed angrily, “What is this place?”

“I… I don’t…”

“Answer me!” he bellowed, “Why have I been brought here?”

The woman’s eyes shrunk in terror. In response to Ganondorf’s threatening question she brought her free hand up to his chest and stammered something under her breath. A circle of illuminated purple runes appeared around them both, and violet light erupted from her fingertips. Ganondorf was thrown across the room by the blast of magic, crashing into a spindly table. The woman scrambled up the stairs and drew a curious metal device from her pocket, which she pointed at Ganondorf.

“Don’t move!” she cried.

“Foolish creature, if you would just answer me…!”

“Don’t! I’ll shoot you!”

Ganondorf stepped forward, “Tell me what is going on here…”

The woman pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. In panic and frustration, she threw the object at Ganondorf before fleeing into the next room. As he turned to follow her, Ganondorf noticed that the container the woman had dropped was beginning to pulse with an eerie shade of purple…