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Roommates: A Different Point Of View

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Chapter One: Chad and Isabella break up


A loud shriek breaks the dead of night and startles me so completely that it not only wakes me up, it also causes me to fall out of bed besides. I've fallen out of bed a few times in my life without any injury, but this time was different because I managed to bang my head on my brown study chair on the way down to the floor. I knew that I should have moved it back to my desk where it belongs. I now find myself rubbing my head to try to alleviate the small pain in my head with my right hand and trying to remember my own name.

I can remember that my name is Anne which means that I did not bonk my head too severely. I have long brown hair that has a couple of strands that are braided. Glasses cover my skittish face. The thing that stands out about me the most is that I can be incredibly shy especially when I am meeting someone new. That can make going out to college a bit of a challenge. I just wish that I had a better idea what I wanted to do with my life.

Sometimes I wish that I could be more like the person who screamed loud enough to wake me up and knock me out of bed. That person is Isabella and she has a wild personality with wild black hair to match. She always knows what she wants out of life and grabs it. She never shies away from people like I sometimes do. I also find her quite attractive. I find myself attracted to a woman for the first time of my life because of these things. I get so confused when I am around Isabella at times.

There is a problem with me being attracted to Isabella and that is that she already has a boyfriend. He is some punk football player named Chad. There are not very many things that everyone in Latin House agrees upon, but we all agree that Chad is nothing but an inconsiderate jerk. I guess my feelings might be colored with a little bit of jealousy, but since Isabella is my friend, I know that there is nothing that I can do but sit idly by and support Isabella's decision even if I don't agree with it.

On the other hand, the fact that I have to support my wild friend is not going to stop me from checking on her to make sure that she is okay. I look at my alarm clock as I get off of the floor and I see the time is three in the morning. I slowly open my door and peek out into the hallway. I don't know why I did that before just leaving. I am reasonably sure that Dominic won't lower the boom on me for wandering the hallway at night. He is a little strict at times, but he is nothing like Filch who is the caretaker of Hogwarts. I notice that the voices have quieted down enough so I can't make out what Chad and Isabella are saying.

As I slowly creep down the hallway as quiet as a mouse, I can not only hear snippets of the fight, but I can also hear Max snoring. I know that rocker must be a sound sleeper if he can sleep through this war. From what I can hear of this war, I realize that it is not much of a war at all. I can hear Isabella's voice a lot more than Chad's. My wily friend is so mad that her voice comes out almost in whispers. I sure hope that Chad is about to get his walking papers regardless of what the fight is about because I do not like him at all. Isabella once caught him hitting on me when Sally and I were at the diner where she works.

I simply cannot resist taking a quick peek past the door frame to see what the fight is about. I thank goodness that the thick headed clod is facing away from me. I am not sure what I would have done if he had seen me. However, Isabella is facing towards the doorway. She had to have seen me. I choke back a squeak and revert back to my hiding place in the hallway. I keep listening to the fight in case my friend needs me even though I know that I wouldn't be able to do anything against that numskull.

"Did you really think that I would want to do that, you thick headed clod?" Isabella shrieked.

"Baby, I..." Chad gurgled.

"Don't you baby me!" Isabella hissed. "I am not some sex toy for your amusement! I am monogamous!"

"But I..." the lummox choked out.

"Just get out!" Isabella demanded. "It is over between us!"

I couldn't help but pump my fist a little because of this turn of events. I know that I shouldn't be happy about this because I can tell that my friend is hurting just by the sound of her voice. I start to wonder if I am being a bit selfish. I know that I am having feelings for my roomie since I bought her a negligee for Valentines Day, but I need to put her needs first right now. I am jolted out of my thoughts when Chad bumps into me on his way out.

"Scurry back into the hole that you crawled out of, mouse!" the idiot threatens me.

I can do nothing but freeze into a statue out of fear until the clod exits out the front door. I am trying to decide if I should go into Isabella's room and offer my assistance. Even though I am worried about my friend, I know how independent she is. The last thing that I want to do is but in on her tender moment. Suddenly, Isabella makes my decision for me by issuing forth a command.

"I heard Chad talking to you, Anne! Just get in here!"