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Sleepy Kitty

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Liao could feel the smothering warmth around him. The heat was unbearable. The source of such heat? The clouded leopard. His toned arms were wrapped around Liao. The college student’s face was flushed. This night was a hot one and his embarrassment didn’t help.

Carefully, he slid his shorts off, trying not to disturb the sleeping cat. Liao let out a sigh of relief once the shorts were fully off. He felt a little cooled down. But it wasn’t enough. The heat was still suffocating. He slid up his shirt, looking for more relief.

Behind him, the clouded leopard stirred. Liao went as still as the dead. The last thing he wanted to do,at this moment, was wake the spirit.

Liao was startled when he felt something wet and rough against the back of his neck. He squeaked as the leopard’s tongue licked him continuously. Liao wonders what he could possibly be dreaming about.

It was a bit uncomfortable but he tried to pay no mind to it. That was, until he felt something poke at his bum. Liao panicked and tried to move away but strong warm arms kept him close.

The clouded leopard started rutting against him. Liao almost completely forgot about the heat that plagued him and focused more on what was happening.

“Hey, where are you trying to put that thing?” He felt a throbbing erect member slip past his thighs. Liao blushes deeply. There’s no way this is happening, right? “Leopard… are you awake?” He whispered. He got no response. The cat was still sleeping.

Liao wondered if he should wake him up. Would he be embarrassed? Probably not. The leopard was a very stoic spirit that held little shame.

“Hey, clouded leopard.” He reached behind him and felt warm fur. Liao gasped as the cat’s member rubbed against his balls. The leopard’s breath was hot on his neck. He started slipping his dick to and fro between Liao’s thighs.

Liao was starting to get aroused himself. The more Likulau thigh fucked him the harder he got. He couldn’t help but succumb the feline’s actions. He got lost in the feeling of the hot throbbing member slipping between his thighs.

The college student’s hands drifted up to his nipples. He tugged and toyed with himself. He let out low gasps and moans. He feels so weak for failing into temptation.

He felt hot. It was even more intense of a heat than before. It filled his whole body.

He pushed his thighs together to create more friction for the leopard. Liao looked down at the girthy member. The sight made him drool. The way it slipped past his thighs throbbing for more.

Liao felt a nibble on the back of his neck. They were all too soft. It made him worried, though. The clouded leopard could devour him with a set of teeth like those.

He moved his hand down to his dick. He started jerking off. It felt amazing, being thigh fucked like that.

Nails dug into his hips. Rough paws pulled him close.

He rubbed his own member. His hand and thighs were slick with precum. Liao bit his lip, trying to keep himself from making too much noise.

Liao felt dirty. Using Likulau for his own pleasure. The back of his mind screamed this wasn’t right. But how could something so wrong feel so good?

“Liao…” He froze. Was he caught in the act? Liao turned his head only to be greeted with a still sleeping leopard.

“Is he… dreaming about me?” He breathed out.

The clouded leopard sped up his actions, fucking Liao’s thighs with more vigor. Liao stroked his member again. He was close.

Liao whimpered as he came. He stroked himself more, riding out his orgasm. Between his thighs, he could feel clouded leopard’s dick throb. Soon after, he came thick loads, leaving Liao’s thighs covered in hot cum.

He took a moment to come down from his high. Liao looked down at the mess. He decided he’ll deal with it in the morning. He drifted off into a good rest.