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Gaia's Melody Smut Collection

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It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining high in the sky, the weather was warm, and the sea was cool. On such a day, Tara had decided to spend a little time at the beach.

There wasn't often many people here at the beach, save for her and her friends as of late. Today, however, it had just been her. She had dressed in a simple yellow strapless bikini for her trip today.

As Tara's eyes examined the empty beach, she sat her towel down upon the sand. It was strange seeing no one else there, but perhaps she was the only one interested in the beach today. After all, her friends were pretty busy a lot lately now that they were adults. Even she had found little time to be able to enjoy the beach on her own.

Still, seeing the beach so empty, it made her curious. Not about why no one else was around, but rather what she could do. Sure, she could just go for a swim as she had planned, but this offered her a chance to do things she wouldn't normally. For instance, she could tan without having to worry about tan lines by simply removing her bikini.

Could she do that, though? What if someone saw her? Sure, there wasn't anyone now, but someone could come around. Still, a chance like this didn't come very often. Well, she wouldn't get completely naked, she'd just remove her top. It was easy to remove and would be easy to put back on if someone came by.

Tara sat down on her towel, then reached behind her back. She unfastened the tie that held her bikini top together and set the top down next to her. She then covered her chest, feeling a bit shy now that she was exposed. Still, no one was around, and so her shyness slowly faded and she uncovered her chest as she lied down on the towel.

She wouldn't stay like this for long, Tara thought. Just a few minutes, then she'd get dressed again. She placed her sunglasses on, then rested herself. It felt strange, though, being so exposed. Sure, she had been naked in front of some of her friends before, but that was in the bath or hot spring, places where nudity was expected. Even then, it was only around her female friends. In this case, nudity wasn't something people would expect, and anyone could see if they walked by.

Still, as Tara rested, no one came by. The longer she rested, the more relaxed she became about her current state. It wasn't enough to make her throw off the rest of the bikini, but she was becoming comfortable in this state. She even debated going for a swim without dressing.

Tara stood to her feet and stretched. She had come to swim, and things were calm. With only a little more thought, Tara slipped her bikini bottom down and stepped out of it. She set it by her towel, then stepped over to the sea.

The water was cool, and it took her a good moment to convince herself to get into the water. But, she eventually jumped into the water and swam around. Feeling the cool water on her naked body was refreshing, almost exhilarating. She had never imagined skinny-dipping could be so exciting.

"Hey, Tara!" a voice called out and Tara froze. It was her friend, Tadase. He was here and could see her, but her bathing suit was back on the beach.

"Uhh, hey, Tadase." Tara waved to him, being careful to keep her body concealed under the water.

"Guess we both had the idea to come out to the beach, huh?"

"Y-yeah." Tara's face was turning red as her head rushed through her thoughts. How was she going to get out of the water without Tadase seeing her? How would she get dressed without him knowing she wasn't in the first place? She only hoped that Tadase wouldn't notice her bikini on the beach.

"Want to play volleyball or something since we're both here?" Tadase questioned.

"Uhh... n-not right now. I'm enjoying swimming."

"Oh, alright, I'll come swim, too." Tadase began to rush out to the sea.

"U-uhh, y-you don't have to-" Tara couldn't finish before Tadase got into the water and started to swim over. She turned even brighter red as her head darted left and right, looking for something to conceal herself with. Alas, in the sea, there wasn't anything.

Tadase swam closer and Tara only turned a deeper red. What was she going to do? The water concealed her from this distance, but if Tadase swam underwater or got too close, he'd notice for sure. She had to do something, but there was nothing she could do.

"Why are you so red?" Tadase asked as he got close to her. "Are you not feeling good?"

"Th-that might be it..." He hadn't noticed yet, that was good.

"Might not be a good idea to swim if you're not feeling good. Maybe we should head back to the beach?"

"N-no, I'll be fine."

Tadase reached out and grabbed her by the arm. "Honestly, you need to take better care of yourself."

"N-no, Tadase, I'm fine. Don't worry."

Tadase was being a bit forceful, trying to pull her back to land. "You're all red, I need to check if you have a fever."

"I'm naked!" Tara suddenly shouted out and Tadase turned deep red.


"I'm red because I'm blushing because I thought it'd be fun to go skinny-dipping since no one was here. But now you're here, and I can't get out of the water without you seeing me."

Tadase quickly turned around. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't know."

Tara sighed as she looked at Tadase. He was being surprisingly nice considering her state. "It's fine..." The two floated there a moment before Tara sighed again. She swam up behind Tadase and wrapped her arms around him. His face turned deeper red as he felt her breasts press against his back.


"I know, I can feel it, too. It's okay." Tara smiled. "You know... maybe this isn't so bad..."

"What do you mean?"

One of Tara's hands slowly moved down Tadase's chest until it touched his trunks. She could feel a clear bulge in the front of his pants. "Well, it is just the two of us, right?"


"And... I've always wanted to... well... give it a try..." Tara's hand slid down the front of Tadase's swimming trunks, grabbing hold of him.

"Ah!" Tadase exclaimed in surprise.

"We could try it..." Tara began to gently rub her hand up and down against Tadase.

Tadase bit his lip. Feeling Tara's hand on him was quite exhilarating. "Y-you really want to?"

"I am already naked... and it wouldn't be hard to get you naked." Tara slid underwater with those words, then grabbed Tadase's trunks and slid them off. She now got a good view of him and after a moment, she emerged in front of him. "What do you say?"

"W-wouldn't it be better to do it out of the water?"

Tara nodded. "You're right." She grabbed his swimming trunks and swam back to the shore. Tadase followed quickly after, and as they emerged, Tadase couldn't help but stare at the back of Tara's body.

Tara stepped over to her towel and set Tadase's trunks down next to her bikini. She then turned and sat upon the towel, letting her body sit exposed to him. Tadase had clearly gotten harder since they had gotten out of the water, and seeing Tara's body hadn't helped him soften up.

Tadase grew close to Tara and she reached her hand out to grab hold of him. She then slowly slid him into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down. Tadase moaned as he felt himself throb a little. It was enticing to have her upon him, and he wondered just how enticing going even further would feel.

Tara didn't keep her head bobbing for long before she pulled away and laid back on the towel, her legs open. Tadase knew what she was wanting, and he rested his hands near her shoulders. Tara reached down, taking him in hand and directing him towards her. Before long, Tadase could feel himself pressing inside of her.

Tara winced. This was the first time a guy had been inside of her. It was a much different experience than she had expected, but she could feel something pleasurable in the light movement.

Once Tadase was inside, Tara wrapped her arms around his neck. Tadase bit his lip as he began to gently move his body back and forth, moving himself in deeper then pulling back. Tara found herself letting out a light moan as Tadase's movements were soft and gentle.

However, Tadase's body yearned for more, and his movements began steadily quicker. With each thrust, he grew faster, pressing deep inside of her a little harder. As his thrusts quickened, Tara moaned louder.

Soon, he found himself thrusting even faster, his hips striking against Tara's hips with a considerable amount of force. Tara moaned even more as her back began to arc. She could feel a pressure building inside of her, one yearning for release. But it was too soon, she had to hold back, she couldn't let it go yet.

Tadase's thrusts became even faster as he could feel the pressure building inside of him as well. But he couldn't let himself go yet. It wasn't enough, he needed more, and so did Tara.

Tara soon found herself moving against Tadase as well. With each of his thrusts, her own hips moved as well, making him move even faster and harder inside of her. Her back arched further and her moans became the loudest yet. They were building, unable to stop. The pressure was becoming too much. She'd have to let go soon, to release.

Tadase could no longer hold back. As he gave a loud moan, he felt himself release deep inside of Tara. With such a release, Tara could no longer hold back and her own body released as well. Tadase's thrusts grow slower and steadier with each release, and soon, he came to a stop. "Holy hell that felt amazing," Tara commented as she panted.

"You enjoyed that, huh?" Tadase asked with a smile.

"Hell yeah. Did you?"

"Yeah." Tadase rested against Tara as the two panted.

"You know... we're going to have to do that again..."

"Right now? I don't think I can."

Tara giggled. "Not right away, but just sometime. I just want to try it again."

Tadase chuckled. "Alright, we'll do it again sometime."

The two continued to lie against the towel, cuddling together as the day continued. For the two of them, it was a wonderful first experience, but Tara suspected it would only get better the more they did it.