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Super Mario Kart: Pokemon/Super Mario Kart: Pokemon 2 N-Sane Edition

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National Championship day! Mario Kart Stadium was sold out, other places like Coco Park, Crash Cove, Kras City, and Waluigi Stadium were jammed-packed with Super Mario Kart fans, many other places had fans everywhere, a lot of flat-screens were left on, and so much more. Overall, many were looking forward to watch Cloud and Aeris vs. Tifa and Jessie part 2. However, experts had predicted that part 2 wouldn't have the same ratings as Mario and Luigi vs. Crash and Coco from Season 7's National Championship game. And speaking of Coco, she and Crash were guests for commentary. But Sonic and Tails were also guests for commentary.

An hour later...

The national championship began! Cloud and Aeris collected the Golden Mushroom item this early! Tifa and Jessie attempted to kart-block Cloud and Aeris like they did against Sonic and Tails two days ago, but Cloud and Aeris slipped past them, angering their opponents! That part had astonished a lot, especially Sonic and Tails. Tifa and Jessie managed to get close to Cloud and Aeris with the Star item, but after it ran out of juice, Aeris smashed them with a Red Shell before giving them a raspberry and the middle finger, pissing her heated rivals off! 

"Yeah, that's what the hell I'm talking about, guys!" Mythra cheered.

"You sound like a desperate hoe that always spreads her legs, skank!" Kazooie yelled.

"Angry much, loser!? HAHAHAHAHA!" Mythra said.

"I knew this crap would happen. Rivals commonly study each other, and Cloud and Aeris will break through their rivals' defense throughout the championship game!" Coco said.

"It sucks that we still lost to those frauds!" Tails said.

"They're not frauds, fruitcake!" Kazooie said.

"Yes, they are!" Coco said.

"Guys, Kazooie's mad because the brainless bitch knows that her picks are gonna lose!" Mythra said.

"I hate you, Mythra, you worthless Aegis!" Kazooie yelled.

"I hate you, too, whore!" Mythra said.

"How many people are watching this national championship game?" Sonic asked.

"According to accurate data, 879.2 million people, still less than the one from Season 7!" Yamcha replied.

"Friggin' delusional Aeris fantards! I told them that this season's national championship ratings won't top Season 7's!" Coco said.

"Regardless if the series goes to 4, 5, 6, or 7 games, the numbers won't surpass that season's national championship!" Bowsette said.

"Only a Super Mario Bros. vs. Team Bandicootz rematch will surpass it or come close to it!" Puar predicted.

Lap 3! Bullet Bill time for Tifa and Jessie! But after a little while, Aeris triggered her Lightning item, and Tifa and Jessie fell into the abyss! Kazooie cursed as she slammed one of her wings on the commentary table, and Mythra pointed at Kazooie while laughing at her. But thanks with the help of the Crazy Eight and Triple Mushrooms, Tifa and Jessie came back with a vengeance! Cloud and Aeris got a taste of their opponents' Green Shell, but the former bounced back with a Golden Mushroom, and they snatched Game 1!"

"Oh, for the love of God!" Kazooie yelled.

"Here's some fun trivia I forgot to share! Five out of the eight previous champions have won Game 1!" Mythra said.

"Last five, you mean," Pyra said.

"That doesn't mean shit!" Kazooie yelled again.

"At least Crash and I had won it all in Season 1!" Coco said.

"That trivia just made the Great Eight look even worse!" Red's mom said.

"Five national championship appearances, a blown 3-0 lead from Season 1, a blown 2-0 lead from Season 3, got swept by a sub-.500 team in Season 4, lost 4-1 to a sub-.500 team in Season 5, a blown 2-1 lead in Season 6, and zero titles. Talk about a failure of a delusional group," Coco said as Crash nodded.

"Wow, Coco, talk about savage!" Joni said.

"They fail so hard, even an unexpected duo will win a title before them!" Coco said.

Five minutes later...

Cloud and Aeris at it again! Pow, Green Shell! Then, a Spiny Shell and a Golden Mushroom! Tifa and Jessie later jumped ahead of them, but got pwned by the same Spiny Shell! Aeris taunted them like a little kid as she gave them the finger again. Tifa and Jessie failed to catch up to Cloud and Aeris again and again, and they lost Game 2, down 0-2! Could they overcome the deficit?

Five minutes later...

Game 3! Things went tight between the rival duos at the start, but after Cloud and Aeris collected two Triple Mushroos compared to Tifa and Jessie's two Single Mushrooms, they rode like the wind! But in lap 2, things got different as Tifa and Jessie smacked Cloud and Aeris into the abyss with their Star item! Tifa and Jessie got far ahead of Cloud and Aeris in lap 3, but the latter duo triggered a Lightning item and Triple Mushrooms! However, their comeback fell short, losing Game 3.

Five minutes later...

Tifa and Jessie kept their momentum going as they melted Cloud and Aeris with the Fire Flower! Then, they got away with useful speed boosting items. With a large distance, Tifa and Jessie felt very confident on leading large. But disaster suddenly struck against them in mid lap 3 as Cloud and Aeris used their second Bullet Bill to get past them! Tifa and Jessie got themselves closer to Cloud and Aeris a bit later, but Aeris' Piranha Plant chomped them! That Game 3 collapse doomed the favorites!

Five minutes later...

In desperate mode, Tifa and Jessie constantly harrassed Cloud and Aeris with kart-bumping methods, trying to push them away from item boxes. But it failed as Cloud and Aeris stormed away with Triple Mushrooms! But lucky for Tifa and Jessie, they got the slightly superior Star item. Things got even more desperate for Tifa and Jessie as they finally managed to kart-block Cloud and Aeris throughout Lap 2 and early lap 3. In mid lap 3, Cloud and Aeris broke away from their #1 rivals with a Bullet Bill! No Lightning or Spiny Shell item for Tifa and Jessie, but three Triple Red Shells instead! Cloud and Aeris obtained a Golden Mushroom, possibly their last useful item to use! 

"Cloud and Aeris are your new Kart Madness champions, all! IN YOUR FRIGGIN FACE, KAZOOIE, YA SLUT!" Mythra yelled excitingly as Cloud and Aeris needed just a few inches away from securing their first-ever Kart Madness title.

"Oh, whatever!" Kazooie said as Cloud and Aeris crossed the finish line.

"Now, we're hearing mixed reactions from the results!" Coco said as half of the crowd cheered hard for Cloud and Aeris and the other half chanted the usual "Aeris sucks!" chants.

"We didn't get six or seven games, but it was a fun national championship game overall!" Bowsette said as both duos magically returned to Mario Kart Stadium.

"Here comes the heavy track-storming!" Pit said as the majority of Cloud and Aeris fans stormed the track, with Tifa and Jessie getting the hell out of the way.

"It's bigger than last season's track-storming!" Merilyn said.

"Rosalina just tweeted that Tracer and Mei aren't happy with the results!" Cye said.

"Speaking of them, they're in the crowd, pissed!" Eagle Marin said.

"Their angry expressions look familiar, huh, Coco?" Leslie asked.

"I'm already used to seeing their pissed off expressions!" Coco replied.

"Here comes DJ Mary and Karen!" Millis said as DJ Mary and Karen rushed towards Cloud, Aeris, and the latter two's fans.

"Bloody post-game interview's going to be an interesting one!" Emily said.

"Noussommes sur le point d'avoir plus de drama (We're about to have more drama)," Widowmaker said.

"Congrats, Aeris! You and Cloud have-"

"Gimme that, four-eyes!" Aeris yelled as she snatched the mic off DJ Mary's hands. Then, she glared at Tracer and Mei. "F you, Tracer and Mei!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Tracer and Mei, shocking millions and millions of people around the crossover universe.

"F you, Tifa and Jessie!" Aeris yelled more as she pointed at the already angry Tifa and Jessie.

"F you, Marlene!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Marlene, with the latter giving her the finger.

"F you, Mario and Luigi!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Mario and Luigi, causing her to get booed a lot more.

"F you, Peachette and Pauline!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Peachette and Pauline.

"F you, Symmetra and Pharah, you autistic morons!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Symmetra and Pharah.

"F you, Sephiroth!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Sephiroth.

"F you, Fran and Penelo for calling me and Cloud overrated seasons ago!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Fran and Penelo, and that pissed off Karen, DJ Mary, Jote, and Mjrn big time.

"F you, Great Eight, ya brain-dead failures!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Yuli, Bayonetta, Ragyo, Rei (Kill La Kill), Mia, Nui, Satsuki, and Ryuko.

"F you, Triple Crossover Dynasty!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Lady Kayura, Hilbert, Linda, Usagi, Rei (Sailor Moon), Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, Hotaru, Minako, Makoto, and Ami (Sailor Moon).

"F you, Nina for favoring Crash and Coco every season!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Nina.

"F you, Toad for favoring Peachette and Pauline every season!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Toad.

"F you, Selection Committee for underseeeding me and Cloud!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Soichiro, Talpa, King K. Rool, Blue, King Deedee, Soldier: 76, Erasa, Guzma, Balder, Rosa (Bayonetta series), Madam M, Scarlet, Lucio, and Johnny.

"F you, Biggs and Wedge for giving the Final Fantasy 7 world a bad name!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Biggs and Wedge.

"F you, Kazooie!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Kazooie.

"F you, Crash and especially you, Coco!" Aeris yelled as she pointed at Crash and Coco, with Coco giving her the double middle finger. 

"Mythra, you da girl for predicting our victory!" Aeris yelled in a happy way as she pointed at Mythra, with the latter giving Aeris a two thumbs up.

"And F anyone else for not picking me and Cloud to win!" Aeris yelled, then she violently threw the mic towards Bayonetta's face, causing the latter to collapse in pain.

"AND I'LL TAKE THAT!" Aeris yelled at Tracer and Mei as she snatched the trophy off Tracer's hands and gave her and Mei the finger, with Rei (Kill La Kill) Mia, Yuli, Ragyo, Satsuki, Ryuko, and Nui carrying the humiliated Bayonetta out of Mario Kart Stadium. Then, she raised the trophy very high as her large fanbase and Cloud fans cheered for her, with her continuing to suffer many boos.

"Karma's gonna bite her in the ass one day!" Coco said.

"Wow, that was too much," Yamcha said.

"Now, that was a unique post-game interview!" Pyra said.

"It's similar to something, but a longer version of it!" Banjo said.

"Aeris can kiss that $1,000,000 prize good-bye because she's in huge trouble right now!" Puar said.

"I hope she gets the highest fine ever!" Kazooie said.

"Oh, you're just booty-hurt because she called you out for being a dumbass!" Mythra said.

"Flat-ass wench!" Kazooie yelled.

"Ugly schmuck!" Mythra yelled back.

Final AP Poll Rankings:

1. Cloud and Aeris ($1,000,000 prize; finished 33-7; became the only duo to beat Crash and Coco in the regular season and in Kart Madness)
2. Tifa and Jessie
3. Crash and Coco (only two losses were up against Cloud and Aeris; finished 37-2)
4. Sonic and Tails
5. Peachette and Pauline
6. Chibiusa and Mamoru
7. Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire
8. Anna and Elsa (recognized as a successful cinderella team after seven seasons of not teamming up together; finished 27-11)
9. Symmetra and Pharah
10. Polar and Pura
11. Benga and Alder
12. Cyborg and Beast Boy
13. Kuvira and Suzie
14. Ryuko and Satsuki
15. Mario and Luigi
16. Jote and Mjrn
17. Jinx and Kid Flash (had the third-highest odds to win national title; suffered an embarrassing loss to Sonic and Tails; finished 34-2)
18. Junkrat and Roadhog
19. Cheren and Stoutland
20. Jupiter and Zoey
21. Daxter and Tess
22. Bulma and Tights
23. Twitch and Vinegar
24. Marlene and Red XIII
25. Maple and Irene (3-peat champions of SMKI)


- Aeris' post-game scene was very infamous and controversial to some, but influencial and memorable to others.

- Aeris was slapped very hard with a $5,000,000 fine and was left off with a serious warning.

- Aeris was constantly bragging about her and Cloud being the current champions. Moreover, she was bragging about her and Cloud being the only ones to defeat Crash and Coco twice, once in the regular season and once in Kart Madness.

- Coco had tweeted, "Fo Fo Fo Fo Fo Fo", predicting that she and Crash would go 4-0 six times in next season's Kart Madness. Fans of Aeris, the Great Eight, the Triple Crossover Dynasty, Tifa, Jessie, and more had attacked Coco, but fans of others, especially the friendly ones toward Crash and Coco, had liked the tweets.

- Aeris had taken the tweet super seriously, telling Coco to never disrespect the current champions again. This had led to a Coco vs. Aeris Twitter war. 

Cup Play: 

Mushroom Cup:

1st: Mythra
2nd: Kazooie
3rd: Dingodile
4th: Penelo
5th: Farore
6th: Bowser Jr.
7th: Peach
8th: D.Va
9th: Jak
10th: Robin (Teen Titans)
11th: Lightning
12th: Starfire

Flower Cup:

1st: Coco (highest odds)
2nd: Peachette
3rd: Symmetra
4th: Ly
5th: Runa's brother
6th: Ripper Roo
7th: Jigglypuff
8th: Risky Boots
9th: Lillie
10th: Globox
11th: Brendan
12th: Wildfire

Star Cup:

1st: Kuvira
2nd: Cheren
3rd: Bob-omb Bobby
4th: Red XIII
5th: Mamoru
6th: Alder
7th: Larry (Teen Titans)
8th: Larry (Super Mario Bros.)
9th: Cynthia
10th: Hapu
11th: Zoey
12th: Mars

Special Cup:

1st: Pyra
2nd: Banjo 
3rd: Suzie
4th: Stoutland
5th: Duck
6th: Hanzo
7th: Gohan
8th: Keira
9th: Mai
10th: White Blaze
11th: Marnie
12th: Melony

Shell Cup:

1st: Lei
2nd: Nitros Oxide
3rd: Luigi
4th: Serah
5th: Mina
6th: Jote
7th: Kirby
8th: Glover
9th: Fran
10th: Ashe (Overwatch)
11th: Mjrn
12th: Dog

Banana Cup:

1st: Cloud
2nd: Jupiter
3rd: Dawn
4th: Acerola
5th: Ludwig
6th: Leaf
7th: Benga
8th: Croc
9th: Morton
10th: Chibiusa
11th: Professor Kukui
12th: Komodo Moe

Leaf Cup:

1st: Crash (highest odds)
2nd: Pauline
3rd: Pharah
4th: Olivia (Super Mario Bros.)
5th: Olivia (Pokemon)
6th: Rayman
7th: Betilla
8th: Videl
9th: Pan
10th: Gloria
11th: Honey
12th: Rilla Roo

Lightning Cup:

1st: Aeris
2nd: Marlene
3rd: Tifa 
4th: Jessie
5th: Kahili
6th: Komodo Joe
7th: Shantae
8th: Daisy
9th: Mercy
10th: Mario
11th: Silkie
12th: Blackfire

End of Chapter 115