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Friends from Heaven

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Chapter 1




Rhodes Island HQ



Amiya looked at Kal'tsit in the eyes with a small smile on her face "Don't worry doctor, we'll bring him back no matter what and will return immediately" she assured the woman in front of her with a smile.

Kal'tsit remained silent with her arms crossed hiding how worried she was for Amiya "Stay safe" she muttered receiving a nod from the girl in front of her who then proceeded to leave the room to begin her mission.

The doctor remained still, thousands of thoughts accumulating in her head along with a sense of dread, something was terribly wrong and it made her feel uneasy. The woman threw a look at her computer as a solution appeared among all the thoughts.

She slowly approached the PC and turned it on before opening a video communication channel, she typed a password and a winged skull appeared on her screen and after a few seconds, a video call started.

On her screen, three men appeared sitting behind a desk with their arms crossed. Kal'tsit knew them, once she and the Doctor used to work together although not for the same organization.

"Dr. Kal'tsit, this is a surprise." one of the three said with an amused tone.

The man donned black clothes, sunglasses even though he was inside a room and had blonde hair which almost hid completely his Sarkaz horns...his name was Albert Wesker, the current leader of a ghost research organization called Umbrella. He and Kal'tsit had different views on Oriphaty which sparkled a hostile dispute between the two.

"Hello Albert" Kal'tsit replied before looking at the other two "Jack...Kryuger" she then added with a small bow

"Kal, it's been so long...since we lasy saw each other, if I recall correctly" Jack, commonly know as Big Boss in the underground channels of society, replied as he lit up a cigar.

Jack was a caucasian muscular man with one blue eye and a missing one which was covered by an eyepatch, he had brown hair and was wearing a trench coat along with a green beret. He was a one-horned Oni thanks to his family heritage. He was the founder of an independent nation called 'Outer Heaven' which also was a private military company (PMC) and he was the one to gather the other two men who were sitting beside him, Wesker and Berezovich Kryuger.

He was also a caucasian muscular man with black hair with a few strands of white and grey eyes. He was an Ursus, which could be confirmed by his bear ears. Kryuger was a general in the Ursus Empire, he deserted the nation along with everyone under his command upon seeing the plans of how they'll deal with the infected population. He was once Big Boss' rivel back when Jack still worked for the Federal Democratic Columbia, but they both shared a deep respect for each other and so when Big Boss asked him to join Outer Heaven, Kryuger agreed and created a branch within Outer Heaven called Griffon and Kryuger named after himself and a fallen comrade of his.

Kal'tsit nodded "Yes indeed..." she said before biting her lip because of her frustration "I...I have to ask you for a favor"


This piqued the interest of all three men in front of her, who looked at her with either an amused, a surprised and worried expression

"I will pay of course" Kal'tsit immediately said knowing very well that Outer Heaven was a PMC or something similar to it at least.

"What happened?" Big Boss asked unflinchingly

"It's...about...Adam and Amiya, she is about to depart to recover him from Chernobog and" She began to say when suddenly she noticed that the communication with Amiya's mission was cut off

"Well, talking about bad timing" Wesker interrupted her as he leaned on his chair "Are you aware of the fact that place is going to become hell?"

Kal'tsit widened her eyes "What? Why?"

"Our Intel department had kept an eye on the transmissions coming from there as precursory measure due to increasing tensions between the government and the infected. We intercepted a communication coming from the organization called Reunion and we discovered that today they will strike Chernobog" Big Boss explained as several live images of a protest of the infected moved towards the barrier made of Riot Shields of the police "We also have reason to believe that soon a Catastrophe will take place"

" will not help?" Kal'tsit asked steeling herself

"We were just filling you in" Kryuger replied calmly shaking his head

The woman stared at them in the eyes "So what's your price?"

Big Boss, Kryuger and Wesker looked at each other before giving a silent nod "Kal'tsit, we've been friends for so long with both of you and Adam...We don't want to be paid, for us, this is helping a friend out just like you those years ago"

The woman remained silent "You will put your men in danger...I want to give you something worth the effort"

"Then" Wesker started speaking with a calm tone "I want to ask, is it true that Adam has apparently found a cure for Oripathy?"

Kal'tsit ears perked up at that, she saw how Big Boss and Kryuger were glaring at Wesker, she slowly nodded

Alber smirked "Well, do you have the formula?"

"No" she replied sighing "Unfortunately, all the data are within the facility where Adam is kept"

"Would mind sharing that data with us?" The leader of Umbrella asked not even masking his immense interest on the matter

"You can have it if you find it" Kal'sit said seriously "I don't know where it is, only Adam knows"

Albert nodded satisfied and then looked at his partners "Well, not that this has been cared of, what do you want us to do?" Kryuger inquired

"I want them to come back safely" Kal'tsit stated with determination

"It will be done" Big Boss reassured her nodding "Now if you'll excuse us, we have some preparations to do" he said as the call ended

Kal'tsit leaned on her chair, she looked at the ceiling as she recollected all of her thoughts and focused on the current situation, once the fact that Outer Heaven will back up Rhodes Island settled inside her mind she felt like her terrible sensation had drastically reduced and this was because she knew exactly what that company was capable of.

Outer Heaven was something similar to a nation made for soldiers which services could be bought IF you managed to get in contact with them. The entire organization was a ghost, only few would be able to get them to do something and their price was so expensive that could cripple a nation's economy and this was because...they didn't rely on Originium...not at all.

Snake and Kryuger seemed to have come across some sort of element which allowed them to create new forms of energy and materials. They kept it for themselves as the world kept using Originium to progress civilization when Oripathy struck they instantly became one of the most dangerous organizations in the world and this was because their soldiers were all armed with guns, armored vehicles and technology never saw before and probably not possible to copy without causing massive outbreaks of Oripathy. Since then, many revolutionary movements hired them and when they turned into nations they started transferring money to Outer Heaven to repay the massive debt.

Thinking that the leaders of Outer Heaven used and still be her best friends, gave the woman a strange sensation of nostalgia and security, she could still remember when they offered her and Adam to join them and make Rhodes Island a branch of Outer Heaven but they had declined...

'What is done is done' Kal'tsit said as she got up and walked towards the exit...there still was some work to do after all.


Somewhere in Lungmen, Mobile Mother Base


Wesker was inside the Umbrella laboratory, sitting behind his desk with a malicious smirk on his face, he proceeded to grab the phone on his was time to release his hounds. He pressed a button in particular and spoke directly with the Grim Reaper

"You have a mission, you'll go to Chernobog to retrieve data to this coordinates and protect the Rhodes Island operators...on your way back you'll extract Doctor Alex Mercer" He said to the man on the other side "Everyone who isn't Rhodes Island is considered hostile, how to deal with them is up to you"

There was silence for a few moments and then "Yes, sir"

Wesker nodded satisfied and leaned on his chair

Meanwhile, at the G&K HQ, Kryuger was walking towards the Control Room where he had gathered his commanders for the briefing on the upcoming operation. When he entered everyone saluted him and he replied with a gesture of acknowledgment.

"As you can guess, I gathered you here because we have a client who is a dear friend. The mission is to infiltrate Chernobog and protect Rhodes Island's operators and making sure they return home safely, the operation will require four teams, two to directly protect Rhodes Island, one to scout the areas and offer sniper support and one to carve a path to safety" he explained before looking at Officer Helianthus and Commander Gentiane

The first was a High-ranking officer, her name was Helianthus but everyone called was a woman of focus but she also cared for all the people around her. She was wearing GK typical red uniform, she had long dark silver hair and amber eyes.

The second one was a Tactical Commander, Gentiane...a brilliant woman but lazy at times though her results are always impeccable or at least close to it. She was also wearing the GK red uniform, she had short brownish-gray hair with red tips and ruby eyes.

"Helian, Gentiane, You will be the one in charge of the teams, you'll deploy AR team and 404 to protect Rhodes Island, you can form the scouting squad following your preferences...for the vanguard, you'll use Sangivs Ferri Tactical dolls"

Helian and Gentiane saluted once again "Yes sir!" They both replied

"The others will help them" Kryuger completed

At the same moment, Big Boss was at the airport getting ready to head out for the mission along with his partner Quiet, one of the best snipers in Outer Heaven. Unlike most of the soldiers, she was barely covered by equipment or clothing for that matter due to her Anura heritage which caused her to breathe and drink from her skin meaning that putting clothes on her would be detrimental for her health and so she only wore a bikini along with a ripped pantyhose and a tactical belt which she used to carry her ammo.

Behind them the helicopters that will take them and their comrades to Chernobog while a C-130 took off.

Big Boss grabbed his iDroid, the device that most soldiers of outer heaven used to communicate, and phoned the people that were already in Chernobog, the members of the espionage department.

"Snake..." a clearly tired and quite rough using Big Boss's codename

"Kiritsugu...what's the situation?" Big Boss asked already preparing for the bad news

"The reunion has already taken down some of the Ursus military strongholds, they are doing summary executions on the civilians...we have evacuated as many people as we could..." Kiritsugu replied darkly

"...Iri and your men must be getting tired...we can't save everyone without all of our forces but Ursus will never allow such thing" Big Boss said as he heard a sigh from the man on the other side

"We'll protect those we already secured...then we'll return home...there are quite a lot of Orphans...we'll need big transports"

"I'll tell the operator for you" Big Boss replied before hanging up and getting in touch with the main logistics department

"This is YoRHa unit 6 type O, how can I help you Boss?" the operator immediately responded with an incredibly cheery voice

"The espionage section will soon need transports and escort, they have new people with them so they will need heavy transports, they will tell you how many but I would suggests to prepare as many stallions as you can...send an escort to make sure they get back safaly"

"It will be done Boss!" the operator replied "Do you need anything else?"

"Negative" Big Boss replied before ending the communication and looking at the group that was approaching him and Quiet.

"Snake!" suddenly Ocelot called using Big Boss codename as he approached Big Boss followed by several soldiers "I have gathered a squad for the mission, as you requested" he said gesturing the soldiers behind him

Ocelot was one of Boss' closest friends, he was a member of the Liberi race having grey eyes of a hawk along with gray slick back hair and mustache, he was wearing a brown duster jacket, cowboy boots with spurs and a red scarf.

"Thanks" Big Boss replied with a small nod

"I took the liberty of filling them in on the mission, I hope you don't mind" Ocelot said as he crossed his arms

"I don't" Snake replied shaking his head "We'll wait for the others to show up then Pequod will take us to Chernobog"

"Roger!" The soldiers replied

"There's no need to wait" Suddenly a voice said as another group of soldiers approached the group

Big Boss and the others immediately knew who was coming with them...Alpha team, one of the deadliest squads within Umbrella. Their leader, who also was the person who spoke, was Hunk or as they called him Grim Reaper.

Big Boss never saw him out of his combat gear but that also applied for the whole Alpha team. Hunk had a pitch-black uniform that had the Umbrella logo on its shoulder, combat vest, helmet, and gasmask which had a pair of red lens which gave him a very terrifying aura. He had four weapons with him, a USP9, a Desert Eagle, a Benelli M4, and an MP5 without counting his trusted concealed knives.

The soldiers beside him looked the same except for the lenses of their gasmask which were blue, their race was unknown due to their traits being covered by their equipment although they are theorized to be of the Lupo race due to their behavior of working in 'packs'...then there were the soldiers behind him, the Kerberos Panzer Korps as Wesker called them.

These soldiers were the tallest of them. They were all either from the Forte race or the Kuranta and this was because of heavy armored they were and weapons and shields they were carrying with them. Like the others, they wore a gas mask but with a glowing pair red lens and helmet. They carried MG3, MG4, and MG5 machine guns which were attached to a backpack for the munitions.

"AR team reporting for duty sir" Suddenly a female voice said as two groups of female soldiers approached the newly formed platoon. She had grey eyes and long brown hair with a single string of green, she was wearing a tan jacket around her waist, she had a dark green shirt, she also had a scarf with a skull on it and a green armband with the logo of GK on. She was carrying a tan M4A1 rifle and was followed by other girls who were also variations of the M4 or AR families such as M4 Sopmode II, Star 15, RO635 and M16.

"Task Force 404 reporting for duty" Another girl also arrived with another Squad. She had long light brown hair which reached her hips and amber eyes, she was wearing a black jacket with a white shirt underneath both having yellow outlines. She carried a UMP, from the magazine looked like a UMP 45. Like the first one, she was followed by other five girls some of which carried the other variants of the UMP 45 which were UMP 9 and UMP 40, the remaining two carried an HK416 and a G11.

These two groups were formed by Tactical Dolls commonly known as Androids since many are those who are not completely fine with using the term Doll to describe someone so similar to a human. They were GK standard soldiers and are named after the weapon they have meaning that the two girls who just spoke were named M4A1 and UMP 45 but for convenience's sake are called M4 and 45

"We were formed of four teams" Hunk immediately said looking at the two squads "Where are the other two?"

"Since the others will not fight alongside us they are going to be transported on separately" UMP 45 replied

"Then we are ready to go" Big Boss said as the pilots called Pequod and Nighthawk started the take-off procedures "Remember, as the catastrophe gets worse the Fulton recovery will become harder so avoid getting hurt when things get ugly" he remembered everyone before getting on while the Tactical Dolls entered other two Blackhawks.

The helicopters took off headed to Chernobog soon followed by two other one both being CH-47 Chinooks...




Instructor Doberman was running towards Amiya's group, the members of the Reunion had attacked her squad looking for Doctor Adam, she immediately understood that Amiya's squad was in danger and that was the main reason she was now heading to Amiya's location to offer her help. Suddenly a noise caught her attention...the sound of helicopters...

She looked above her head and saw four Blackhawks flying above her, all of them armed with heavy machine guns. She then saw the logo on them and widened her eyes...Outer Heaven was there for some reason and it terrified her, with every inch of her being, she hoped that they were there for something that didn't have something to do with Rhodes Island but then...they started descending exactly on Amiya's location causing her blood to freeze.

She ran even faster and when she reached her destination, she hid behind the corner of a building to see what was going on. As expected, the Reunion was swarming the place in great numbers, she really wanted to help but she needed to see...see if the Reunion had paid Outer Heaven to support them because if that was the case then Rhodes Island's mission was doomed to fail and probably end with the death of all the deployed personnel.

She tried contacting Amiya or Kal'tsit but it was useless, the communications had been cut off...The only thing she could do is to watch and in the worst-case scenario...sacrifice herself in order to distract the enemies and allow the others to escape.

The reunion members had stopped swarming the facility in order to look at the helicopters above them, they saw the sliding doors open and then the door gunners aiming the various GAU-18/A and GAU-17 at them before making bullets rain on them. Once all the reunion members have been riddled with bullets, ropes descended from the helicopters, the firsts to descend were the armored Panzer Korps, then the rest of Alpha Team soon followed by Big Boss along with his soldiers and the Tactical Dolls of GK.

"You are on your own now" Nighthawk said through the radio "We'll return home to refuel, the C-130 is in the air so Fulton Recovery is currently possible along with resupplies, remember as the catastrophe gets worse the harder will be recovering you so be quick!" the pilot said as the helicopters ascended and flew away.

"There could be hostiles inside the facility, don't rush things there also allies inside we don't want to kill them by mistake" Big Boss said as Quiet quickly jumped on top the building and checked the area for hostile

AR team went to the left side lateral entrances of the building "Sop" M4 simply called to her companion who smirked before kicking the door open "Flashbang" she then ordered as M16 threw inside a flashbang grenade which flashed 9 times before allowing the androids to enter, they saw the Reunion members on the ground trying to rub their eyes, the dolls placed a bullet in their heads before moving on.

Task Force 404 was on the right side of the building, UMP 40 was looking with an under door camera at the inside of the room they were about to breach "Hostile confirmed, Rhodes Island operators are not inside" she said as UMP 9 placed a breaching charge and was ready to detonate

"Now" UMP 45 ordered as the door exploded. The androids rushed in and opened fire on the Reunion members.

Alpha Team entered from the back of the building, one of the Panzer Korps kicked down the door before Hunk and the less armored soldiers entered with their shotguns in hand, there wasn't anyone inside but the entire place was very dark, the armored soldiers took the role of protecting the back of the formation just in case anyone tried to sneak on them from behind. Suddenly a reunion member jumped in front of Hunk already swing his weapon at him but his head exploded as the Grim Reaper literally fired his Benelli M4 on his face. More Reunion members came out of the doors around them rushing them to get into melee range. The Panzer Korps literally ripped them apart with their machine guns while in front of the formation the soldiers were blasting everything jumping on them with their shotguns.

Big boss and his soldiers, in the meantime, entered from the main entrance fo the facility, they could hear the sounds of battle going inside, since they didn't hear any gunshots from the fight, they immediately understood that those were the Rhodes Island operatives fighting against the Reunion Members. They also heard the other groups clearing the other of the building.

They placed themselves at the side of the entrance to the room where the fight was taking place and, once Big Boss gestured to get in, they all rushed in and shot any Reunion member inside surprising the Rhodes Island Operators, who raised their weapons at them.

"Outer Heaven" The leader of Rhodes Island, Amiya, whispered in shock as soon as she saw the logo on the soldiers' shoulders. As she said that, Alpha Team, AR team, Task Force 404 entered the room from the other entrances.

Snake lowered his weapons and did the same to those of his soldiers before gesturing to do the same thing to the other squads who immediately obeyed even though Alpha Team kept staring at the Rhodes Island Operators as if they were going to jump on them. "Kal'tsit sent us" he said calmly before looking at the man behind Amiya "Adam, nice to see you healthy"

The man, whose face was completely hidden by his hood and mask, stared at him for a few moments before "Who you might be?"

Big Boss was confused and looked at Amiya who, with a bittersweet expression, looked back at him "The Doctor has amnesia"

Snake was surprised but nodded anyway "We need to get out of here before the situation gets worse"

"Not so fast" Hunk interrupted him as he stared at him "We were told to collect the doctor's data"

Big Boss sighed internally and gave the Umbrella soldier a nod

"What? This is Rhodes Island's data" Amiya said narrowing her eyes "You're not authorized to access it"

Hunk approached her causing several operators to tense up especially when he seemed to be reaching for something in his breast pocket but to their surprise. he only took out a smartphone and pushed it on Amiya's chest as he walked past her along with his squad. He threw a look at Adam before immediately starting to search for the doctor's research

Amiya looked at the phone and widened her eyes when she video recording of Kal'tsit authorizing Outer Heaven to collect and copy the doctor's data as a form of payment for their services. She turned off the phone and looked at Big Boss "What's going on outside?"

"The end of the city" Snake replied as he grabbed is Idroid "This is Snake, what's the situation outside?"

A hologram projected from the device showing a woman with pale skin, pitch-black hair and amber eyes "This is Scarecrow from Team 4, your entire area is now filled with hostiles, the Reunion as launched an attack against the Ursus police force, the entire city is about to fall in the Reunion's hands, Executioner, Architect, and Gager have secured Rhodes Island's extraction point, the Team 3 has reached their sniping spot and are waiting for giving support and artillery support, H.O.C 2B14 is with them"

"How many hostiles in the city?" M4 asked approaching Big Boss

"The C-130 visors marked at least 700 hostiles in your area" Scarecrow replied with her usual emotionless tone "But the real problem is the catastrophe, our sensors confirmed that it's coming faster than expected"

"Then We'll have to be out of here ASAP" 45 added as Hunk and his team returned to the main group "Found what you were looking for?"

Hunk gave a nod before placing his hand on his ear "Where's our extraction point?"

"The zone is too hot to land helicopters where you are, the Extraction Point is the same as Rhodes Island's, The southern exit" Scarecrow replied.

"Let's go" Big Boss said as everyone nodded and started evacuating the facility.

Rhodes Island operators were far from comfortable with being near Outer Heaven's soldiers, especially when they saw the bodies of the reunion members full of bullet holes are literally ripped apart from high caliber weapon...this was the dead give away that this was Outer Heaven...especially due to the lack of shells and cartridges on the ground...

Even back inside the facility, Amiya had heard the many gunshots of the Outer Heaven's operators and yet she didn't see a single bullet shell on the ground, this one of the greatest mysteries of the organization's guns, she already knew that they didn't use originium as the source of combustion and this was probably why they never left shells on the ground...maybe the other organizations would be able to analyze them and recreate the element that was in them...

"Amiya!" Suddenly Instructor Doberman called from the corner of the building where she was hidden, as an immediate reaction, all of the soldiers pointed their guns at her "don't shot!"

"She's with us!" Amiya said to Big Boss causing the soldiers to lower their weapons "Instructor! What are you doing here?"

Dobermann came out of her hiding spot and sighed in relief "The Reunion attacked my squad, and I thought they would have done the same thing to yours, so I rushed here to warn you...then they arrived" she explained looking at the soldiers of Big Boss "Why are they here?"

"Kal'tsit sent them after our communications were cut off" The leader of Rhodes Island explain "they will escort us to the extraction point and leave...I too was confused about this but PRTS confirmed it..."

"We don't have all day" Suddenly Hunk interrupted the two "Things are getting ugly, time is of the essence" he said before pointing at the riot happening at the end of the street "A group as big as ours must move quick to avoid problems"

"Y-Yeah, I'm sorry" Amiya said before nodding to Dobermann and resuming going to the extraction point.

"How could this be..." the instructor whispered looking at the rioters attacking the police forces "What in the world is happening?"

Those words caught Big Boss's attention who looked at the scene. A group of reunion members was going inside the houses to wipe out the civilians inside.

"Let go of me! No! You can't..." A woman shouted trying to save herself and her family from the machete-wielding Reunion member

"Trying to resist? Too late, you filthy Chernos!" the member replied raising his weapon

Amiya and the Rhodes Island Operators were in shock wondering why and how such thing happened meanwhile the Outer Heaven Operators were silent

"Sniper Team, three tango white house, 200 meters from our position, do you see them?" Big Boss called to the sniper team via radio

"This is IWS 2000, we only see two of them, the line of fire is obstructed" one of the snipers replied

"I got it" Quiet said appearing on top of one of the roofs around them

"Do we drop them?" IWS asked

"Affirmative, don't let them hurt the civilians" Big Boss replied before the snipers placed a bullet in the skulls of the members of the reunion. Big Boss whistled to the get the civilians' attention and once they looked at him, he gestured them to get the hell out of there, which they did. He was ready to move on with the mission when he saw a little girl walking between the chaos empty-eyed, she looked like someone had taken her soul away.

"We don't have time for this" Hunk reminded him

"Get them moving, I'll take care of this" Big Boss replied as the group restarted moving while the man sneaked his way through the chaos in order to reach the little girl.

"Who the hell are you!?" A reunion member said before looking behind him as if to shout for his friends, but Boss silenced him with one of his CQC moves.

Snake approached the girl before grabbing her and pulling her out of there and going inside the allay where the rest of his group went "Where are you parents?" he asked putting his hands on the girl's shoulders and crouching to the girl's eye level. She was a member of the feline race, with long silver hair and eyes wearing nothing but a black dress.

The girl slowly raised her hand pointing towards a group of bodies on the ground...the victims of the riot...

Big Boss slowly nodded "I need you to be brave now" he said as drew out one of his Fulton devices, this one was made for kids, and wrapped it around the girl's body "What's your name?"

"Erika" she whispered letting him do

"Okay Erika, hold on tight to this and you'll get to safety okay?" he said placing her hands on the safety belt of the Fulton Device "It will be scare but everything will be alright"

The girl slowly nodded and so he activated the device, a balloon shot out and the was lifted from the ground. Snake's radio turned on "We have visual on the Fulton, picking it" the pilot of the C-130 said as the plane flew above them.

He saw a bit of fear in the girl's eyes before she was pulled in the sky from the air recovery. With this out of the way, Snake immediately returned to main group who seemed to be waiting for something.

"What's going on?" he asked to M4

The android gestured the street in front of the group and a couple of civilians that were about to be executed "They are on our way"

"Can't we go around them?" he asked

"Miss Donkey girl doesn't want to leave the civilians like that" UMP 45 said with a sigh "But no, we can't the other routes are too risky"

Big Boss nodded and approached Hunk "How many?"

"About 40" The captain of Alpha Team replied "We can use the mortar yet or the explosion will alert those behind us and we'll get surrounded"

"Automatic fire would do the same" Big Boss muttered

"The sounds of the riot will cover most of it, we'll be done before they will understand what struck them" Hunk replied before getting a nod from Snake after a few moments. He then gestured his armored soldiers to advance

Big Boss walked to Amiya and placed his hand on her shoulder "Prepare to fight" he whispered before going to his soldiers.

Meanwhile, Hunk's companions made their way to the executioners, the first to notice them were the civilians who while looking at their captors spotted them getting closer and closer and started to freak out. This confused to Reunion members and when they turned around they found themselves staring directly at the breastplate of the armored soldiers.

The first members got chocked by the soldier and lifted in the air, he tried to swing his weapon at the face of his attacker but with a swift motion the Kerberos soldier snapped his neck and threw the body in front of the second reunion member who to his horror fell on his back when he saw that another Kerberos soldier was standing right beside him, he didn't know what scared him the most, their armor and glowing eyes or their cold and emotionless way to kill ...but he didn't have time to choose since on a matter of seconds the soldier pointed is MG3 at him before unleashing a burst of bullets.

The civilians looked at the two soldiers in horror, praying to all the gods they could think of, hoping to not be the next to be killed by the hulking men...To their relief, the soldiers gestured them to get lost with their heads, they immediately complied. The gunshots alerted the Reunion members nearby and so they started marching towards the convoy.

Doctor Adam, to Snake's surprise, was able to coordinate a defense for the Rhodes Island's operators while the operators of Outer Heaven followed their training and made a firing line which saw the Kerberos soldiers as main 'shields' of the formation. The Tactical Dolls were also in the vanguard of the formation while Big Boss' and Hunk's soldiers offered protection to the Rhodes Island operators. Quiet with her sniper rifle called Sinful butterfly took care of the Reunion's Heavy Defenders.

Seeing how blindly charging at the firing line didn't take them anywhere other than to their death, the reunion members tried to go attack the heart of the formation by small side alleys but even then they found themselves fighting against Big Boss, Hunk along with their soldiers and the Rhodes Island's operators. Amiya was targeting all the armored enemies which fell like flies thanks to her use of the arts.

A single reunion member managed to sneak past one of Rhodes Island's operators and ran towards Doctor Adam wielding a machete in his hand.

"DOCTOR!" Amiya shouted to the top of her lungs to warn the man but due to the gunshots, he wasn't able to hear her.

The reunion soldiers swung his weapon aiming at the Doctor's neck...before his head exploded in a gory mess scaring the hell out of the doctor who fell to the ground. Amiya after seeing the scene tried to understand what the hell had just happened before spotting a glint coming from a skyscraper at least a kilometer away.

"Boss" IWS 2000 called through the radio "The enemies are increasing in numbers, they must have understood that their attack to the Rhodes Island's facility was a failure, we'll start using the mortars but you need to go away, the catastrophe will arrive in three hours and you still need to cross the city"

Big Boss nodded and once the mortar shells started raining on the enemy, he gave the order to start moving. Amiya and the others looked back at the destruction and war with heavy hearts and grim expressions. Snake could hear them explaining Doctor Adam about Rhodes Island how they hoped that by finding a cure they could fix this situation, he knew that was just wishful thinking...

"That's stupid" Suddenly HK416, member of Task Force 404, said with an annoyed tone as she moved forward with her squad

"Why do you say that?" Amiya asked a bit offended by the harsh reply

"Do you think that Oripathy is the problem?" The android scoffed with sharp eyes "The problem is how they were mistreated because of Oripathy, even if you remove Oripathy from the equation, they still will hold grudges towards those who treated them like trash and this will still happen"

The leader of Rhodes Island narrowed her eyes "You can't know that"

"I can" 416 replied emotionless "We too have infected in our ranks or back home, I'm pretty sure that if Big Boss would have treated them like trash they also would have rebelled"

"A cure for Oripathy could also be seen as the ultimate form of hatred" UMP 45 said with a smirk "depends on the intentions behind it"

"What do you mean?" Amiya asked confused "How can the cure be seen as a bad thing?"

"Simple" 45 said still smirking "Imagine if someone if someone came up to you and said 'Here you go, take the cure and fuck off' instead of 'Take this so that you can survive', do you think that in the first case you would still accept?"

"Of course I would" Amiya said determined

"But can you say the same for those prideful infected?" UMP asked pointing at the rioting Reunion members "They would see the cure as some sort of leash, given to them to stand down and return under the control of those who mistreated them"

"You speak like you already know the solution to this problem" Dobermann remarked

"The peaceful solution is long gone at this point" 45 replied sighing

"You said there were infected in your do you treat them?" Amiya asked

"There are no such things as Infected or normal in Outer Heaven" Big Boss replied seriously "there are only soldiers that fight where is required, and each soldier is part of the family"

"But when they can no longer fight? When their bodies are too crystalized to move?" Amiya asked

"When the time comes, they can choose to wait for the end or go meet it...then they all become Diamonds and keep fighting with us" Snake replied as he tapped on the logo of Outer Heaven on his shoulder which had a few diamonds embedded in it

"And that is all you do? You keep on fighting and fighting until you die?" the girl asked

There was no reply neither from Big Boss nor from anyone around, this allowed a nearby TV to be heard from the group. Apparently, Ursus was still trying to cover up the fact that the defenses of the cities were falling, saying that the police had everything under control and for the civilians to remain inside until everything was over.

"They are still playing their games" Dobermann muttered disappointed "At a time like this"

"They can't afford to spread panic within the population because the situation would get only worse" Snake replied "Not that it matters at this point, the city is doomed"

"Boss" A Outer Heaven soldier called before pointing in front of them "An Ursus checkpoint, they are under attack"

"We must help them" Amiya said looking at the Ursus Guards fighting off the Reunion Members

"No" Hunk shot her down shaking his head before activating his earpiece "Sniper Team, are we still followed?"

"Affirmative, a big number of hostiles are on your tail, they are not simple thugs though, they are trained and guided by a ringleader" IWS replied

"Can you take it out?" The Umbrella soldier asked

"Negative, they must have realized that you have sniper support, the ringleader hides behind buildings"

"You heard her" Hunk said before also taking out an Idroid and checking the map "There's a way, we'll recover the other Rhodes Island team and we'll bail out of this city"

Amiya looked at the Ursus Guards with regret as the group walked inside an alley and surpassed the checkpoint. They found themselves in a large open area, the streets were filled with broken cars and trucks, the skyscraper where the Sniping team was could be seen towering on the background. Between the chaos, Dobermann managed to see a familiar face

"Ace!" she shouted while approaching a man in full tactical gear, wearing sunglasses wielding a shield and a hammer.

The man was about to reply when he saw the forces from Outer Heaven "Dobermann...what's going on?"

"Long story short, Kal'tsit hired them to make sure we would make it back" the woman explained before narrowing her eyes "This isn't the rendezvous point...Why are you here alone?"

Ace was about to reply when the Reunion Forces finally managed to catch up with Rhodes Island and Outer Heaven "We need to retreat!"

The leader of the Reunion vanguard spotted the group and pointed his weapon at them "Here you are you rats! Kill them a-" he was cut off by the machine guns of the Kerberos soldiers but this didn't stop the other Reunion members from advancing using everything around them as cover from the machine guns bullets. Their advance was further slowed down by the support of the sniping team and Quiet's. This allowed the main group the start retreating to a more advantageous position.

Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, packs of dogs started rushing the group like mindless beasts. They weren't difficult to put down but they were fast and so hitting them was actually the hardest thing. Hunk fired his MP5 at the hounds but when one of them jumped on him, he drew out his concealed arm blade and sliced its throat.

Snake instead didn't allow them to jump on his, he used his CQC abilities to threw them on the ground and to snap their necks. The tactical dolls didn't have any problems dealing with them, their targeting systems allowed them to take the beasts down before they could get close enough. The Kerberos soldiers didn't even bother to use their guns to put them down, they simply grabbed them by their heads and smashed them on the ground whenever they tried to bite their armors.

One of Big Boss's soldiers was unfortunate enough to be bitten in the leg causing him to scream to the ground as the dog pulled his flesh apart. His comrades were quick to take notice and shot the dog down before the medic started attending to his wound.

Doctor Adam approached the wounded soldier and helped the medic attending to his wounds while still giving orders to Rhodes Island's operators. Suddenly, the reunion forces were ambushed and Ace's team took care of the remaining forces.

The soldiers and operators had a small room to catch some air. Big Boss walked to his injured soldier "how is he?"

"The dog ripped apart his flesh I doubt he will be able to walk right now" The medic replied as doctor Adam nodded

"I'm sorry boss...didn't see it coming" the soldier said before hissing in pain

"Don't worry about it" Snake replied calmly as he used the Fulton Device on him "See you at Mother Base"

"Aye Boss" The soldier replied before being pulled away from the C-130.

The operators from Rhodes Island were panting and whispering between each wondering if their other teams were also being attacked. Amiya, Dobermann and Ace were discussing about how much planning must have gone into Reunion's operation to take over the mobile city. Outer Heaven's soldiers, on the other hand, weren't much tired, they were used to such combat situations and were also used to see some of their own companions being wounded.

"Why are we not moving though" Sopmode said yawning "Isn't the Catastrophe like right above us?"

"Yes but Rhodes Island is not like us, they need to rest" M4 explained calmly

"Well fighting in Melee combat is way more tiring than ranged" STAR admitted

"Though they could have brought some anti-electronic warfare equipment" RO intervened with a sigh

"I bet they are being very paranoid right now" M16 added "Not being able to contact their other squads must be stressing them quite a lot"

"They shouldn't have chosen this job if they panic so easily" HK416 said as she approached AR team "Situations like this one need to be expected"

"So harsh" UMP 45 said following her "Give them a break"

"Yeah, it's not like the city will be gone in a few hours" UMP 40 added with a chuckle as she checked her magazines

Hunk slowly approached Big Boss and gestured him the map projected by his Idroid "We need to recover someone else before we go"

Snake slowly nodded "Yes, Albert told me, Doctor Mercer was stationed here, any news from his guards?"

The Umbrella soldier shook his head "Negative, the laboratory was supposed to be secret, but if they found Rhodes Island's, we can assume they found ours"

"Hopefully he followed the protocol and destroyed everything before they could get hands on our equipment" Big Boss replied as the other nodded in agreement "Let's go then" he said before walking up to Rhodes Island's personnel "Listen up, there is someone else we need to recover, they are not too far away, actually, they are on the way with your third team. We cannot afford any time losses so we need to hurry"

Some of Rhodes Island's guards were a bit annoyed by the fact that they didn't rest much but Dobermann quickly took care of them. Amiya started walking next to Big Boss "Who are we rescuing?"

"Doctor Alex Mercer, he is a colleague who works on a cure for Oripathy" Snake replied calmly

"So he's like Doctor Adam" The girl replied tilting her head

"kinda" He replied not giving away any information on Outer Heaven operations.

Alex Mercer worked as researcher for Umbrella, while Wesker was trying to use Oripathy to evolve mankind into something else, Mercer was trying to eliminate Oripathy with another virus that he called 'Blacklight', it was supposed to enhance the body of a person to the point of making it invulnerable to Oriphaty, he had decided to go in Chernobog in order to be able to test and observe the infected dead bodies for his research.

The group made its way to what looked a normal apartment complex...the place seemed like it has been sieged, there were dead reunion members everywhere, empty bullet holes, both Big Boss and Hunk knew that the guards had put up a big fight. They entered the building and went into the basement where an armored door was or at least what remained of it.

Amiya felt sickened from the smell of rotten flesh that was in the air which was mixed with something else she couldn't recognize, there were more bodies lying around and this time some of them were Outer Heaven guards...but their guns were missing

"Take them outside" Big Boss ordered solemnly "Fulton them back to base so that they get a worthy funeral"

The soldiers did just that as Amiya rushed to Boss's side "They took your guns..."

"No, they didn't" Snake replied getting a puzzled look, he grabbed his handgun and gestured her to take it "Shoot me"

"What I can-"

"Shoot me" Snake ordered with a cold tone

Amiya closed her eyes and after a few moments of hesitation, she pulled the trigger...but the gun didn't fire much to her surprise "What?"

Snake took his gun back and fired a shot to the wall "These guns work only with their rightful owners and if they die, the guns disappear with them."

"Boss..." A trembling voice called from the last unharmed armored door of the facility "Is that you?"

Hearing that voice caused Snake to rush at the door, he placed his Idroid in front of the scanner which opened the door and ran towards Doctor Mercer who had a briefcase in his arms. The man was members of the Sarkanz race with vampire-like traits such extremely white skin and the need to consume blood, he curly brown hair and light blue eyes which looked very vibrant at that moment.

He had a grenade in his hand along with a used syringe on the ground

Snake widened his eyes "What have you done...?"

"I tried to destroy adapted to the heat of the incinerator and became volatile...I could let the Reunion get its hands on this...I set the nanomachines in my body to destroy it once I was dead in order to repel the virus..." Mercer muttered "99.9% fatality rate my ass"

" worked?" Big Boss whispered

"'s the farthest thing from a cure, Boss" Mercer replied " An unlucky luck wanted me to be the single case in it is right now...Blacklight is a bioweapon...easily one of the most dangerous at that"

"We need to go" Hunk said as he entered the room "Can he move?"

Mercer took a deep breath and got up with the support Big Boss "Yeah...I'm just a bit dizzy...I can't stand staying here any longer, let's go"

The group set up many explosives and once left the building they detonated them causing the whole building and everything within it to be destroyed in a few seconds. The sky grew darker and darker as the catastrophe got closer and closer, the C-130 in the sky had started reporting various turbulences meaning that the wind was becoming stronger., signaling how close the Catastrophe was.

The group was marching through the ruins of the city with a steady pace, they were going to meet with the third team from Rhodes Island and then go to the Extraction Point to return to Mother Base. Everything was going smoothly until thick smoke suddenly appeared out of nowhere. As an immediate response, the Tactical Dolls activated thermic vision while the others put infrared thermal goggles exception made for Rhodes Island's operators which haven't such equipment and so they stood behind Outer Heaven's soldiers.

"Kill them all" An eerie voice said before the enemies threw themselves against Rhodes Island and Outer Heaven.

Once again, they were met with a barrage of bullets and other various weapons but they were managing to get through thanks to the fact that their armored forces couldn't be taken out by Outer Heaven's snipers nor mortar shells.

Doctor Adam was giving orders to Rhodes Island operators to support their allies while also launching some sort of flare maybe to help the operators see a bit better through the smokle, with him there was Mercer which seemed to be in alert for something that the others weren't able to see, his guts were telling him that something dangerous was near...then he saw it...a Reunion member had sneaked his way through the formation and was aiming at Doctor Adam.

Mercer felt like he was starving, and before he could realize, he found his hands wrapped around his enemy's neck which with a quick movement snapped. Tendrils shot out of his arms and his body literally consumed the one of the Reunion's member, a rush of images and memories flowed inside his mind causing him to fall on his knees. Finally, Doctor Adam caught wind of the situation and turned around expecting to see an enemy but instead, he saw Alex kneeling on the ground in pain.

He immediately rushed to the other doctor's side and started checking his body for any wound but he couldn't find any, he then noticed that both him and Alex were on a very nasty looking puddle of blood, he wondered if that thing always been there "Are you okay!?" he asked

Mercer stopped moving for a few seconds before slowly nodding "Yes...I actually feel better than ever" he replied darkly

The smoke dissipated allowing everyone to see clearer, the Reunion forces were in front of them led by someone wearing a hood and a scarf, she looked quite displeased by how her attack has been pushed back.

"Time out, Time out" someone said as another great number of Reunion members joined fight along with another leader "I only just finished purging the Southeast Fortress, but I rushed over here as soon as I heard the news...These are my hinting grounds, Crownslayer" he said getting a glare from the hooded leader

"What'd you come here for?" Crownslayer, the codename of the hooded leader, asked annoyed

"Isn't it about time you handed them over to me?" the newcomer said with a creepy chuckle


"You have no reason to object, right? Just a few insects that flew too close to the light...are they really worth your time?" Mephisto, the codename of the new leader, asked "My troops have already received your info. You've already done your part. All that's left for you to is to go home. After all. you're just responsible for the core energy sector and its surroundings..."

Crownslayer looked enraged "Don't do anything unnecessary!" she shouted

"You still have somewhere else to be, don't you?" Mephisto added with a smirk

Crownslayers seemed to be taken aback from that statement and took a deep breath "...Fine. Have it your way...I can't wait to see you fail" she said


"We're leaving" Crownslayer cut him off before gathering some of the reunion members and walking away

"One of the enemy leaders...just took a portion of the Reunion Troops and left?" Amiya said confused

"Fortify the position now that we have a break" Big Boss ordered as the soldiers started taking cover, The Kerberos line made a line of shields and adjusted their guns while the other members of the Alpha team took cover behind them, The tactical dolls got in formation.

"I apologize on Crownslayer's behalf for her crude ways" the remaining reunion leader said with a smile "You can call me Mephisto..."

"Boss what do we do?" A soldier asked to Snake asked as Mephisto started speaking to Amiya, who was trying to convince him to let them go

"Call team 4" Snake ordered getting a nod from the soldier who grabbed his radio and started speaking to it

"But you're not just Rhodes Island are you?" Mephisto asked as his eyes shifted from Amiya to the Kerberos defensive line "We've already defeated the Chernobog military, what hope do you have?"

"Why don't you come and check it out" Sopmode shouted back

Mephisto made a twisted smile "It would be my pleasure but if you would be so kind to hand the person you rescued this situation would be able to end without anyone being hurt"

"Doctor..." Amiya muttered "Get behind me!"

"I'll take that as a no" Mephisto said "Let the game commence!" he shouted as the Reunion forces charged towards the defensive line only to be mowed down from the Kerberos machine guns and Alpha Team's MP5 but Mephisto didn't seem to be surprised and started giving the order to attack differently.

This time, the attack came from the flank and again was greeted by the tactical dolls and Big Boss along with his soldiers. Enemy drones started flying around along with several packs of training hounds, the reunion members started attacking Rhodes Island's operators and finally managed to reach their defensive line and to attack directly. Enemy Casters kept the Outer heaven's operatives from giving support since their attacks could go through their armor.

Rhodes Island's forces slowly started to be overwhelmed by the seemingly endless stream of enemies who were throwing themselves against them ignoring their fallen comrades. Big Boss really wanted to help them but ordering his soldiers to offer support would meaning creating another weakness in the formation. Suddenly, members of the reunion were sent flying as someone made its way through the endless stream.

Amiya and Dobermann were relieved to see their savior in shiny armor...literally., Their savior was Nearl, Radiant knight of Kazimierz, and leader of the third support group of the mission. The woman showed great prowess and she singlehandedly pushed away the hordes of Reunion Members.

"That's those we needed to recover" Hunk stated as he carefully made his way towards Big Boss making sure to not expose himself "It's time to get out here"

Snake nodded "We need to breach their defenses" he said before being interrupted by a very pissed off Mephisto who was glaring at Nearl after she criticized his ways

"...Faust" Mephisto whispered with an expression of pure disgust "I want her shot through the mouth"

Snake immediately understood what was going on and launched himself behind his cover taking Hunk with himself "SNIPER!"

Nearl widened her eyes and raised her shield before blocking a massive arrow, probably of a ballista, which due to its massive power pushed Nearl backward despite the woman having her feet planted on the ground

"QUIET!" Snake shouted as the silent sniper started searching for her target.

She was quick to find him but just like her, the enemy sniper was able to move around at great speed. The two snipers started shooting at each other while relocating many times, Quiet saw that her enemy was armed with a rather large crossbow which gave her quite the advantage since he would need to reload after each shot while she didn't since her Anti-material rifle had a magazine. What was keeping her from putting a bullet between his eyes were the turrets that her opponent had set beforehand, because of those, Quiet never had a real chance to stand still for long enough to take a shot.

The sniper team, unfortunately, couldn't provide support since their vision was obstructed from the buildings and they just kept helping taking out the normal enemies.

Then it happened...

Amiya and her companion witnessed the biggest explosion they ever saw which was soon followed by the appearance of a mushroom cloud. The explosion took place in the building where the enemy sniper was hiding, which slowly started to crumble and in the end fell completely

"Sorry for the wait!" Scarecrow said through the radio "We are opening a breach be ready to get out!"

At those words, a woman with long white hair and green eyes jumped in front of Rhodes Island's operators with what seemed the combination of a strange-looking machine gun and a plasma saber, she was a Sangvis Ferri Tactical Doll, codename Gager.

She was soon followed by another one with long black hair, red eyes and carrying a pistol and a strange-looking sword, Codename Executioner. She jumped in the air and then launched herself towards the ground striking many reunion members at once.

Gager pointed her plasma saber in front before dashing through the enemy's ranks until she was on the other side of the battlefield, she deactivated her saber and the enemies fell to the ground lifeless.

The way was now clear.

"Go!" Big Boss shouted to Amiya who gave him a nod as she, along with her other companions, started running through the now clear path soon followed by the rest of the group

"HOW DARE YOU!?" Mephisto shouted enraged "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST ROLL OVER AND DIE! DON'T LET THEM ESCAPE!" he barked as his forces started chasing the group

"Sorry but I can't let you do that!" A girl with black hair and violet eyes said with a playful tone while carrying a rocket launcher with an under-barrel rifle, her codename was Architect and she was the Sangvis Ferri Tactical Doll responsible for the previous explosion. She aimed her weapon at the mass of moving bodies before pulling the trigger with a cheeky smile.

Another tremendous explosion followed and caused the two buildings around the alley to collapse and block the path for whoever was still alive to chase Outer Heaven's troops and Rhodes Island's.

"Finally safe" Amiya said with a sigh after the group had stopped running

"My drones confirmed that no one is tailing us anymore" Scarecrow said as she closed the hologram she was checking "We're clear"

"That was so satisfying!" Architect said "Their faces were priceless"

"You should take the mission more seriously Architect" Gager said sighing

"What the hell was that!?" A Rhodes Island guard asked Sangvis with the rocket launcher "Never seen anything like it"

"This is my personal boomstick" Architect said smirking "And that's all you need to know" she added with a wink

Nearl approached Quiet who was standing next to Big Boss "Thank you for saving me back there" she said with a gentle smile

Quiet stared at her in silence before slowly nodding "Don't mention it..." she muttered in an extremely low voice

"Snake" M4 called the leader of the mission "The catastrophe is getting worse, soon the C-130 will be forced to leave"

"I know" Snake replied seriously before grabbing his Idroid "Sniper team, the situation is too dangerous for you, call for EVAC"

"Yes sir" IWS replied through the radio

The group walked through the ruins of the city, avoiding every Reunion patrol they came across. Amiya and the other members of Rhodes Island couldn't help but feel sad for what was happening for the once-wealthy city, not that the soldiers of Outer Heaven weren't saddened by the destruction, they were just used to it.

M4 and her team looked at the bodies of the streets with a bit of regret, they wished they could have done something to prevent those deaths but they were far from invincible and they couldn't be everywhere.

"Is it true..." Amiya whispered as she walked by Big Boss's side "That you conduct experiments on infected?"

Snake was a bit surprised by her sudden question but he found no reason to lie to her "Yes" he replied "Just like everyone else, we are trying to find a cure to Oripathy...though we use more...unconventional methods"

"I always thought that you were all just soldiers" Amiya muttered

"An army needs more than just soldiers" Snake explained "And Outer Heaven is not just an army, Outer Heaven is a nation made by soldiers for soldiers who get exploited by their governments. We are soldiers without borders, our purpose defined by the era we live in and so we both fight on the battlefield and against Oripathy"

"What would have happened if it was the Reunion hired you?" Dobermann asked

"Not this" Snake replied dryly observing the destruction around himself "Chernobog would have fallen but in a cleaner way, no civilians would have been killed for no reason and the catastrophe wouldn't be upon the city"

"What about us...?" Amiya whispered

"Doctor Adam would already be under the Reunion's custody and you would probably be dead" Hunk interjected "maybe a few of you captured out of respect for Doctor Kal'tsit but only if you surrendered"

"Reunion members..." Suddenly Nearl interrupted their conversation "We can't sneak past any longer"

"We'll have to fight them then..." Dobermann replied with a sigh

"It will take way too much time and we'll be surrendered in no time" Amiya added

"We'll not give them a chance" Hunk stated as he looked in the direction of the Southern exit "We'll run without stopping, sneaking is no use anymore, we'll go gun blazing, killing as many as possible to avoid them getting back at us"

"It can work...Architect, don't you dare shooting in front of us" Gager said looking at her partner

"It means that I will shoot behind us" the other Sangvis replied smirking

"Okay let's do this" Big Boss shouted as the whole group started running without hesitation.

The Kerberos soldiers showed how physically strong they were by running just as fast as the other even though they were carrying so much equipment and ammo while also firing their machine guns like mad man.

Their wall of bullets was backed up by the members of Alpha team, AR team and Task Force 404 who also fired their weapons onward. Every time the group would surpass a Reunion's defensive line, Architect would have fired one of her rockets ensuring that no one would keep follow them with her tremendous explosions. The group kept running without hesitation until they found themselves and big open area were even more Reunion members were located although their focus was on the civilians that were.


Amiya threw a look at the atrocities they were committing but the group wouldn't have stopped to help them...or so she thought. Big Boss aimed his rifle at the Reunion executors and headshot one of them. This caught the attention of the rest of the enemies who left the civilians unattended to chase Outer Heaven and Rhodes Island. Everyone kept running until...


"Dammit!" Big Boss cursed before contacting the sniper team "Sniper team tell me you already evacuated!"

There was an eerie silence as a response which caused everyone's blood to freeze

"SNIPER TEAM!" Snake shouted

"I'm sorry Boss" IWS finally replied "Our Helicopter was forced to abort..."

Everyone sighed in relief at that "We are sending you the coordinates of the new extraction point! We'll regroup there"

"Roger tha-"

The radio was suddenly silenced as the sky turned crimson red and rocks started to rain down...giant rocks made of Originium. The Catastrophe had reached them...

"EVERYONE MOVE OUT!" Big Boss shouted as the group started running to find cover.

The rocks fell down on everything indiscriminately destroying buildings, skyscrapers, cars, streets and so on. The Originium inside the rocks had already started to metastasize causing Big Boss and his soldiers to put on protective gear to avoid getting infected when suddenly Doctor Mercer started screaming in pain as he fell down on his back

"What the..." Amiya whispered in shock as she saw Mercer's body being invaded by Originium crystals at a speed she never witnessed before "Can someone be so sensitive to Originium!?"

"We need to get him moving!" Snake shouted from his cover as the giant rocks kept falling down "45! Get someone of your squad to carry him!"

This was the only logical thing he could come up with, Mercer infection was spreading through his body at an incredible would seem like Blacklight could neutralize so much originium before getting overwhelmed but even so, he could be saved if taken away from the Originium rocks and the way to get him moving without infecting the others was having him being carried by one of the androids.

"40! Get him!" UMP 45 shouted to her squad member who gave her a nod and rushed to Mercer's side before lifting him up and carrying him on her shoulders.

Fire was spreading around them and the rocks kept falling but the group didn't stop moving, rushing between covers and consulting the map of the city even though the rubble of the buildings around them had already blocked a few streets. They ran past reunion members being squashed by the catastrophe, Rhodes Island's operators were getting more and more stressed while Outer Heaven's kept their mind relatively calm and clear, this was not the moment to panic.

"DOCTOR!" Amiya shouted in horror causing everyone to look at was happening

It would seem like Rhodes Island's combat medic got distracted and that because of this a quite big rock was about to strike her down, Doctor Adam had pushed the medic away putting himself in harm's way. As an immediate reaction, Nearl jumped in front of him with her shield raised ready to block the rock...but that proved to not be necessary as Executioner had jumped in the air and literally kicked it away.

Everyone was about to sigh in relief when Executioner stomped towards the combat medic and lifted her by her collar "What were you fucking thinking? How pretty the sky was?! You're the fucking medic, you are supposed to save people not put them in danger!" she barked at her before letting the medic fall to the ground with a mortified expression "And you! Mister I got amnesia but I somehow still give orders! You are the fucking reason we're in this shithole, so you better not think you're some sort of hero because I swear on Lycoris that I will fucking knock you Out if needed!"

"I'M VERY SORRY!" Amiya stepping in between Executioner and Doctor Adam

"Amiya..." Dobermann whispered

"We are really grateful for your help, please forgive us" Amiya kept saying

Executioner was pretty surprised and scratched the back of her head while groaning "Just be more careful" she said before walking back to Scarecrow

"The Catastrophe is calming down" Big Boss announced looking at the sky "Once at the southern exit we'll call for the helicopters and return to Mother Base"

"I thought you would take us back to Rhodes Island" one of Rhodes Island's guard muttered

"Do you prefer going with a helicopter or a fortress city?" Hunk shot back receiving to reply "Thought so"

The group restarted their march through the ruins of Chernobog which seemed to go smoothly since they didn't come across any Reunion members. Doctor Mercer's conditions seemed to have improved since he had stopped screaming and was now unconscious. Scarecrow raised her hand causing the whole group to stop once again...

"What's wrong?" Big Boss asked approaching the Sangvis Tdoll

Scarecrow pointed at the massive plaza in front of them "We'll be too exposed"

"There any other routes we can take?" Snake asked

"It would take too much time" Scarecrow replied "This is the fastest...but it's your call"

Snake looked back at the group, his soldiers would follow him anywhere but Rhodes Island's operators were on the edge of a breakdown, prolonging this situation would compromise the mission. He looked at Quiet, who was standing next to him, and she gave him a nod.

"Keep your eyes open and don't panic, if we move quickly we'll be fine" He said to the group before starting to run along with everyone else through the massive plaza...

"HOSTILES!" A Kerberos soldier shouted as more and more Reunion members started popping out of nowhere in great numbers from every direction.

The group was forced to stop and got on a defensive formation pointing their guns at the sea of enemies in front of them

"That's it! I'm going to blast these motherfuckers into oblivion" Architect growled pointing her rocket launcher at the enemies

Gager placed her hand on Architect's weapon and lowered it "Don't be foolish, we'll be caught up in the explosion"

The reunion members were not moving, they were just observing them which greatly confused both of Rhodes Island's and Outer Heaven's operators...until she appeared...

Big Boss, Hunk, AR team and Task Force 404 immediately recognized her as she slowly walked towards them...her name was Talulah, the queen of the Reunion. Her presence was enough to set on fire everything around her and to melt the metal close to her.

The Kerberos soldiers were forced to retreat in the backlines of the formation, their armors were getting way too hot and if this kept going they were going to be cooked inside of it. The Tactical Dolls used their cooling systems to put up with the immense heat as much as possible.

"Open fire!" Snake shouted as a barrage of bullets flew towards Talulah but never reached her since they were melted before making contact "Amiya! Take this and go away with the doctor, call for an extraction, tell them that Venom Snake gave you the order!" he said as handed out his Idroid to Rhodes Island's leader "We'll keep them busy for as long as possible"

"No! If we stay together we'll be fine" Amiya shouted back shaking her head "We'll leave no ally behind"

Nearl placed herself in next to Big Boss "Snake is right, Amiya you have to go now!"

"...silence" Talulah muttered before the heat around her concentrated in her hands

"SHE IS ABOUT TO USE HER ARTS!" Dobermann shouted before Nearl placed herself in front of the incoming attack.

The woman blocked the attack but as a result her armor was destroyed and she was sent falling to the ground heavily wounded. She slowly got up coughing a bit "I'm...fine...stay behind me!"

"Don't be ridiculous! You barely blocked it!" Dobermann shouted back

"Grenades!" Big Boss ordered

"SOP!" M4 called her teammate

"On it!" Sopmode shouted back aiming her under-barrel grenade launcher at Talulah "Take this!" she shouted before firing

HK416 did the same thing but...

"Resistance will usher hope into this land...but resistance...will not change your fate" Talulah muttered as the grenades flew towards her "Chernobog has already attained liberation. Our work here is done, and your group has proven to be quite interesting...However, that is all you are worth. You have chosen poorly Rhodes Island, you should have stood firmly with the infected" Talulah sent a wave of heat in all directions making the grenades explode before making contact...

The heat started to be unbearable and everyone got weaker and weaker as they struggled to breathe, Talulah once again gathered all the heat in her hands ready to deliver the final blow on her enemies "Outer Heaven..." she called looking at Big Boss and his soldiers "You're not like them, you should work for us, we will pay you as much as you want...we are not interested in money"

Silence filled the air around them as Snake struggled to get up "You may see us as cruel assassins, terrorists and that is true...but we have standards...unlike you, we don't kill civilians just because they are not like us, sure collateral damage will always be there...Your cause is...noble but your methods taint speak od protecting the infected but at the same time you launch suicide charges on machine guns while watching from the safety of the sidelines, you kill all the other infected that disagree with you even though they never attacked you" he said before raising his head "We rather die with our heads held high than bowing to hypocrites like you"

Talulah was not amused by his reply "As you wish" she said before unleashing her arts once again

Everyone braced himself for the impact...but it never arrived...the entire place has been wrapped by some sort of barrier made of dark matter and Amiya was standing right in front of it


"I will never...allow you to do that!" Amiya shouted stretching her hand towards Talulah

A spark of amusement appeared on the Reunion's leader "Oh?" she muttered as her arts clashed against Amiya's

"I must...protect everyone...!" Rhodes Island's leader hissed

Unknown to everyone...something else was happening. The immense heat had woken up Doctor Mercer who had started convulsing as if something within him was trying to break free and escape from the boiling inferno. Inside his head, the doctor saw images of his life along with memories of someone else... He opened his eyes and saw the desperate situation he was in and his body as if it was sentient asked him

Fight or Flight?

Mercer looked around and saw how he and the rest of the group were surrounded...

'Fleeing is not possible' he thought...before his body reacted according to that thought.

He felt something akin to primordial instincts kick in, his consciousness drifting away being replaced by something more feral and aggressive.

Amiya’s barriers were about to break, Ace was approaching the leader of Rhodes Island when suddenly it leaped in front if them.

A humanoid figure wearing some kind of gray armor, its arm started morphing into a giant blade and then it jumped towards Talulah swinging the weapon at her.

Big Boss wasted no time, he grabbed Amiya and started running towards the weakest-looking section of the enemy formation.

The soldiers around him understood his actions and focused all of their gunfire on that spot creating a passage for them.

The group passed through and kept running for the extraction point.

The Kerberos soldiers were heavily wounded due to the steel heating up because of Talulah, the others had some minor burns.

”We are almost there” M4 shouted trying to reach out to the extraction unit through the radio without any result since the catastrophe still blocked the signals.

Rhodes Island’s operators were also heavily wounded.

Big Boss checked behind them and gestured to stop the march ”Rest a bit, medics attend to the wounded” he ordered

The group stopped, Big Boss saw Nearl and Doberman talking to each other while Amiya was sitting on the ground with doctors Adam and Ace. He decided to talk to them.

”That was close huh?” He said

”Yeah...way too close” Ace replied shaking his head ”What the hell was that thing by the way?”

”None of your business” Hunk interject as he walked in front of them ”We should get moving, we don't know how long Doctor Mercer can keep them busy we shoul-”

As he said that a loud crash interrupted him, the Tactical Dolls immediately went to check

”Boss! Come look at this!” 416 shouted pointing her gun at the thing it just crashed.

Big Boss was shocked when his eyes saw doctor Mercer, he tried to touch him but he was way too hot.

”If he’s here, it means that no one is keeping the others away from us. We need to get to the extraction point before they catch up with us”

Big Boss nodded ”M16, carry him” He ordered ”Everybody, we need to move”

The soldiers returned to their march and after what seemed to by an infinite amount of time they reached the extraction point...unfortunately the Reunion was already waiting for them.

”Damn!” Doberman cursed preparing for the upcoming fight

”Greetings Rhodes Islan-” The leader of the Reunion group started saying before being cut off by one of the Kerberos soldiers opening fire against her ”Tch! And here I hoped to resolve this peacefully! Casters! Take care of those armored freaks!”

A barrage of art attacks struck the Kerberos soldier who opened fire, the man fell to the ground and was pulled behind cover as he started to be treated by the medics.

Big Boss’ men and the Tactical Dolls opened fire while Rhodes Island’s operator took care of those Reunion members that tried to go around them.

Suddenly, explosions started to blow up the covers of Big Boss’ men courtesy of the enemy leader who had started launching explosives.

The injured started piling up as the enemy leader got closer and closer, she was about to blow up the last cover where Amiya and all the others were.

She was about to launch the explosive when suddenly Hunk punched her in the face as he came out of the smoke of the previous explosives.

She tried to grab her rifle but the Umbrella agent kicked it out of her hands, he then proceeded to throw a series of punches which the woman was able to block...until Hunk drew out his wrist blades which started to cut through his enemy’s flesh causing her to drop her guard, he then followed up with a kick aimed at her hips.

The girl fell to the ground covered in blood not understand what just happened...then her eyes fell on the tip of Hunk boots where a stiletto was coming out from one of them. She tried to reach out for her remote detonator but the man kicked it away. She then decided to grab one of the smoke grenades on her belt and literally threw one at the man’s face which immediately blew up.

When the smoke cleared up the woman was nowhere to be seen and a sound stopped the fight.

The reunion members started to look around trying to understand what was causing the sound when they were hit by a massive explosion as two AH-64 Apache flew over them before the helicopters opened fire with their chain guns.

As the two attack helicopters took care of the enemy forces, four CH-47 Chinooks landed in behind Big Boss’s group and opened their doors

Big Boss grabbed Amiya ”Go!” He shouted before pushing Amiya towards the helicopters.

Rhodes Island’s operators got on board soon followed by Big Boss and the others...finally the mission was over and Amiya watched as Chernobog got smaller and smaller as the helicopters took off...

”We need to attend to our wounded, would you mind coming with us to Outer Heaven? We’ll communicate Dr. Kal’tsit the change of meeting place” Big Boss asked

Amiya shook her head ”After what you’ve done for us I rather prioritize your soldiers”

Big boss nodded as he lit up a cigarette...



Rhodes Island HQ

Kal’tsit was tapping in the control room, nervous due to the lack of communication...she was starting to think that the worst had happened.

Suddenly, her phone started ringing and she immediately picked up the call ”Jack?”

”Mission Accomplished” Big Boss replied causing the Doctor to let herself fall on her chair ”We are heading back to our base...we took some heavy hits but we are all alive at least, Amiya and the doctor are fine but the little girl pushed herself over the edge...I would like to check her health and of course, the results will be confidential.

Kal nodded ”Just...don't allow Wesker to perform the tests”

”Yeah...I’m sending you the coordinates of the new meeting place...see you there Kal” he replied before hanging up.