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Maybe in Another life

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Up on the hill again. Im actually alone this time. I feel the feather in my palm, my face is wet and my eyes sting. I finger the edges of the feather with my heart acheing.


Its been a few weeks since Pete moved to town and my episode at the inn. Per Ran's request Ive been better about taking my medication and eating. Its not a consistent but its more than what I was doing.

With it being Mid spring it was time for the Spring horse derby. I love horses. I love to watch the races, its one of the few things that make me feel joy anymore, but I have to wait for the Fall derby every year.

Grandpa doesnt allow me to go to the spring derby after my first year here.

While watching the derby I started having flashes of memories.

I was a jockey in the derby, I was doing excellent then my horse was startled. I was bucked off my leg caught in the stirrup.

I was dragged by the horse. My ankle swollen my leg heavily damaged.

Lots of blood.
I vividly rember ill never be able to race again and walking would be a blessing.

When I snapped out if the memory I was in the Doctors office in a patients bed. I dont remeber anything that caused me to be there but I had been out for 2 days and my leg was in a make shift cast.

Grandpa banned me from attending the Spring Derby and I was only allowed to go to the Fall derby after proving I was fine to watch the horses again.

That had just been this past year.

It was the day of the Derby when Pete came into the inn "Hi Gray! Are you going to the derby today?" I rolled my eyes. Everyone knew Saibara had banned me from attending but of course the farmer wouldnt know "No, Gramps hasnt allowed me to attend the spring derby since I moved here." Pete frowned "Whys that?"
I flung my leg up on the nearest stool
"Broke my leg somehow first time going and was unconcious for 2 days. My knee's been bad ever since"
"Thats horrible! But I was going to invite you to come with me." I snorted "Sorry to demolish your plans" Pete beamed at me anyway "Thats okay! Do you like horses?" My face heated up not expecting the question "Uh yeah. A lot actually" I took my leg down from the stool and rubbed my shoulder "I always hate not getting to go." Pete then suddenly grabbed my hand "Well I have an idea! Since you cant go you can come see my horse. Hes still a baby but hes super sweet youd like him." He started pulling me out if the inn and towards his farm not waiting for my answer.

His hand in mine felt familiar and welcome.

Arriving at the farm he whistled.

A Beagle was insantly pawing at me. Licking my hand.

"Maxi this isnt the time to play" he tried shooing the beagle away but it was determined to be pet.
I squatted down to give the dog a quick pat "Hes cute." The dog rolled over onto his back exposing his belly. "How old is he."
Pete scratched his head ans smiled fondky "Im not sure honestly. I found him on the side of the road one day. No one claimed him so I took him home and hes been my buddy ever since." I stood up deciding the dog had enough pets and it ran off towards the other end of the farm.
"The vet said 3 based on his teeth but Im not really sure how accurate that is."

Pete grabbed my hand again and began to pull me towards a small stable.

"I know its small but I plan to have Gotts expand it so he has a little more room." Inside the stable was a small horse. Seeing us enter it began to come over to us.
Pete held out his hand the horse butting its head into his hand "Hes really sweet. Go ahead and give him a pet." The horse was small for its age but it definatley wasnt an adult. "Mugi said he was sickly and it was a favor to him for me to take care of him." Pete smiled softly as I began petting him. "You seem to be really good with animals." He chuckled "Were you a rancher in your past lifeor something?" My brows furrowed and I lowered my hand "I um." Flashes of a Small ranch came to my mind " I think so."

Pete looked surprised at my answer. "Thank you for letting me come see your horse. He is very sweet but ive got to get going." My head was starting to hurt and I didnt want to keep thinking about how my hand felt so empty without Pete's in it.

As I startes to leave Pete grabbed my shoulder. "I uh actually wanted to tell you something." My heart started pounding Id heard these words before. Every time he heard them in his dreams his heart would flutter and then be broken. "When you asked if we had met before when we met. I panicked and lied." I turned to face Pete as he continued "I mean I didnt lie, but your eyes look so familiar and standing in here with you feels the same and I dont really know whats going on."

I didnt know how to respond. Ive only known Pete for a couple of weeks but I didnt want to tell him Id seen him in my dreams. Proposing, with very sad eyes, Sitting with me in an old barn. "I dont either. I really need to go though." I Bolted out of the stable before Pete had a chance to respond.