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World So Cold

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Garyson ran up the stairs towards his room, abruptly stopping when he saw Rani walking out of it. “Is she okay? What of the baby?” 

Rani shut the door behind her and looked over at Grayson. “Evie is fine, she’s tired and quite sore. Overall she’s fine. Why don’t you go in and see her and your newborn son.” 

He let out a relieved sigh, knowing that both Evie and their son were alright. “I should, she’s probably looking for me.” He began to walk to the door, turning back to her when he reached for the doorknob. “Thank you Rani, for looking after her.” 


Rani turned to walk away while Grayson opened the door, stopping to take a long look at Evie in bed with their son in her arms. He wasn’t a man to cry, but seeing them brought tears to his eyes. A family was something he’d ever imagine he have, it was frowned upon in the Order. Out here, with the rebellion, anything was possible. And maybe he just needed the right person to settle down with. 

Evie turned to look over at the door after hearing close, smiling when she saw Gray standing there. “My love, I wasn’t expecting to see you yet.” 

“I came as soon as I was told you were in labor.” He walked over to the bed, gently sitting down next to her. “I was hoping to get here before you gave birth.” 

“I did too, but it was fast labor and delivery. Nothing either of us could prevent, I guess he couldn’t wait any longer.” She smiled down at the little one in her arms, then back to him. “I think I figured out a perfect name for him.” 

“What would that be love?” 

“Sebastien.” She looked back down at her son, knowing deep down if it wasn’t for Malory’s death their son probably wouldn’t be here right now. “I know how much he meant to you and I think he would’ve loved it.” 

She handed their son over to him, knowing he would love to hold him and take in every little feature. Evie watched as he got comfortable next to her, looking down at their son with loving eyes. It didn’t seem that long ago that they were still a part of the Order, sneaking out to go meet each other. Now married and have a son together, life does have a way of surprising you. 

Grayson looked down at his son in his arms, taking in his little wisps of brown hair. He was so little, so perfect. “I think Sebastien is a wonderful name!” 

“I think so too!” 

He leaned over to give her a kiss on the temple before staring down at his son. So much has changed for them in the four years since they’ve left the Order, getting married, having a child, joining the rebellion. They wouldn’t change it for the world, especially Grayson. 

As he looked down at his son, he knew the horrors of the world, the horrors he fights. The horrors he’ll have to protect his son from, and he’ll do it until the day he dies. No lycan or vampire will ever put a hand on his son. That’s a promise he plans on keeping. 


As they followed Alastair deeper and deeper into the forest Evie was becoming more nervous each step she took. This was going to end badly, everyone knew it, even Grayson. 

“Alastair if you hurt a single hair on my son's head..” 

“Gray, I said he was fine. I don’t take kindly into hurting young children.” 

That made Evie relaxed a little bit, but that could change in an instant. He was using Sebastien as leverage and who knows what he could have his men do. And that scared her the most. 

“I thought you were dead.” 

As much as she was nervous about her son, she was equally curious as to how Alastair was alive. Gray killed him, or so she thought. 

“You didn’t tell her Gray?” He stopped and turned to her, it sent a shiver down her back. “He couldn’t do it, he couldn’t pull the trigger and let me live.” 

Evie didn’t say anything, she just motioned for him to move on, wanting to get this over with and to see her son. Grayson not killing Alastair was something to deal with in the future. 

Not long after they came to a small clearing in the woods. The clearing held about twenty men and from what they could tell a few dozen lycans. And in the middle of it was Sebastien. The more she looked at him, the more she saw the tear in his coat, and the crimson on it. 

Her heart sank and she ran over to him, ignoring every single person and lycan there. When she got to him, he was unconscious and looked quite pale. Then she got a better look at his so-called injury and her blood began to boil. 

“LIAR!” That made Grayson run over, and the tears started to well in her eyes. “He’s been bit.” 

Rage began to fill Grayson, just like it did when Malory died. This time however was worse. If he didn’t have Evie with him right now, he’d try to kill every single person and lycan that was there. 

He sighed and turned to Alastair. “Why? Sebastien was innocent, he doesn’t deserve this.” 

“Aye he didn’t. I needed you two to cooperate and he was a means to an end.” He walked closer to them, kneeling down about five feet from where they sat. “I wasn’t the one who bit him, I'm not the only elder here.”

“What do you want Alastair?” 

“I want you and the rebellion to not get in the way.”

“So we’re just going to stand down and let you and Lord Hastings take over the world?” 

Evie was getting angry, very angry and had every right to be. Lord Hastings already took one family member from her and now Alastair did as well. Sebastien may not be dead, but him being a lycan added a lot more problems to their lives. 


She closed her eyes, letting a tear slide down her cheeks and sighed. 

“Evie and I will stand down, we won’t get in the way. I can’t make any promises with the rebellion, we’re not in charge.” 

She opened her eyes and glanced over at Gray, then to Alastair. “You have our word.”

“It’s a shame we’re not on the same side anymore.” He sighed and stood up. “I’ll take your word. If you so happen to break it, little Sebastien won’t be the only casualty.” 

When Alastair began to walk away she turned her attention to her son, the tears beginning to fall from her eyes. She was supposed to protect him and she failed, they were both supposed to protect him and they failed. How could they possibly have another child if they can’t take care of one. 

As everyone started to leave, Evie and Grayson stayed where they are, not saying a word to one another. He could sense the anger on her and maybe speaking on the situation wouldn’t be a good idea. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

He looked over to meet her gaze, seeing her tear stained face. “I felt it was better that you didn’t know. If you knew he was alive you would’ve been paranoid.”

She scoffed, wiping the tears from her face. “Perhaps, I guess now we’ll never know.” She stood up, brushing the dirt from her pants. “We should take him home and clean his wound.” 

Grayson stood up a few seconds later, cradling Sebastien in his arms as they began the walk back home. 

He looked down at Sebastien as they walked, his eyes narrowing in on the bit mark. The day he was born he promised to protect him from the horrors of the world and he failed. He’ll never forgive himself for that. Now he and Evie had a hard decision to make, let him live and figure out how to control the other half of him. Or put him out of his misery.