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Taishi Doesn't Believe In R-18

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Kazuki woke up and tried to open his eyes to see his alarm clock. It was 22:39*. Thankfully a Saturday. Taishi was passed out next to him with his collection of disturbing films.

Man, what time had he fallen asleep? His sleep schedule was likely so screwed up. And it was all Taishi's fault. Taishi always caused it. He couldn't just let Kazuki draw his doujinshi and tell the story that he wanted to tell. No, it had to take over the world.

As Kazuki silently muttered to himself about Taishi, he looked over at his phone.

8 missed calls from Mizuki

"WHAT?!" Kazuki yelled, so loud that Taishi awoke from his slumber.

"Brother, I'm still tired." Taishi moaned. "Just give me a little bit more..."

"Do you realize what you've done?! Oh man, Mizuki is going to kill me!"

Kazuki dialed Mizuki's number as fast as he could. Maybe she wouldn't be as angry with him as he thought? Maybe they could have a good laugh about this.

"KAZUKI, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?!" Mizuki's voice angrily boomed over the phone.

Welp, he knew there was no way she could be happy about this.

"I...Taishi...fell asleep...movies..." Kazuki barely made out to her.

"Do you even know how worried I was?!" Mizuki yelled at him. "I almost reported you missing!"

"How long have you been trying to call?"

"5 hours! I was going to invite you over and study!"

"Well, at least I got 5 hours of sleep..." Kazuki muttered to himself silently, but not silent enough for Mizuki not to hear it.

"WHAT?! Kazuki, what have you been up to?" Mizuki screamed at him.

"Keep your voice down, I just woke up. Taishi wanted me to make this doujinshi about-"

"Doujinshi, doujinshi, doujinshi, it's always doujinshi!"

"Would you let me finish my sentence?"

"Did you forget about the English test we have on Monday? It's worth 25% of our grade, and it's a big deal! I heard a rumor that this one time a kid didn't take it seriously and didn't study for it, and then when it came the day of the test he just went blank! He wrote all the answers in kanji! He then failed the class, and I heard he's in jail now."

"I have been studying, Mizuki."

"Likely story!"

"No, really. I studied on Thursday and Friday before Taishi came barging into my room."

"Well, how long has he been there?!" Mizuki yelled at him. Kazuki then heard the door open and Mizuki's mom whisper to her, "Honey, could you keep it down? I'm trying to sleep."

"Okay, mother." Mizuki stated, toning her voice down a bit, however it was still enough to show Kazuki how furious she was.

"Um, he's been here like...18 hours?" Kazuki said as he tried to count the number of hours Taishi had been at his house.

"18 hours?!" Mizuki started yelling, but then quieted down her voice for her mother. "What have you two been doing for 18 hours?!"

"Well, Taishi wants me to make a dark and disturbing doujinshi for children, like Evangelion, you know? So he's been at my house making me watch all this disturbing movies, most of which are probably R-18* - stuff like Ichi the Killer, you know? He's trying to get my mind motivated to write something horrifying."

There was silence.

"Kazuki, you jerk!" Mizuki said to him in her best not-loud-but-still-furious voice. "I can't believe you're letting Taishi get in the way of your studies over some stupid doujinshi! That stupid otaku!"

Mizuki then hung up on him. Kazuki sighed, looking at his passed out friend next to him.

"Why must he always feel a need to drag me into his harebrained schemes?" Kazuki asked to no one in particular. Just then, he got two texts. One from Mizuki, one from Yu. He opened Mizuki's first.

The text message read, "YOU JERK!"in all bold and italics. Geez. She had never texted him angry messages while she was mad at him before. Maybe she was seriously ticked this time?

Kazuki then opened Yu's message.

"Taishi texted me about the doujinshi plans. Meet at my house tomorrow morning at 9:00. Bring your doujinshi utensils. Movies not needed."

Well, now Yu was on board too. There was no way Kazuki could back out now. But how would he ever get Mizuki to forgive him?