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Maddie wasn’t exactly sure what to think when she had gone into her son’s room to dig out the trash from under his bed to throw away, only to unearth a small metal box with an odd little lock that had only corresponded with a specific fingerprint.

She hadn’t even been aware Danny was capable of using this sort of thing, or even that he had access to it.

Maddie furrowed her brow as she sat on the floor of her son’s messy room, light weight box in her hand and questions at the tip of her tongue. Curiously, she shook the box next to her ear. From inside she heard the clatter of several items in a small space. She put the box back in front of her to scrutinize the unusual lock, shaped not unlike a pad lock, however, the front slid off to reveal a glowing neon green grid much like the one that kept the portal locked tight.

Maddie had first tried her own fingerprint, just to see if it reacted to any Fenton fingerprint like most of the locks down in the lab. A light had scanned her thumb, but a small shock of electricity to her bare hand told her the print was rejected.


Maddie sat there, in her son’s room with the strange metal box for quite some time until she decided to move onto her son’s bed to sit. It creaked with her weight as she sighed down at the object in her lap before peering around his messy room for something else in her son’s room. As to what she had no clue.

Danny, ever since he turned fourteen has been nothing but a mystery to her these last few years. He stopped coming to her for advice, stopped following the rules set in their home, stopped getting good grades, and just generally stopped being the little boy she used to know. The little boy who was attached to her at the hip and shied away from strangers, who was her best friend, who could never hurt a fly, who always told her everything.

But not anymore. He made it a point to shy away from her, or even Jacks advice, from their hugs and family time. She would sometimes catch him flinching away from something as they talked happily about it. Most of the time this was about ghost related topics, and Maddie just assumed it was his constant fear of the entities that he more often than not ran from during an attack. He came home late, sometimes, somehow, through his second floor window. She had often seen old bruises on his arms or cheek when he didn’t know she was looking. He kept closer to his sister and to his friends and they would stop talking if she or Jack would walk into the same room as them.

It pulled at her heart to know she was no longer a center piece in her son’s questionable life. She still saw little pieces, flashes of the old Danny on occasion. He still loved to go stargazing, still built model rockets and filled his bedroom walls with space and NASA posters, and liked to stick little plastic glow im the dark stars on his ceiling. He was still messy, still hated toast, still was that sweet, kind hearted boy she raised.

But there was a wall now. A wall between him and her, his parents.

She looked down at the box. Could this tell her something? Anything that would help her understand her enigma of a son?

The mother bit her lip. Danny’s senior class was on their senior class trip for three days, they had left this morning so it wasn’t like he would know it was missing from under his bed. Jazz, as well, was off enjoying college life in New York and wasn’t due home until Danny’s graduation ceremony in a few weeks. So she couldn’t guilt her into putting the box back since it was an invasion of privacy. And Danny really liked his privacy more so than ever since he and Sam became a couple last year.

But was it worth it? Breaking her son’s trust in allowing his privacy by stealing what could just be a safe or a box of things important to him?

If it help her understand her son again then yes, yes it would.

That evening, when Maddie had sent Jack up to bed after two late nights in a row, the mother and scientist locked the lab door from the inside and set the metal box on her table with a fingerprint she had dusted off one of her son’s belongings. She cleared off an area and sat in her seat and just stared at it all, contemplating once more if it was a morally sound decision to do this to her son.

At some point the lifted finger print made it onto the pad of the lock and it clicked open. A pandora’s box of idea’s going through her mind as she thought what sort of secrets it could hold of her son’s.

A part of her actually hoped it was just a collection of dirty magazines. Or condoms…please, let it be condoms.

Curling her fingers over the open edge of the box and breathed in deeply. Her stomach fluttered nervously. Every time a new idea about the contents of the box and how it had to somehow hold the answers to all her problems with Danny and his long running misbehavior it made her throat constrict. Both guilt and a need to know plagued her.

She opened the box.

Peering inside, Maddie was both concerned and put off by the contents of the box.

A pile of pictures

A VHS that looked like the kind the lab security camera recorded on.

A small, handheld notebook with ‘Passwords’ scribbled on the cover in Danny’s familiar handwriting.

Four encased CD’s that where labeled in black permanent marker.

This…wasn’t exactly what the woman was expecting. Sighing to herself, Maddie slouched in her chair as she shuffled through the items stuffed inside her son’s safe box. She grabbed the CD collection first and read what had been scribbled over top each one.

Maddie’s mouth gaped in surprise.


This was one wild year, right dude? Let’s not do that again ~Tucker



Here’s to making it through another year without you on a lab table bro! ~Tucker



We’re here for you Danny, don’t ever forget that. ~Sam Tucker



Hang in there a little more Danny, we’re behind you 100% with really big guns. ~ Sam


They weren’t CD’s.

Danny kept a diary. A video diary. She never knew. It looked, however, that Danny’s friends Sam and Tucker knew very well what were on these disks.

Maddie flipped through the four disks over and over again as if her luck was about to expire and the video’s would disappear. Goodness, they recorded all the way back to his freshman year when everything when wrong. What could this mean?

This was one wild year…

Tucker had written that to describe their freshman year. Maddie glanced behind her to the closed portal. Surely she could understand. With the creation of the portal ghosts of all kinds had taken it upon themselves to run amuck in their small town.

And Phantom. Phantom appeared not long after and blew the Fenton’s research through a loop.

And that was the start of Danny’s fall.

Maddie looked back to the videos, and then took them to the computer near her. She popped the first disk in without a thought and waited for the ‘play’ option to show up.

She had to know the truth.

The screen went black just as she maximized the window and waited for the first entry to play.


The front of Danny’s shirt blocked the camera’s view while he adjusted the camera on its stand.

“There we go…I…think I got that set up right.” Mumbled her sons voice over the microphone. He sounded so young, so tired.

“Uhhh, huh, what this red light…Oh, whoops, I’m recording aren’t I?” he muttered to no one as the young teenager settled back into his desk chair to stare at the recording device with furrowed brows.

Maddie had to take a moment to marvel at how young Danny looked at the time of the video. He was no more than fourteen at the time. He looked so small compared to his current 6”1 at eighteen. Danny really started shooting up after ninth grade it was almost humorous. Every month she had had to go out with him to purchase new pants because his current ones were too short.

His growth spurt definitely slowed down and if it wasn’t obvious already they knew who he took after in the height department.

His other features had matured as well, though some more than others. His hair, which never really followed the laws of grooming still, looked just as messy, brushed as it did unbrushed. And while he still had a slim, lithe build she had notice her son had an impressive collection of muscles she hadn’t been aware he had. Not harmless little Danny. It was hard to imagine him looking so…strong. But here she was, three years after this video was taken and marveling in her thoughts about what an imposing picture her son could make if he really tried.

And sometimes…Maddie looked at the image of her little boy on screen. His expressive blue eyes like doors to his soul.

Maddie knew her son has lied to her more often than not. The truth was always in his eyes. They would get this steely or panicked look in them as he would smiled up at her and tell her something he thought was believable. He’s certainly gotten better at it, though.

A small, maternal smile quirked the edge of her red lips as she studied his slouched form as he wrapped his arms around the leg that sat itself on the edge of his chair. His dark hair mussed and not brushed his vivid blue eyes heavy with lost sleep.


“So, uh…Jazz sorta gave me this camera a few days ago. After some issues I had with the school councilor—“ Danny made a displeased expression.

“She said if I wasn’t willing to come to her for advice I still shouldn’t keep it bottled up. Thus…this…thing.” He waved his hands towards the camera before sighing and leaning back farther into his chair.

“I…I guess I can’t blame her for being worried. I’m worrying a lot of people lately. Mom, Dad, Jazz, Mr. Lancer…” the boys voice sounded strained.

He looked at somewhere passed the camera, probably his bedroom door, then at his bedside clock. It was late.

“I guess I can understand having something to talk to about everything that’s…happened to me in the last few months since well, everything has changed.”

“I guess, I’ll start at the beginning. June 26th after my parents failed to get their ghost portal working…On that day, I sorta kinda half way died.” Danny’s quirk of his lips revealed a strained, almost rueful smile. He ran a hand through his hair.

“I’m no longer completely human…I’m a halfa as the ghost call it…I’m Danny Fenton and I’m also Danny Phantom.”

Maddie couldn’t find her voice, her form, had been frozen in shock at her son’s confession, her eyes blown wide as her mouth stayed firmly shut. Her hand swiftly clicked the pause button as a ring suddenly appeared around her son’s midsection. Grabbing the edge of the table and feeling her bodies motion as she leans her head down, she reeled at her suddenly dizzying thoughts.

What did her son just say?

 When it died down, the woman turned back to her son, pressed play. Suddenly the elusive, white haired Ghost child was in his place.

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To get away from the controlling household run by her father, Clara decides to leave her family to start her lifelong dream of being a farmer. But if she thought choking under the pressure of being a heiress, born to act a certain way and be groomed to take over her father’s business was a hassle, nothing prepared her for the complicated relationships that surrounded the three towns that border her many acres of land. From cultural differences to racial, everything about these towns are different, and as the only farmer willing to export to all of them, she somehow becomes embroiled in the drama.

Uncle in the West

Clara travels to West Town to meet her Uncle and get the deed to her land.

Mailman and the Doctor

The mailman is quite the ladies man, just like men from the city. The doctor is a taciturn, man who likes to stick to his experiments. But in a town where homosexuality is outlawed, one cannot deny their chemistry.

Coastal Savages

The Chief of the coastal  Lulukoko tribes would like to set up a trade route for Clara. The residence of West Town seem unsure, or downright hostile to the ‘dirt skins’.


The chief of the Lulukoko tribe insists Clara come to the coast for a grand tour of the village. West Town residence fill her with terrible lies about the people and she is welcomed warmly in Lulukoko. She also meets the Chief’s grandson.

A Different Class

Set after Clara and her love interest get together. Clara is called on by her parents to attend a party back in the city. Curious about Clara's life before the farm, her LI suggest they tag along for moral support. Culture shock and conflict arise when some stuffy high society people snub the thought of a white girl in a relationship with someone other than a 'nice white boy'.


This is the first time since Clara cut him out of her life that he's sucked it up to finally patch things up with his eldest daughter. Years have gone by and he knows from the old wedding invitation clutched in his hand that she married years ago. He didn't want to attend the wedding, he hadn't approved and left his wife and youngest to go alone. Two dark hair children greet him outside his daughters home.

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Sarada had never had a stable relationship with her father. He was never home and her mother never really had a lot of stories to tell her about him. It was like he never existed in her mother’s childhood and she hated him for it.

In an attempt to shed some of her sour mood before going home one evening she finds herself on the training grounds her mother took her to when she taught her how to control her chakura. The same training grounds her mother’s genin team trained on. And then suddenly it wasn’t early evening and she wasn’t punching at a big rock, she was staring, face up into the bright morning sky as three pairs of curious eyes stared down at her.

She realized almost too late that she was no longer in the Konoha she grew up in.

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A youtuber only known as Yu_Ka has been racking up the views through his cover songs. He’s got a voice that demands attention and takes your breath away.

It certainly takes Viktor Nikiforov’s breath away.

The music producer want badly to find this hidden gem and have him sign a record label with his record company Muse. Only problem is, no one knows what the talented youtuber looks like, as he never brings his recording device higher than his lips, or where specifically in Japan he lives.

While on a trip to Japan in attempts to track down this illusive man with the voice of an angel, he runs into a sweet, soft spoken young man who teaches ice skating at the local ice rink. His name is Katsuki Yuuri and Viktor may or may not have pushed him into helping him track down the youtuber he has his heart set on.

A youtuber who just so happens to be Yuuri in his free time.

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There is a rumor that a young designer for a no name online boutique has stolen drafts of the famous Gabriel Agreste’s newest fall line. To figure out if said rumors are true the fashion mogul enlists the help of a faceless cat burglar to investigate the studio of Ladybug Chic in hopes of finding proof of the claims. 

Unbeknownst to him that the burglar is his estranged son, Adrien Agreste.

On the night the burglar Chat Noir breaks into the studio of Marinette Dupain-Cheng he doesn’t take into account the woman falling asleep in the studio after a late night…or the very touchy black cat in the closet he hides himself in.

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The words were barely out of her mouth before she was shoved against the wall of her room. The thump her body made didn’t even register as she stared up at Zevran, trying to register him  shoving her against the nearest hard surface, fingers digging painfully into her shoulders.

Her jaw hung loose at the intense gaze he trapped her under. It was hard to breath. She found herself unsure whether the air was knocked from her lungs or she was anticipating his next move.

Zevran, for all intent and purpose, had control over the situation now, like every time he had bent to her will and backed off had been a courtesy, respect for her space. But the time for her to figure things out was over and by the way this antivan man slid into her space, arms caging her in on either side, she was in Zevran’s familiar territory now.

With a sly, cat-like gleam in those sharp eyes of his Aria saw a fire burning in them solely directed at her. And The shiver that ran down her spine as he closed the distance between them to set his forehead against hers felt unlike the shivers before battle.

Rough hands held her face in place as hot breath mingled. It was hard not to blink.

“Andraste smite me now...I am going to do so many things to you Aria.” he breathed and colored blossomed across the mage’s face at his words.

“Zev…” her voice trailed off weakly, squeaking as a thumb came to caress her lips and hush her.

“You thought what I did after Fort Drakon was an experience, sweet girl.” warm lips kissed the tip of her nose tenderly. Aria gulped.

The tender affection morphed quickly to something else entirely when those same lips pressed firmly against her own enough to elicit a surprised moan from the back of her throat. A gasp escaped her as teeth found her bottom lip and nipped her just hard enough for her to jump at the unfamiliarity of the action. Zevran chuckled.

“But, my dear, I am just getting started. Ferelden can wait another day before you are at it’s beck and call. Tonight you are mine and I am yours and I am going to take full advantage of my time with you now that we are at an understanding, yes?”

Unable to form any coherent thought beyond: ‘He just bit my lip!’, Aria nodded.

The wicked look was back in her assassins expression and Aria wonders not for the first time what she has just agreed to.

She was crowded between the wall and Zevran. He hasn’t let her feet touch the floor since he began to kiss her in ernest, his hands had dug into her thighs before he hefted her up and pressed their bodies so close together that every move they made brushed against the other. He had instructed her to wrap her legs around his hips and she had followed his suggestion obediently.

Now she scrabbled at his leather cuirass for some kind of purchase as he licked a stripe up her neck with a hot tongue after leaving a bruising mark that left her gasping and panting. 

His hands felt like fire even over her clothed. Aria wanted to ask if sex always felt like this, overwhelming and like she was going to catch fire from his touch.

She didn’t know what to do with her hands as he marked her and kissed her in ways she never thought she would enjoy. Aria needed to realize there wasn’t much she didn’t enjoy about Zevran.

It terrified her greatly, to be honest.

But if he stopped she most likely would actually beg for him to keep doing whatever he wanted, because she could feel how good it made Zevran feel as he touched, and licked, and nipped at her that it made it hard for her to want him to stop. She did that to him and she never thought such a feeling would made her simultaneously want to shriek in mortification and be bold enough to touch him back.

A hand on her breast caused her to wriggle in his hold. Zevrans’ breath caught in his throat, his forehead lay on her shoulder as he breathed out a breathy, desperate sounding chuckle.

“Zev…” she sighed as his arms wrapped around her in a bone crushing embrace that she returned just as strongly.

“I feel like it’s the first time I’ve ever taken a woman and it is the single most baffling feeling I’ve ever experienced. And I’ve told you stories of the women I’ve had sex with.” he admitted into her shoulder.

“I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with my hands besides hold on so I don’t fall.” the mage admitted with a shaky laugh. Zevran lifted his flushed face to face her own.

“We’re a mess. I make a mess out of me and I adore you for it.” He pressed on to connect their lips into a heated kiss before he secured his grip on her and took a few steps back from the wall for the back of his legs to hit the back of the bed.

The world tilted; Aria shrieked at the sudden change as she sat up, straddling the man who has captured her heart.

She stared down at him in disbelief, studying the hands that held her hips down as he thrust himself against her. Brown eyes glazed over, unfocused as she registered the heat and warmth, and hard bulge grinding against her.

“Now would be the optimal time to undress, my dear.” Zevran hummed in pleasure at the fiction he was making between them.

“That...yes-yeah...what’s happening…” the womans’ voice pitched higher as she leaned into her lover as it became too much to hold herself up.

“The best night of our lives, apparently.” Zevran sighed as he directed her to work on the buckles of his leather cuirass.

“I think I’m going to die.” Aria whispered in awe as the leathered came off and Zevran pulled off the tunic he wore underneath to expose the tanned skin of his chest to her. Unconsciously, her hands found themselves groping at his chest, trying to find something to do with them as her lover divested her of her arm guards and started to tear at the laces of her bodice.

“No you won’t,” Zevran brought one of her hands to his lips to kiss her fingers. “I refuse to let you die.”

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Fort Drakon:

They found her caged in one of the many cells that made up this level of the fort. Wynne had hardly noticed the lump on the cold stone floor as their unsung leader.

She had been striped of her trousers, her tunic and staff, even her favorite pair of worn leather boots he’d given her during a stop in a village at the base of the mountains. Zevran’s stomach churned in a dreaded, cold feeling he hadn’t  felt since he first thought the pretty elven Warden was going to strike the final blow as he lay under the debris of the ruined wagon after his failed ambush. Because there she was. In the dirty cell, in her under things. Thrown in there like rubbish even as her untreated wounds scabbed over and festered.

Zevran saw the dried blood on the edges of the cotton cloth that stretched over her breasts to preserve what modesty she was still given. She had bruises he didn’t recall being there before their betrayal and her capture. The assassin felt that chill in his gut boil over in a way he could only describe as a cold heat. He dropped to his knees in front of the barred wall in silent rage, yet choosing to focus it on swiftly unlocking the door to come to Aria’s aid.

The lock, of course, was child’s play.

Wyne attempted to stay his fury, she could see the tenseness in the elf’s shoulders. But for once he ignored that innate part of him that enjoys following the orders of beautiful women, to please them, for just one love. The only thing he feels he could ever want so much that it hurt. He needed her to be ok. He needed to see her breathing and alive, and damn it he wanted to burn this prison to the ground for thinking they could sully a girl like her.

That mage in there deserved the world at her feet. And by the Maker he would bring it to its knees for her to show his devotion.

“Aria!” was the first thing out of his mouth, a breathy, pleading noise. He made it to her side in seconds; turned her over to see her face.

Her pale, pale face. Eyes closed and oblivious to her saviors. There was a bruise on her cheek, large enough to swell below an eye. People had hit her. Some filthy man had dared raised their hand to this woman...Yes, burning this prison to the ground seemed a fine reaction to her treatment.

She made not a sound and Zevran was panicked enough to whisper pleading words in his mother tongue to get her to show any sign of wakefulness. Aria had always liked it when the foregin members of their group spoke their first language. It brought an awed look to her young features and he needed that. He needed her sweet smile, her flushed face and wide cocoa eyes to focus on him--focus on him damn it!

The sun kissed elf brought a clammy palm to cup her cheek as he murmured nonsense to her in his thick antivan language.

Zevran felt his arms shaking. He was shaking. That cold fire in his gut burning him from the inside, there was no curious glance, or nervous smile to douse his ire. No stern words from her to stay his hand like when she willingly gave herself to Anora’s soldiers just so he and the rest of them could go free and plan their next move.

Maker, if the Crows saw him like this they would eat him alive.

A gentle hand squeezed his shoulder, but he refused to acknowledge the elder woman. All that mattered is Aria.

“I must attend to her wounds, Zevran.” the healer chided softly. “Quickly, before the guards break through the barricade.” The old mage moved in front of the two and knelt down.

“Her skin is like ice, where are her clothes?!” He hissed with his lap full of unconscious, half dressed mage. At any other point this would have been a wet dream come true, having her barely dressed and all over him at his mercy.

But this was not his dreams, this was a nightmare come true and he wished very much to wake up from it all. These last four months without her had fucked with all of them. They’d all become a little more brutal in their search for her and gathering intel. And not once had Zevran felt remorse for slitting the throats of the guards they had felled here. He had long gone numb to taking lives honestly, unlike Aria who never seemed to get over it.

Zevran tried to bring himself out of his darker thoughts as he rubbed warmth back into Aria’s skinny arms.

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Oh fuck.

He thinks he’s in love.

No--wait, he was definitely, deeply, maddeningly in love with this woman. And he has no idea for how long it’s been like that. But here he is. Deep in yet another damn ambush by a bunch of assholes still after that bounty on her and Alistair's heads. He had been at her back. He found himself always at her back now that he thought of it. Like second nature. Like he was just another mabari of hers as Uthnehn bit at the ankle of a damn idiot who thought he would try to body check the woman that could just blow him back with the invisible force of her own magic.

So here they were, here he was, in the midst of battle and he just happen to turn around as his opponent fell dead with his neck sliced open. And there she was. The blade she had enhanced with her own magic cutting clean through her enemies chest plate. He saw the swirl of her magic shimmer and slither around her arms as she once explained to help increase her physical ability with the blade. Her hair swept back, eyes focused and narrowed as she pulled the short blade free from the man’s chest to only bring a hand up then down; the man following without missing a beat as her magic brought him to his knees for her mabari to pounce on and tear his neck to bloody shreds.

Her skin was sallow, and sweat beaded at her temple as the only outward sign she never really got over the twisting disgust blood and the act of killing someone with her own hands caused her.

Cocoa and honey caught him in her sight and Zevran’s breath caught.

And that was when he realized he was hers. As she stood there, battle weary and forcing her own nausea down, her complexion sickly. Uthnehn’s barking in the background as Morrigan in her blighted bear form slammed some poor bastard into the dirt. 

Suddenly, her eyes widened, his name left her lips as her hands rose. Zevran felt the abrupt burst of heat as his blades caught fire from her spell and knew as if instinctively to turn and burrow the daggers into the collarbone of the rogue that had attempted to sneak up to him in his moment of distraction.

The rogue screamed in agony as fire took him the moment Zevran pulled the blades from their body and stepped off to the side so Aria could ruin them with a gout of fire released from her palms.

The assassin turned back to catch a glimpse of his warden.

Maker, he loved her, ‘oh fuck’ indeed.

Chapter Text

Aria’s expression was sure to be stiff and confused. Blood rushing to color her cheeks as she looked down at the man before her. Water dragged down his biceps as he lifted them out of the water and she shivered as long fingers, cold from the contrasting temperature of the water on her warm skin brushed against her knees. His palms cupped her knee caps as they settled there and drew in her body heat.

His eyes held hers. Sharp and sly and glittering in the reflection of the water he soaked in and knowing amusement. She forgot how to breath as he slid his hands into the underside of her knees. He watched her watch him as he ran cool, wet hands down her calves and down to her ankles. All the while encouraging her legs to relax into his hold and slide into the water. The chill and certainly his fingers brushing her bare skin brought goosebumps pricking across her legs and Aria was at a loss with what to do with herself as she felt his grip tighten. The muscles in his arms flexed, and all she could do was squeak as Zevran dragged her closer to the edge of the spring.

She could feel the heat on her face spread to her ears and wondered if her neck and collarbone was not saved from her blush. Self consciously, he pulled at the edges of her tunic to make sure it hadn’t ridden up far enough to flash the older elf her under things. That amused look never left his face as he stepped closer, the only noise the shifting of the clear spring water that distorted enough that--thank the Gods--keep what modesty this breath stealing, nerve wracking man had.

His chest brushed her knees this time as he folded his arms across her closed legs. Water dripped and pooled in her lap and Aria maybe dies a little inside. But her hummingbird heartbeat assured her she was still very much alive right now for however long before this man with little thought to her personal space made her nervous heart give out.

“W-What are you doing?” she stuttered, her soft voice going high and wavering. Her shoulders were tense and she kind of really wanted to shove his arms that were trapping her legs in the water off to flee. But also, the feel of his skin on hers and the look he gave her kept her rooted was like he was silently daring her to stay exactly where she was to see what would happen.

And call her a naive fool, but Aria wanted to know where the assassin was going with this.

“Nothing, but surely your feet could use a good soak, no?” His smile wasn’t really a smile. If Aria had to give it a name, it was more smirk than anything. The mage gulped, wriggling a bit uncomfortable in her spot, thighs brushing together until she halted when her knees ran up the expanse of his chest and the smirk grew.

“O-Ok, but--um why...why…” Aria felt her words catch and choke her the moment Zevran’s arms shifted again so it was only his hands laying posessively on top her thighs.

“Well, you were the one to intrude on my time first, I only thought I could keep you company as you unwind after such a grueling trip as you seemed to have wanted to with me, my dear.”

“I-I--that’s not! I mean--I didn’t know--” A wild frantic look in her eyes crossed with mortification as she recalled exactly what lead her to sitting at the edge of this spring with a naked man and her trousers off somewhere behind her. She hadn’t known he was there, hadn’t seen him until she had already taken them off so she could soak her sore feet in the cool water and he broke the surface of the clear water with a look of surprise against her shock and embarrassment. And somehow, somehow, he had convinced her there was no qualm in sharing the space as he bathed and she sat at the edge. They were adults, it was ok.

And he had caught her like the rabbit to his fox.

But then, the amusement in his expression faltered as she made to run. His hands squeezed her thighs to catch her attention to break her away from her mounting panic and mortification.

“Aria, dear, calm down.” 

Aria froze like the caught prey she felt like until the cress of gentle hands up and down her thighs send a soothing shiver down her spine. Zevran caught her eyes again before patting her knee in apology.

“I apologize, my dear,” he reassured her. “I find myself unable to catch myself from teasing you. I find your reactions...quite endearing. Stay, I promise to behave. You have been pushing yourself far too much and you really should take this chance to relax.”

Tense for a moment more, Aria could not find it in herself to fully relax until the spine tingling sensation of the older man running his fingers gently across her skin started up. She looked down at him with wide eyes, however, this time his head was lowered, focused on his hands as they slid across her bare legs slowly, she didn’t know what to call it, his actions as he squeezed the underside of her thighs before bringing them up to cup her knees yet again. Only then did he glance back up at her, the sly look gone into one of serious sincerity.

Slowly, she released a breath she felt she was holding since she and Zevran realized they were not alone at the spring. She eyed him, still nervous and unsure as to what he was doing, but feeling a lot less like a trapped rabbit.

There was a flicker of something in Zevran’s eyes that Aria didn’t know how to interpret before the tan skinned elf parted her legs and brought himself closer to the edge and to her. Aria’s breath caught, barely registering the feeling of hands brushing the highest point of her thighs before his hands moved away and his arms lay on either side of her.

Then there they were, him comfortably between her legs as he looked up at her with an unreadable expression and she, unsure but comforted that he gave her plenty of time to escape if she so desired. She made little move to escape though as they simply took each other in as Zevran made himself comfortable in her space.

Aria nearly jolted then, when he finally brought his hand up to her side, his thumb rubbing a circle into her and she sighed.

It was then the fox like grin appeared again.

“So...Would you like to join me?”

I legit have had this scene in my head forever


Hiding in Denerim:

From the other side other the door he heard a blissful sigh.

“Aria?” he called out

“Zevran?” she answered.

“The others have left to stock up, may I come in?”

“I-I’m bathing, I’m naked Zevran!” came the incredulous reply of the recovering mage. Zevran’s rich laughter reached her through the closed door.

“Aria, my arcane beauty...I’ve seen you topless.” He pointed out teasingly. Aria made a dying animal noise as a response.

“Come now, I can clean your back for you, you mustn’t slack on treating those wounds you cannot reach.” 

“F-fine! Just...J-Just don’t be weird!” she huffed

“It’s called seducing, my dear. I’m trying to seduce you.”

Again, the young woman made a noise and the assassin preened at the adorable reaction. 

Aria turned her head slightly to catch a glimpse of the rogue as he opened the door. His eyes found her and noted the obscene amount of bubbles peeking over the lip of the high class porcelain tub they had to pay extra for to get the room. They clung to the skin and kept her modestly as well as any towel. But the obvious blush on the young woman's cheeks made it obvious that they both knew she was very much naked under her bubble shield.

“It smells like spring in here.”

“It’s the bubbles.” Aria said matter-of-fact as she sunk deeper into the tub. Steam billowed from the tub and her toes as they peeked out from the other end of the tub as it wasn’t long enough for her to fully stretch out her legs under the water.

He wanted to stay standing there, gazing at the teases of skin with the scent of flowers clinging to everything. He breathed in deeply before exhaling a long, drawn out sigh. She had hardly an idea what she did to him without him actually, physically doing something to get his words across. It really put those raunchy Circle Mage and Templar stories by V. Tethris into a new perspective.

They really did seem to be a painfully oblivious bunch, mages.

Aria, meanwhile, closed her eyes in contentment, leaning her head on the edge of the tub.

A shuffle behind her and the clatter of wooden legs hitting the floor hinted to her that Zevran had taken the lone stool in the room to sit behind her. And then hands were in her unbrushed bed head. Brown eyes shot open as she instinctively flinched, shoulders flying up to her ears as she squeaked out her confusion. She bent back into herself, her back leaving the tub to expose her bare back and all the scabbing, red marks from Fort Drakon and where an arrow had exited her shoulder from the other side.

The rogues fingers stopped in her hair for maybe a second before they started up once again, finger combing the knots out. This continued until slowly, she relaxed back into his touch and leaned back and allowed the touchy assassin to continue with his grabby hands.

Zevran chuckled at her reaction. 

“Do you know how long I’ve waited to get you under my fingers?”

“Don’t be creepy.”

“You are so precious it physically hurts sometimes, my dear.”

Chapter Text

It was as if the universe was laughing at her. Of all the inns she and her merry band of criminals had taken shelter in to lay low, it was also one of their biggest roadblocks in preparing for fighting the Archdemon was apparently at.

Loghain and Aria stood on opposite ends of a narrow hallway. Both were thrown off kilter at the sight of the other. This was perhaps the first time she had seen the experienced man since that meeting in Ostagar in what seemed like a lifetime ago. The man was still such a towering, intimidating presence. He looked down at her with his cold eyes.

But this time, he looked ruffled. Perhaps word had reached him from his daughters soldiers that she had been incopasitated and then broke out at some point. Perhaps he thought he would not see her so soon after her escape from incarceration?

Whatever he was feeling he looked absolutely flummoxed and Aria felt quite a bit of vindictive pleasure from that.

But still.

“Mother of a nug humping whore.” she cursed like Ohgren. For sure he would cry tears of joy at her colorful display of all his teachings.

Lohgain choked, catching himself with a hand on the wall.

“I beg your pardon?”

Aria didn’t bother to elaborate as she pursed her lips. Her brain ran a mile a minute, trying to think of a way to escape this potentially fatal encounter with the man that started her entire journey across Fereldan. The throbbing, painful heat where her still open wounds were wrapped up tight under her oversized tunic reminded her that she should figure out a plan preferably before she collapses from the strain of keeping herself on her feet for an extended period of time.

“I would think the wannabe king would be housing himself in the castle with his daughter.” she stalled. Loghain narrowed his eyes.

“And I thought filth like you would have died quietly in a corner by now.” he shot back.

“If your men, and your one assassin hasn’t killed me, obviously incarseration and torture wasn’t either. It seems I was made of sterner stuff.” she raised her head in a mocking gesture.

“Yes...A disappointment that Crow was, I had heard he was supposed to be their best. A shame he was killed.”

Aria gave a sweet smile.

“Oh no, he wasn’t killed.”

The human paused, brows furrowed.


“Zevran has been quite kind to me since I spared his life. He adds a bit of personality to the group I would say.”

There was silence.

A hand ran over the aged man's face.

“Of course…”


Aria took a step towards the stern faced enemy. She locked her knees to hide their shaking and casually draped her arm around her side to hide the fact blood was starting to prickle through her bandages. She needed to get around him. She needed to get back to her room. Loghain cannot see her falter.

“All I want to know is why. Why did you do it? You saw the horde, their numbers. The Blight has so much more effect on the survival of Fereldan right now than some paranoia the Orlesians are coming.”

Loghain stood tall, never to balk at her direct gaze. But frowned nonetheless. 

He was quiet for some time.

“The horde kills more people everyday, is destroying villages one by one as it moves north,” She takes another step towards the towering man, and locks away her pain tightly. Show no fear. Do not let him have that.

“You claim to want to serve Fereldan, to protect it...yet you do nothing but want war with the wrong enemy.”

Aria reached out and with little power, moved the terns arm away to open up space for her to move around him. The mage felt the man tense under her. Still, he let her pass without word, too stunned to speak.

“You have no idea what I want.” Loghain murmured into the silent hallway, his back to her. Aria stopped him in her quest for safety, wobbling as she refused to set her weight against the nearest wall until she was sure there would be no witness to her weakened state.

“Your right, I don’t...but do you?” She challenged me. “Watch yourself Loghain, come the Landsmeet and I will take you down so we can focus on the real enemy destroying us.”

Another two steps and the mage stumbled into the wall. She grit her teeth to cover up a hiss of pain as she shakily limped the rest of the way to her room's door and shut it tight.

The elf missed the moment the powerful man had turned back to watch the blood stain on her back grow steadily larger.

Chapter Text

Mai Taniyama suffered sudden fainting spells and black outs after the death of her mother. The teacher that took her in tried to help her but nothing worked. During a Parapsychology convention happening in Japan where she lived she had a chance encounter with Martin Davis who took interest in her and her strange condition. The Davis's adopt Mai where she find out about her latent ESP that awakened after the traumatic death of her mother. Mai takes an interest in psychic abilities and spends her time showing her appreciation to the Davis's for what they've done for them by joining ESPR and studying psychic abilities. She still doesn't have much control over her abilities and has fainting spells. Its stronger when she is on a case with active spirits. She Returns to Japan again when she starts having feeling and dreams that she needs to be there. The Davis's agree to let her go as long as she brings Lin Kyoujo as her guardian. Once there, they open up a branch of ESPR and soon after runs into Kazuya and Ichirou Shibuya, two teenage boys that struggle living with powerful psychic abilities.

Kazuya an Ichirou don't know what live would have been like if their single mother never accepted their abilities and survived their uncontrollable flare ups. But she did, and her love for them grew her into a hard working self made business woman. The twins love they mother. They think the world of her and do what they can to make her life easier as she works and raises them. However, an oportunity to a promotion has her living far from them right now in a different province. They talk almost daily.

Ichirou is feeling restless, he knows something is coming but is unsure what. Kazuya is running on E as his powers flare up more and more. And then suddenly, Taniyama Mai is in their lives and something in Kazuya just....snaps into place. The twins are taken in by Mai as assistants at SPR and their adventures begin.

Kazuya never thought much on what happened to his brother and him if their mother never accepted them and brought them back to her home country. Perhaps they would have ended up in an orphanage, or worse, maybe separated. Maybe dead at the bottom of a lake.

But they were still together, and no matter how difficult, they could rely on their mother. She made the bad days bearable and the dull days colorful, even hundreds of miles away. Safe to say Kazuya is satisfied with their life--through school could be better, but perhaps once his mother got that promotion--because how could a woman like his mother not get it--he could discuss transferring to a school with a more...challenging curriculum. 

And then things changed, his plans upended. The moment Taniyama Mai walked into his and Ichirou's classroom.

She walked in an hour after the lesson started. He hadn't been paying attention, the lecture was something he had read ahead on. The door to the classroom slid open, but didn't catch his interest.

What didn't catch his mild attention however, was when the teacher began to huff in offense as a short, brown haired girl poked her head in with a sheepish smile. She slid in with a nervous shuffle before closing the door with a soft 'shnnick'. She didn't wear the schools uniform. Dressed in a tasteful white blouse and high wasted black mini skirt with a messy bob of hair and...big, honey brown eyes that froze Kazuya in place as they strayed across the students in the classroom. The silent boy wasn't sure if the feeling of her eyes wavering between he and his brother was just his imagination or not.

"Sorry, sensei." She faced the idiot pumpkin. "My guardian is with the principal right now, I just waited to sit into one of the classes if you didn't mind." Her smile made the classroom seem brighter. Behind him, Ichirou poked at his back. He flinched out of the spaced out stare he was given the girl and turned to his brother who grinned teasingly at him.

"Hey, she's really pretty, wouldn't you say Mr. Idiot-Science-Nerd?"

Kazuya narrowed his eyes at his brother, whatever it was that took him over shaken off as he snorted at Ichirou. He shook his head and turned down to look at his notes. He never really answered his brothers question. He wasn't really sure how he would answer anyways.


'Pretty'...didn't really feel like the right word.

Chapter Text

'It's a festival that celebrates love!'

Is what the woman in charge of the festival had said this morning. The night when all the newly mature Volbeat and Illumise put on a light show to find their foever mate. It was sappy and cringy and--Sakura had thought it was the sweetest thing and even though none of them were dating, she had dragged him and Naruto to enjoy the festivities.

An hour ago he and Sakura lost sight of Naruto in the crowd. Sakura hadn't let go of his hand and he was screaming inside. He wanted to run and get away  from the crowd. But he also didn't want her to let go of his hand.

Chapter Text

In all the books he had read about the effects of different psychic abilities on the human body never had Kazuya really found a difinitive answer to his personal questions. There were books claiming to have all the answers, on control, on effects, on the questionably spiritual side of these occult things.

But they were hardly helpful, and while his mother's own suggestions were marginally helpful, she would never be able to fully grasp the issues to this part of her children. He knew she loved them fiercely, but their mother could only provide suggestions and support. Not solid answers.

There just were not enough books in the subjects he desired more knowledge on that were of actual, credible use. Most notably the research of one Professor Martin Davis of England and the occasional article by the passably understandable Taniyama M. Though to be completely honest, though Taniyama's stuff was far less analytical and logical than he would preffer. Their insight and understanding of human psyche and how a person reacts to uncontrolled psychic powers were beyond normal pumpkin understanding is...comforting--if he had to admit. The sympathetic voice her words had, had once grated on him when he first found her academic journals. He thought her words full of pity--Kazuya loathed pity--but talking with Ichirou and he's much stronger grasp of human emotions brought him to an understanding with the faceless writer.

Taniyama didn't pity those with uncontrolled psychic abilities. She understood them.

That comforted him more than he liked.

And that was why, as his brother pushed him out of their classroom midway through the history lesson, he clutched his only copy of a collection of essays and journals of Taniyama M.'s work as the rest of the class runs out in terror. A chair finds itself flung out a window by an unseen force. Kazuya flinched at the sound of shattering glass.

Behind him, Ichirou squeezed his shoulders. It's just been one of those days.

The door is opened by a tall, black haired man. Ichirou blinks up at him and smiles no less friendly and bows a greeting. Kazuya narrows his eyes and simply nods his head ever so slightly. The man returns the nod.

"You are the twins Mai mentioned would be visiting." It wasn't a question, just confirmation.

"Yup, can we come in?" Ichirou asks, the man stepped asside to allow then in, sharp eyes still studying them as if not trusting the two with the girl that invited them to ask questions about JSPR and what it does. He must be a guardian, her father or something, Kazuya suspects. Yet he seem a bit young, perhaps older brother or even uncle?

The twins shuffle into what had to be the sitting room. It didn't feel like what he would expect a psychic research office to look like. It was bright and airy, the window blinds were open, walls painted a soft yellow and cream colored furniture that looked soft and inviting.

The man closed the door behind them.

"I'll see if Mai has finished her call, take a seat." he said and walked towards a closed door and knocked softly before walking in without another word. A moment later and the door clatters open in a whirl. And suddenly Mai was there, happy grin and bright brown eyes focused on them and Kazuya felt himself tense again. Beside him, his brother simply gave a grin just as cheerful and waved at her. Kazuya's hands stayed firmly at his side, clinched as he tried to breath control back into the force that wanted to flip one of the chairs behind him.

"Ah! Shibuya-san's, I'm so happy you could make it." She greeted. "I hope Lin didn't give you the stink eye, can I get you some tea before we talk?"

Chapter Text

The idea I had for this was that the sailor scouts are gym leaders.

Usagi, hadn't really ever thought to be a gym leader, but back in middle school her friends Naru and Umino thought she had a real good chance of taking over the unused Fairy type gym in their neighborhood and bring it back to life. She passes and where the story starts she's been gym leader for awhile now. She's 16 and there is a thief going around and breaking into gyms to steal certain artifacts by that gyms sort of patron legendary pokemon.

So each gym and its leader have a connection to a legendary pokemon whim after taking the mantle of gym leader they become their champion of sorts I guess. Like, they protect that pokemon from people wanting to use them, and guard their artifacts, or items they created or are used to give them power (think Giratina and the grisidious orb).

One day as Usagi is walking the rounds of the gym grounds (the Moon gym is located in the center of a large botanical garden open to the public) (All the gyms have large properties that have some kind of attraction for the public, the Mars gym has a shrine and holds a lot of festivals for the locals, the Mercury gym is also a place of study for marine biology, etc.) She meets a magician putting on a performance for other people enjoying the grounds. That night she stops the attempted robbery of her patron legendary.

It was essentially going to be about Usagi meeting the other gym leaders, learning who the thief is and stopping them and whatever plan they had for the artifacts. There would have been chapters spanning slice of life, gym battles, friendship, romance--because if my magician hint didn't clue you in, the thief is Mamoru.

Usagi Tsukino

Moon Gym

Patron Pokemon: Cresselia

Type Specialties: Fairy, Phychic,

Pokemon: Luna (Alolan Persian), Silver (Carbink), Clafairy, Gardevior, Florges (Blue), Bunary, Azumarill, Swirlix, Teddiursa, Spinda, Swablu, Gigalith, Munchlax, Audino, Togatic, Floette, Rapidash (Galar), Primarina, Hattrem, Alcremie, Munna, Espurr

Some are personal pokemon, others are gym pokemon, and others more are simply pokemon that live on the gym grounds that are attached to her

Ami Mizuno

Mercury Gym

Patron Pokemon: Regice or Suicune (cant decide)

Type Specialties: Ice, Water

Pokemon: Amaura, Aurorus, Dewgong, Sealeo, Vulpix (alolan), Laprass, Cubchoo, Vaporeon, Spheal, Morelull, Reuniclus, Starmie, Froslass, Frosmoth, Horsea, Lumineon

Rei Hino

Mars Gym

Patron Pokemon: Ho-oh

Type Ruled: Fire

Pokemon: Ninetales, Houndour, Growlithe, Murkrow x2 (Phobos, Demos), Houndoom, Darmanitan (with Zen mode), Pyroar x2 (male and female), Xatu, Medicham, Chingling, Arcanine


Jupiter Gym

Patron Pokemon: Raikou

Type: Electric

Pokemon: Roselia, Oddish, Bellossom, Flaffy, Ampharos, Shinx, Luxray, Zedstrika, Sunflora, Phanpy, Vibrava, Mudsdale, Mienshao, Stufful, Electabuzz, Emolga, Electrike, Dedenne, Scrafty, Pancham

Minako Aino

Venus Gym

Patron Pokemon: Undecided

Type Specialty: Normal

Pokemon: Artimis (Persian), Iggilybuff, Jigglipuff, Teddiursa, Eevee, Allolamolla, Delcatty, Lopunny, Cinccino, Glameow, Beautifly, Leavanny, Vivillon (Fancy Pattern), Spritzee,

Only got that far into planning the gyms, a few scenes in my head that i will have to write down at some point.

Chapter Text

Looking out the opposite side of the wagon she's been on since early that morning Clara watched the rolling hills go by slowly. Long, sweet grass, patches of delicate looking wild flowers, their scent wafting through the air with every sweet smelling breeze. It was like an entirely different world than  Windstar City. No tall brick buildings, exhaust from the latest model of automobile. Just sky and grass and dirt roads. Something that had been knotted up and twisted since she first realized she didn't want the kind of life she'd lived in for so long was finally pulling loose. Clara breathed in the clean air as she leaned back in her seat, beside her, her uncle spared her a glance and an indulgent smile. Something akin to relief the farther and farther she got from the city and her overbearing father took over her features.

Her uncle, a large man--just like her dad but with far softer features and a head of red hair turned back to the road, leaving her to take in the sights. Clara couldn't help but note she didn't look a thing like her uncle. She never really took after either of her parents either. Her mother once said she took after her own mother--Clara's great-grandmother. Even down to leaving home to start a new life as a farmer. Her mother once mentioned her home town of Flower Bud village and the cozy farm she also grew up on before leaving home for higher education. Clara had never seen a picture of her great-grandmother.

"Uncle...Thank you." she said after a long while of no sound but the clop clop of horse hooves and the creaking of the wagon. The red head turned back to her with another smile. He reached out with a large hand and rubbed at the top of her head with enough force she was sure there would be tangles. She shrieked before being overcome with laughter. Her uncle joined in on the laugh, carefree and so real. Her uncle had laugh that came deep from the belly and was so genuine it brought the biggest grin to her face, dark violet eyes shined up at him.

"Think nothing of it Clarabelle. I'm happy to see that smile back on your face. My brother done a real dumb thing to take something like that from such sweet girl."

Clara gave up trying to flatten the top of her hair and leaned up against him with a content sigh.

"So, how much farther?"

"Mm, I'd say 'bout an hour. Someone from West Town will meet us at the crossroads where you're land is. There should be a lil shack you can stay in till we can find a contractor that can come all the way out here and build you a real good house."

The dark haired girl started to nod, but was interrupted by a yawn.

"Why not lay down in the back, get a nap in, I know that train ride was a long one."

Twenty-Four hours to be exact and Clara slept for absolutely none of it. With a nod, Clara climbed into the back.

"Might as try, right?" she assented.

The dark haired girl was asleep within the next minute.

Chapter Text

The archer and the martian blinked down at the large wooden crates placed in the middle of the base's lobby--not docking, the loby--before turning back to the passive face of Red Tornado.

"Say what now?" Artemis raised her brow to the robot.

"Batman wishes for the two of you to deliver these parts to Phantom so he has a working Zeta Portal closer to where he works." they repeated.

"Yeah, yeah, I get that," The blond waved her hand. "But why can't he pick this stuff up himself?"

"Phantom contacted us and informed us that due to 'shit hitting the fan' in the Ghost Zone he was stuck playing peace keeper and is unable to leave Amity Park for the time being."

:But...there's no address?" Megan furrowed her brow as she wandered around the collection of crates.

"Batman explained that is due to Phantom keeping his identity known to only a bare minimum. You will be delivering the part to a couple of scientists in Amity Park that have ties to Phantom. The address with be forwarded to the ship through Batman and deleted upon arrival."

The flight was quite for the first half hour until Artemis scowled in thought.

"You know...I think this is the first time any of us have been to Phantoms home turf."

"Huh, you're right." Megan tilted her head as she looked out the window. The air craft was on auto piolot, so neither teenager worried much about keeping their eyes forward. "We know so little about his independent work."

Artemis snorted.

"Except for that time Kid and Robin let loose all those ghosts last month."

"Ugh...that was the worst, and he fights those things everyday!"

The two girls knocked on the door as they stood awkwardly on the small porch on the red stone with the very...noticeable additions. There was a pause before they heard the muffled voice of a boy and then, the door opened. The pair were greeted by a pair of the bluest eyes they'd ever seen as a boy not much older than them stood in the open doorway. He had messy black hair and was eyeing them with a strange gleam in his eyes and a quirky smile.

"Artemis and Miss Martian I assume?" he asked. The girls nodded and the boys smile only grew as he opened the door wider to let them in.

"I'm Danny Fenton, let me unlock the fence to the back so you can bring the crates around and you can meet my parents."

Chapter Text

I have an idea for a sorta action, romance idea. It would take place during TES five, but a bit of an AU as my Khajiit isn't the dragonborn, and the civil war is still going on. Ulric Stormcloak is trying to cully favor and turn Riften on his side by catching the guild master of the Riften Thieves Guild, thinking it would show them they are better off taking their side as the war rages.

Sendri is sent as an agent for Ulfric to take over as the new guard captain and track down and destroy the thieves guild. Only...Things seem to be a lot different than the in Windhelm. And a cat keeps getting in his way.

Khepri has no time to deal with a giant, racist Nord. She's got a shackled mage and a stab happy Argonian to help and a ring of slavers that has infiltrated Riften right under her nose to burn to the ground.

One shot series

Probably M rated

explores racial tension, racism, interracial relationship and other things

would have other TES characters i've made

Ideas for chapters:

Things Work Different Here:

Sendri isn't in Windhelm anymore, that was for sure. There are Altmer serving as aids to the Jarl, Dunmer running shops, and an Argonian couple serving drinks at the local tavern. Worst of all though, is that they let those dirty, drug dealing rugs into the city gates.

Thane of Riften:

Sendri meets one of the thanes in Riften, one that doesn't typically come to court because of her work outside seeing to the smooth running of the shady little town. And gods above she has a tail.

Your New Here:

Khepri is on to Sendri. She decides to give the brute some advice about how things are done in Riften.

It's Only Bad if you Want it to Be:

Sendri's first looks into the shady underground of Riften and how in works in tandem with the honest work above ground.

Just the Tail Tip:

Sendri's first run in with a member of the Thieves Guild. To bad he only sees them by the time their tail tip is out the window

Swish and Sway:

There's something wrong with him, she's doing something to him. Or else Khepri's hips as she walks in front of him or the swish of her spotted tail wouldn't effect him so. Right?


Sendri finally corners the infamous Guild Master. Only, he finds out more than he expected.

A Girl and a Lizard:

Sendri meet a young woman and her unusual guard dog.

The Thing She Does:

Sendri is ashamed that he finds Khepri so tantalizing to look at.

Honeyside Manor:

Sendri finds out Khepri doesn't stay much in the manor she owns in Riften. But people she cares for often do.

Claws on my Skin:

Khepri can see the look in Sendri's eyes, and she uses it to full advantage.

Loose Yourself:

Sendri is 100% absolutely, unashamedly, gloriously, pathetically, madly in love with Khepri. And he doesn't really know how to handle it.


Her personality is so large that sometimes Sendri forgets just how small Khepri is compared to him.

Dark Alley Find:

Khepri gets blindsided in a dark alley after dark and Sendri finds out through one of her people first.

Pick Me Up, Slam Me Down, Claw Me Up, Tear My Clothes:

Sex....this would be a smut chapter ;3

Chapter Text

Anyways I got the idea when thinking about how Drell remember everything. Human's dont have that, they have degenerative deceases that make you forget your memories.

So what it at some point in ME2 Shepard (My Shepard rn is called Cassiopia) admits that she's terrified of forgetting Thane if she gets the chance to grow old. She'd forget his voice, how he looks, and what he was like. So during Cassiopia's incarceration and Thane's admittance to the hospital on the Citadel, he begins putting a Greybox of his memories of their time together. But not just his memories of her, but memories of Irikah and Kolyat, for Kolyat. At some point he finishes it and gives it to Kolyat for safe keeping and to give to Shepard after his. And what if Thane hadn't told Kolyat what exactly his relationship with Cassi is.

Kolyat gets curious and decides to peek into Shepards section of the greybox's archived memories...And he runs right smack dab in a random memory that just so happens to be right after his and Thane's reunion of Thane pulling Cassi into a secluded corner in the wards to kiss her out of gratitude for her helping him reconnect with his son.

Obviously Kolyat freaks the fuck out and falls over stuff.

So after he calms down now he has to know more, "because father, wtf". That leads him to start the memories from the very beginning, starting from they first time Thane see's Cassi and thinks she looks like a blue wildfire streaking across the Danitus Tower and knocking eclipse mercs out of windows.

And okay...he definitely accidentally stumbles into some memories she really doesn't need of his dad getting frisky with Shepard.

She walking ahead of him. She steps lightly, like she doesn't want the hard soles of her armor to make too much noise on the metal floor. Her dark hair, pulled up, swishes behind her like a cats tail. The suit attenuates the curve of her backside and he swiftly looks back up before their other companion notices. He shifts his dark eyes towards Garrus who flares his surviving mandible in a knowing, amused look. He twitches, looks away to clear his throat like one of Shepards closest friends did not just witness his looking at the commanders...assets.

A noise like a cross between a wheeze and low chirping, Garrus is chuckling at him.

"Five minutes Krios, I know your just dying to get Cassi in a dark corner. I'll be over by that gun shop." the Turian turns away, something that sounds like 'plausible deniability' is muttered and he is unsure what to make of that. Of this. He turns back to the commander. She stopped walking and was watching Garrus walk off in confusion.

Where's he going?" She furrowed her brows, then glanced behind her to him. Hazel eyes turn a pale, electric blue in the lights of a nearby advertisement display and he his words are caught yet again at the image of blue fire. He looses himself, his legs move before he can think and he grabs her upper arm to pull her into a dark corner behind some crates.

"What--" She gasps and then her back is at the wall and his lips meet soft, warm, pliant human lips. Her warmth seeps into his own as he presses into her. Hand still wrapped around one arm, he finds his other at the back of her head. They pull back at her intake of breath. Dark eyes stare into hers and he knows already what he's done as he comes back to himself. He's crossed a line he hadn't meant to, and yet he cannot find himself regretting that he had.

"Commander...I--thank you for what you've done for me. You've saved my son from a path I did not wish for him." he covers up the waver in his voice as his mind supplies him with the ghost of feeling her lips on his. She smelled a bit like sweat, nerves perhaps, and an indulgently sweet smelling shampoo. It seems the ever pragmatic commander couldn't help but spoil herself with shampoo that wasn't usually already stocked on ships, the kind he'd seen in the mens showers.

"Um, yeah yup, not--not a problem Thane. Uhhh..." her words stumbled out and this was perhaps the first time he's seen the usually reserved, if  stoic woman loose her composure in the face of something. His lips quirked into an almost smile before masking this fluttering amusement. He should explain to her why he'd done that. He really should.

Confusion swirled in her eyes, her cheeks growing a pink hue to them.

Then again...maybe it wouldn't be so bad to watch her make this sort of flustered expression again?

"Excuse me then commander, I believe Garrus is waiting for us."

Kolyat was man enough to most certainly admit that the first thing he saw upon opening Commander Shepard's file in the greybox was his father--composed, cool, disiplined father--pulling the very same Commander Shepard that punched him in the face the first time he met her into a hidden corner to quite literally kiss her stupid was not what he expected. So unexpected he is not afraid to admit he freaked out a little--read a lot--and backed right into her back of his couch and then promptly flipped over it in a heap.

He found her in the space Kasumi usually occupied. Right now, the thief was either hiding to see what would happen, or in the mess hall stealing leftovers for the amusement of it all. Shepard was sprawled across the couch, facing the open window to the scene of space on the other side. She was dressed in casual clothes, things she brought from her condo on the Citadel last time they were there. Apparently, Councilor Anderson had made sure it stayed untouched after her death on behest of a mutual friend.

Dressed in a pair of plain leggings and old N7 hoodie, she looked completely at ease. Her head rest on a throw pillow, her eyes closed. However, he know she was wide awake, her breathing wasn't slow enough to indicate sleep.

The assassin stepped quietly to her side and crouched down in front of her, back to her. A breath, then two.

"Thane? did you need something?" her voice was a soft murmur. Video's and written information on the type of person the commander was didn't do justice to seeing her in person, in a more intimate environment.

The commander was a very quiet person. She didn't speak often and only when she felt there was little choice in the matter. However, she opened up the more she knew a person. One could watch a play by play of she and Garrus sending witty or sarcastic come backs to each other, she and Dr. Chakwas often reminiscence about the SR-1, and she and Joker talked like old friends.

A Commander Shepard out in the field, shooting things and talking wayward Turians from shooting a traitor in the head with firm conviction in her tone was a complete one-eighty.

Who would have thought...The first human Specter, vanquisher of Seren and savior of the Citadel is an introvert.

"No, I simply wanted to seek your company. Would you prefer I left you to yourself?" he asked.

"Nah, I don't mind, but I hope you won't get offended if  fall asleep...You are nice to be around, very peaceful. I like it." she admitted. It brought a small smile to his lips that she couldn't see.

"I don't believe anyone has described me as 'peaceful' to be around. I am pleased to think I put you so at ease though...odd as it is."

Behind him Shepard hummed.


Chapter Text

The Dark Matter Series

Based off of the PMD series of games, with all of them interconnected through history and one enemy throughout the ages.

Here (PMD: Blue) (Theme: 'Here' cover by Amalee)

Serena wakes up as an Eevee with no idea how she became one. Scared and confused she is taken in by a family of the Chikorita line and meets the kind hearted Flora, a young Chikorita who want to be just like her mother. Unsure as to what to do other than learn to live in this new life. Serena agrees to form a rescue team with Flora. But peace doesn't last long when the reasons for her untimely transformation is brought to question and her search for answers leads her down a path with a connection to another group of pokemon from 100 years in the past during the Age of Exploration and an age old enitity bent on the destruction of the entire dimension.

Let it All Out (PMD: EoT or EoS) (Theme: 'Let it All Out' cover by Amalee)

100 years before a scared Eevee wakes up in a forest, an amnesiac Meowth named Ruby washes up on the shores of the Grass contient, right outside of Treasure Town. The only thing she knows is her name, that she most certainly should not be a pokemon, and there was someone out there in this world that was worried sick about her. But with no where to go and and honestly enjoying her strange transformation, Ruby encourages her accidental companion to join Wigglytuff's Explorers Guild and doesn't mind following them. But things take a dark turn as Ruby starts suffering from cronic headaches due to a strange new ability that she develops. Her past and even her future comes into question as her exploration team is dragged into a fight to save not just the pokemon world, but the human dimension she originally came from as well from a possessed Dialga.

Erased (PMD: GtI) (Theme: 'Erased' cover by Amalee)

It's been another century, the pokemon world is well into the Age of Research as their technology develops and Pokemon start documenting their history to understand the past ages. Names like Team Sun and Team Dawn are but note worthy hero's of the past. The story starts with an unusual influx of strange pokemon appearing out of no where, with no history or memory other than they aren't pokemon, but human. A determined little Axew named Rory stumbles upon one of these strange occurrences. Ivy, a dazed and confused human turned Snivy comes into this world with nothing but her name and an unidentifiable presence called a Voice of Life guiding her in her dreams. And when the once human pokemon around the continent start disappearing Rory and Ivy know that the only way that she could possibly be saved is to track down this Voice of Life entity and possibly find out the purpose of Ivy coming here and her connection to an enemy that seems to crop up throughout history and the mysterious disappearances of the legendary Team Sun and Team Dawn who were to be believed to be lead by pokemon that were once human as well.

Rise (PSMD) (Theme: 'Rise' cover by Amalee)

The story takes place is a quiet little village with an ancient history. A young Treeko named Dramora is taken in by a friendly Nuzleaf. Suffering from amnesia she takes solace in the tranquility Serene Village should offer. Except peace never really feels like its within her grasp. She's hiding from a trio of pokemon that had tried to kill her, and the village elders look at her and see an outsider, and her only friend: a feisty and energetic Riolu named Sol seemed to be viewed just as unfavorably, despite growing up in the village right after hatching. Dramora feels as if nothing is right, she feels off, like she's in a waking dream. She doesn't understand why the grown ups around her look at her or Sol like they were mistakes, and it hurts. It isn't until a lost Ampharos wanders into the village that Dramora feels like she has a purpose, a reason to keep moving forward. She and Sol find their place in a guild of adventurers as their newest recruits and it feels as if Dramora has known them longer than she should. And just as Dramora and Sol are settling down in there newest adventure the first report of a pokemon turning to stone is reported and mysteries centuries in the making are brought back into question.

Each story's core emotion or theme is based off a song sang by my favorite cover artist on youtube, Amalee. They fit the characters and emotions I want to convey. Each song is a theme song not only for the entire story, but also the main characters.

'Here' is like the start of it all, the chosen one in a continuing chain of myths.

'Let it all Out', EoT/D/S is an emotional story, it requires as song that can embrace those feelings

'Erased' actually doesn't center around the MC, but is about the MC and it fits with how in the game the human-pokemon are forgotten

'Rise' ooh boy, this ones gonna be exciting, I am not giving away my feelings or plans that surround this song.


Era of Exploration:

Takes place during the Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky games and is technically the start. The adventures of Team Dawn.

Era of Rescue:

100 years after the events of Dialga's possession and introduction of Team Sun.

Era of Research:

A century after the events of Team Sun's victory and conception of the Paradise Research and Rescue Guild. Team Myth is founded

Era of Expansion:

Another 100 years after the events that surrounded Team Twilight and their Guild, the formation of Team Heart


Serena/Fey (name change unsure): Eevee
Adapts to become the leader of Team Sun. Though skittish and shy, she grows into a calm, level-headed leader. A determined, yet humble protector

Flora: Chikorita
A kind, open-minded pokemon, she looks up to her mother and prefers support roles in battle. She will always be on Serena's side. She later holds a key role in the formation of an important group of pokemon that will later be known to live in a place later called Serene Village.

Eifa: Absol
After carrying out is role under the ruler of a snowy land, Absol decides to take on the role as protector of Team Sun. Over time he and Serena grow close. He is a dutiful team mate, if a bit distant to anyone but the two female members of the team.



Ruby: Meowth
Adapts easily to new situations, or perhaps just like to go with the flow with little complaint if it gets her to her end goal eventually. Little ruffles her outwardly, but she struggles internally with her inner turmoil.

Partner Undecided:
A bit of a coward, and easily jumpy, they want nothing more than to find meaning and understanding in a curious rune carved into a stone she's had forever. But she know before she can find answers to her own mystery, she needs to be better, braver, stronger. She wants nothing more than be more than a scaredy-skitty. It takes her having someone by her side that won't push her and lets her take her time to find her courage.

Freya: Snowrunt
A high strung pokemon that was star struck the moment Team Dawn saved her. She wants to show her gratitude by helping them be the best they can be. She's a bit naive and trusting, but makes a good foil for the cunning Ruby and determined [Partner].



Ivy: Snivy
She is lost and confused. She bottles up her fears and worries and is desperate for answers to her lost memories, the voice in her head, and her purpose in this life. Rory's cheer and passion give her a light to follow and she would to anything to make sure its never snuffed out. She is quiet and contemplative and likes to make herself available if anyone needs to vent their worries. She is a worry-wort and a little too selfless.

Rory: Axew
Since she was young, she's grown up on the tales of the famous explorers that came from the old Wigglytuff Guild, the first Explorers guild created during their hay day. Rory has grown up knowing exactly what she wants to do, she wants to make a place just like the Wigglytuff guild, a place where pokemon gather and can become strong and help one another. She has a strong will and is very determined.



Dramora: Treeko
Nervous, anxious, and a little down trodden, Dramora doesn't understand why she's being hunted, or why the adults in her village look at her and her new friend so bad. Dramora thought it was going to be like that for the rest of her life until she and Sol could just get up and go when they were strong enough. She has a gentle heart, but she's become cold and stand-offish to authority figures.

Sol: Riolu
A kind and curious pokemin that hides their loneliness with a cheerful and air-headed personality. They latch onto Dramora the moment he lays eyes on her because something in his heart tells him she's just like him, displaced and itching to be recognized.


Chapter Text

Fakir turned the page to the novel he held clutched in his tan hand as he continued to ascend the stairs to the third floor of the apartment complex he’s called home since he moved across the country to continue his education on the behest of his mother.

It wasn’t a bad complex, modern, but decent in pricing and it was smack dab in the neighborhood that housed most students of the Kinkan Institute of the Arts so half the price of board was paid for through his scholarship. And the dark haired man had to admit it was a great deal for the size and quality of living provided. It may not be as secluded as he would have preferred had he maybe rented a small home a couple hours away in another part of the city, but Fakir knew that transportation would have put too big a dent in his own finances than he would have liked to deal with. So here he was, three years into his education surrounded right, left, above, and below, by other students of the prestigious institute he had never dreamed of attending right after high school.

So deep, however, in his book, the young man failed to take notice of the noise of three young women walking up the stairs just ahead of him. One girl made a squawking noise as another giggled.

“No, seriously, Lilie, Pique! It’s too heavy, take the box, take the box!” she pleaded just as Fakir turned a corner on the stair case.

Suddenly, a shriek did pierce the man’s’ deep thought and he looked up in annoyance just in time to see a head of fluffy red hair attached to a tiny body that was falling forward, an open box still held desperately in their hands.

“What the hell—“ He gasped, unconsciously holding out his arms. Just before the full force of the fall could yank him down with the body that fell into him he looked up to the surprised and pleasantly amused faces of two girls that look a few years younger than him. But then he was losing his footing and slid down the flight of stairs with a grunt. He landed on the ground with the contents of the box spilling out and crashing around him and the other body with a thump. His breath came out in a pained heave as an elbow connected to his gut.

Head on the ground and eyes squeezed shut in pain, Fakir groaned. The body on top of him, small, light, and wriggling let out a groan; then gasped as well before a pair of hands used his chest to pull themselves up. He felt a pair of legs straddle him and then the noise began. Her voice high and panicked.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry, I told Lillie, I told her I couldn’t keep my balance and then I fell on you! Are you ok? Are you hurt, oh my god, what if you broke something, I can’t pay for your medical bills—not that I wouldn’t even if I could but—“

Fakir shot his hand up blindly to the mouth that insisted on rambling. Using his free hand, he lifted himself up to sit up and squinted open his dark green eyes to the person on top of him.

The biggest, bluest pair of eyes he had ever seen stared up at him.

Fakir felt his hand leave her mouth and his heart picked up like some damn scene right out of a cliché romance novel. Her bright blue eyes, clear as a crystal and watery with ashamed, unshed tears where framed by thick lashes; he couldn’t tell if they were brown or a washed out black. Her skin, lighter than his with a healthy peachy glow with a smattering of endearing freckles over her nose and the apples of her cheeks.

The hair on top her head was a soft orange that made him think of early autumn, it fluffed out against her face and as he trailed his eyes down, he realized it was actually much longer, twin braided ropes hung over her shoulders and lay between them, as well as her petite hands as they griped his shirt anxiously.

He looked back up at her. Her bottom lip trembled as if she were trying not to cry. She leaned in. In shock, Fakira leaned back, opening his mouth to ask what she thought she was doing as his heart beat like a drum in his chest.


“Are you ok?” she asked more insistently. Her worry as easy to read in her teary eyes as he assumed every other emotion in her probably was.

It was then, with the background noise of the two other girls above them, snickering, that he found his voice.

With cheeks growing slowly warm, Fakir snapped at her as it was the only thing he could think to do in that very moment with possibly the sweetest looking girl he’d ever seen on top of him, making his heart do funny things to him.

“W-What do you think, moron! You fell and threw me down the stairs. It hurt like hell, and w-would you get off of me?”

The girl, wide eyed still, threw herself off of him with an inelegant shuffle and crawled to her feet before tripping over the forgotten box and landing painfully on the steps. She shrieked and Fakir cringed at her klutzy display.

“S-Sorry...” the girl mumbled to no one in particular.

Fakir looked down at her, hiding his expression with his hand as he coughed to hide a snort of amusement.

“Oh my, Ahiru, you didn’t break anything did you? I’d be such a tragedy if you couldn’t perform next week.” An airy voice came from one of the other girls.

Ahiru, the red head that lay on the stairs in a heap looked up at the ceiling for a dazed moment before pushing herself up and patting the dust from her clothes. She wore a bright yellow dress with quarter sleeves and leggings with childish ducks printed over sky blue colored elastic. It made her look like a child, yet Fakir, couldn’t help the warmth of his cheeks and turned away to find where ever he had dropped his book in the fall.

Chapter Text

Essentially a 3+1 fic about Oliver or Lin mentioning Mai while in England and the people reacting to this mythical creature that apparently has THE Oliver Davis wrapped around her little finger. Canonically would take place a couple years or more after the events of Akumu no Sumu Ie and we'll just say Oliver tries to spend at least 3 months out of the year in England to appease his mother and reassure her he's doing just fine in Japan.

1. Luella Davis

Luella notices her son is more picky about the tea he drinks than he ever use to be. While over for lunch one day Lin mentions he's possibly just missing the tea his assistant brews him.


2. Martin Davis

Martin is working late one night at the BSPR office and reading through the recent case report Madoka sent from JSPR as the temp CEO until Oliver returns. He notices Mai's name mentioned. Oliver comes in then and the two get to talking about how his cases usually go.


3. BSPR Team

Oliver is in the unfortunate position of being in charge of the most 'promising' interns. Thanks, he hates it. They aren't quiet up to his scrutiny and he really, really wants to foist them off to other departments. But one comment from Lin about how disappointed Mai would be that he didn't take the time to whip them into shape has him grudgingly dealing with them despite his sour temper. The interns are just in awe that the mere mentions of this hypothetical Mai has saved them from more stress.


4. Mai

Mai makes a surprise visit to BSPR and no one is prepared, least of all Naru.

Chapter Text

Hiddenclan is isolated. Their forest completely overtaken by a fog that they have lived with for longer than anyone can remember. It's origin is a mystery, as well as the effect it has on the clan cats.

No matter how far or how long they travel in one direction they will always end up back at their camps entrance. No cat can leave the forest, and no cat can come in. That was an unquestionable fact.

Until it wasn't.

First, Fogstalker's lover goes missing. Next, a stranger arrives in the forest and things that have been building up for generations start to be put in motion.

Sparrowspots is one of three siblings. He is not particularly cunning like his brother Owleyes, or skilled in combat like his sister Hawkcry--even his name is not particularly descriptive of any talent he may very well have. He was just Sparrowspots. The perfectly average wallflower out of a litter of three.

He hated it. He hated that he wasn't as smart or strong, or charismatic as his siblings. Sometimes he hated his clan and how there expectations of him needing to be as great as the rest of his litter mates drowns him.

But then the dreams happened. The strange, echoing whispers calling him the the ancient forest on the other side of the meadow his clan called home.

Sparrowspots had very little to keep him from heeding this call.


The entire plot is already mapped out. It was originally the plot to a role play i wanted to do, but no one ever freaking stayed active enough, and its a story i really want to tell.

Hiddenclan has a lot of restrictions on pelt color due to generation after generation of smaller breeding pools so most pelt colors are dilute or white.

Hiddenclan are actually very weak combatants due to not needing to fight for so long, they hunt but that's it. They are simply a dying community at this point with very few numbers left.

Fogstalker is an anxiety ridden sad boy with no idea how to make things ok

His deputy is best boy though with a painful crush on the poor guy.

Medicine cat must now learn about being a spiritual guide

The outsider just wants to feel appreciated and maybe takes things too far

Dead cats are literally everywhere.

Silentdawn has seen some shit

Ashcloud has daddy issues

Paletree is not my favorite and is only talked about

My favorite cat OC Spiderfrost is finally put into something again




Chapter Text

Alec Ryder Lives AU

A Fem!Ryder pov of the events of Mass Effect Andromeda, but Alec Ryder lives through the events of Habitat 7 and is still acting Pathfinder and how that changes Fem!Ryder's relationship with her father, crew mates, the Initiative, and Angara.

Custom Ryder:

Lyra Ryder

Would probably give her a non-canonical pre-Iniciative career. Maybe as an anthropologist or Mediator, someone that dealt less with combat situations than being a Peacekeeper or Alliance soldier. I'd want her to have been put through combat training due to biotic capabilities, but it being mostly through learning to control her biotics and then Initiative training. Alec would have put her into a position of mediator/diplomat/liaison to any local sentient species they would have met in Andromeda.

This role, funny enough, compared to her father garners more trust during the first contact with the Angara. And she endears herself to the people better than Alec does. This in turn cause them to prefer dealing with the younger Ryder than the actual Pathfinder.

Alec and Lyra:

Alec and Lyra start with the canonical difficult relationship. However, not so much as Alec is a terrible human being more so he doesn't know how to connect with either of his children despite loving them a great deal. Alec's pov would be shared as well as the plot of the game progresses and he starts to really come to terms with taking for granted Elen always being there to act as a buffer between him and the twins. It effects him in ways he didn't think as he slowly adapts to the fact that one of his children wasn't technically on the ship (Sirius Ryder being in a coma and all). He starts to try and rebuild the shattered relationship with Lyra after the events of Habitat 7 and watching his child nearly die from a helmet breach. That one thing shakes him to his core and he becomes extremely protective of his only active child and actually still activates SAM full capabilities in Lyra's implant as a way to keep tabs on her health and well being.

He get....super concerned when he realizes the Angara liaison, Jaal watches and starts following Lyra around like a puppy.

It take him longer to realize 'oh shit, my only daughter and an alien are in love with each other--Elen Help! I don't know how to handle this!'

For Lyra, its hard to take the steps in rebuilding a relationship with her dad that she never remembered having in the first place. A lot of her first memories were of him leaving her and Sirius alone a lot. She doesn't understand why he saved her on Habitat 7. She doesn't really grasp that he actually love her and Sirius a lot and would probably--definitely kill a bitch if they hurt her, or Sirius. She and Alec are actually quiet similar and its both their equally awkward, socially inept selves that keep them from talking about their feelings until someone has an emotional outburst--Alec--.

Lyra has a lot of issues with self doubt and acknowledging her own skills due to the relationship with her father and the mess of a life pre-andromeda after Alec's dishonorable discharge from the Alliance. After all, her dad was the great Alec Ryder, a genius hero turned pariah. How could she or Sirius ever live up to that?

Jaal and Lyra:

Jaal still first meets the Ryder's at Aya. But instead of just 1 Ryder, its Alec, Lyra, and Cora. Alec thought if things went sour he could just have Cora and Lyra throw up biotic barriers to sheild them as they run back to the Tempest.

Lyra, however, quickly stops Alec from saying something absolutely bad and screwing them all over once they have a small military force surround them with guns and take over first contact and get their asses to Evfra safely.

Jaal is...not quiet smitten with the tiny human female that looks about 100% done with life and definitely not trying to hide she wants to cry. His opinions with the Pathfinder however, is...not completely possitive. He finds him pushy and a bit arrogant, and not too respectful. He still bluntly says he'd kill them as they slept and Lyra looks very much like she wants to panic.

Its through regular communication and observation that he untangles the mess that is the Ryder family drama and grows affection towards Lyra.

It's actually Jaal that gets these two idiots to sit down and actually talk about their feelings when he notices that despite what Lyra says about not really having a close relationship with her dad, he sees the way Alec reacts when they come back from combat, or when he notices her around the Tempest. Jaal can clearly see the parental love and pride and terror in Alec's behavior towards Lyra.

And Alec may or may not have cornered Jaal one night and gave him an actually terrifying shovel talk once Alec put 1 + 1 together and realized Jaal is gaga over his daughter.

Jaal has a healthy respect and fear of both Alec and Drack. The krogan just straight up shot a bit too close to his foot and made eye contact.

Romance scenes would play out differently or just not be the same ones.

Lyra and Cora:

Lyra and Cora still dont really start out on the best of terms.

Alec never actually mentioned having kids until he introduced them before cyro and made an off hand comment how they were going to be part of his crew too.

Cora compares Lyra to Alec a lot and doesn't understand why she's even on the crew when she has little expertise that would actually help in the exploration and colonization of new planets. This often leads to Cora judging Lyra's capabilities a lot and making snappy comments towards her that Alec shuts right the fuck down.

Alec has a very long and cold talk with Cora about professionalism and treating his kid in a way he doesn't fucking appreciate thank you very much.

It isn't until the first contact on Aya that she starts to drink her respect Lyra Ryder juice.

She is both amused and concerned when Jaal starts following Lyra around like a duckling and she's absolutely oblivious to it. She starts watching Jaal watch Lyra in case she has to step in and prevent something that would cause Alec to abso-fucking-lutely throw the angara out the air lock.

Lyra still picks up extra crew mates like she's picking up kittens and puppies abandoned in alleyways. Alec is scientifically proven to be incapable of saying "no" to his children so he just avoids eye contact and tells her they can only stay if she finds room.

Lyra always finds the room.

Alec is jealous of Drack being able to form a paternal relationship with Lyra faster than he can. It makes him self conscious about all his screw up with the twins. Drack is too old for his shit and just tells him to man the fuck up if he wants to be a part of Lyra's life. He and Drack bond over mutual heart attacks Lyra gives them.

Vera has no mercy for Alec and simply clicks her tongue in disappointment when he does something her big sister mode disapproved of.

Peebee tackles Alec on Eos and hits on him. A lot. Alec is uncomfortable (she's mentally the same age as his kids damnit, that's weird), Lyra is uncomfortable, everyone but Peebee is uncomfortable. Alec hasn't even thought of the possibility of finding a relationship after Ellen. Also he def. Still snuck her body into cyro before she actually for real perma-died. No, the Ryder twins will never find out until Alec knows with 100% certainty he has found a cure for her ezo poisoning. He will talk this massive hit to is morality alone and not drag his kids down into anymore of his issues and mistakes.

Liam is just here for the ride. He lives for the on ship drama like it's a 21st century soap opera 

Chapter Text

Modern setting, where Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura are Youtubers.

Sasuke and Naruto are roommates and vloggers. Well, more so Naruto and Sasuke just happens to be forced into them. Sakura is teaches self defense and posts videos online teaching others.

Naruto first finds Sakura's youtube channel by a subscribers recommendation and drags Sasuke into a one of Sakura's BAMF montages of different video clips. Naruto grows 1 fear and Sasuke doesn't blink the entire time because he is discovering he apparently has a thing for tiny women that could snap him like a twig and he's having a crisis during a live broadcast.

And then....AND THEN, Naruto fucking Uzumaki finds out she's actually a local and sends her a request to to a collab video. And Sasuke dies inside because now he has to meet her in person and not stalk her youtube account like a creep.

And then she pins him to the ground because Naruto decides he should be Sakura's practice dummy and it is the single most greatest and worst thing to ever happen to him.

Also...Sakura is just like...confused as to why Sasuke looks like he's trying not to either maim her, or throw up. He looks like he wants to throw up, but he's got a pretty heated glare so its kind of up in the air what he wants to do.

This is the start of a beautiful friendship between the 3 as they begin to regularly show up on each others channels. And the fans totally know that all Sasuke wants to do is either throw Sakura into his bedroom, or let her throw him into hers. There are literal conversations and gifs about Sasuke staring holes into the back of Sakura's head, or giving her bedroom eyes.

It becomes a whole thing.

Chapter Text

Literally 5 times Katsuki chokes on his drink because of Izuku and the 1 time Katsuki makes Izuku choke on his.


1: Oh god he lifted the fridge:

Izuku lifts the fridge in the common room kitchen to help Yaomomo and Asui reach her phone. Meanwhile, Katsuki is sitting at the counter facing the kitchen eating dinner and gets a front row seat to the boy helping his classmates.


2. God why, kill me, what the fuck is going on:

Gym Class and Katsuki is caught off guard as Izuku bends down to lift some weights.


3. This should be illegal, I'm going to prison:

Izuku and some guys are horsing around in the common room, Katsuki is sitting at the couch browsing his phone and then something happens to cause Izuku to flip over the couch and fall into Katsuki's lap.


4.  I want to kiss him in the moonlight, what the fuck:

Izuku just does something really fucking cute and Katsuki is left having Realizations (tm) and a wet shirt.


5. This is how I fucking die:

During Hero training Izuku's hero uniform has a malfunction.


+1. Oh

Katsuki lets slip his deepest desire and Izuku over hears...he uh...he's not adverse to the suggestion.

Chapter Text

MHW series of one-shots exploring the plot of the game and its DLC, Iceborn, but also taking a hard fucking left turn after the basic plot has been established. Sort of working as a rewrite to the story of the game to give more depth to it.

The Handler is given more backstory, would tweak her personality to be more dimensional.
Heavy Bowgun wielder studied at the Hunters Guild near Kokoto Village where she's from.
Mom was a Guildmarm, Dad a farmer, older brother owns a restaurant.
She's a clutz, but like to get up close and personal to monsters to study them so was told to learn to protect herself is she was going to go out in the field instead of relying solely on hired hunters.
Meets PC Hunter before 5th fleet sets off.
Still loves good food, but that isn't a character trait, its just a fact about her.
She eats a lot because she needs to keep a certain weight so she can use the heavy bowgun and not be knocked back by recoil. Handler is a petite woman, she gonna be knocked on her ass using that over sized sniper rifle/machine gun standing up.
Cheerful, studious, a bit naive, Doesn't like being too serious, curious
Handler has an actual name. I'm thinking something that starts with P
Probably has a big fat crush on lots of people

PC Hunter
Originally worked for the Wycademy in Berna under the leadership of Lead Hunter, PC hunter from MHGU
Hears about the Hunters Guild looking for hunters to go on the next ship out to the new world to assist with defense of the colony studying the Elders Crossing due to increase of monster aggression.
Is convinced to go
Came from a small town near Berna
Father is a carpenter and Mom is a botanist
Decided to be a hunter after the Town was ravaged by a monster when she was little. Wanted to protect others from that
Switch blade and charge blade user
Her name is Zarola, and yes that's the name on my MHW hunter
She has little time for bullshit.
She will throw you out a 2 story window, do not test her.
But also, she can't stop collecting the cute local wildlife, please help.
Has burning hatred for Azure Rathalos (fuck you for being so pretty but a pain in the ass to stab)
Dies a little inside at the sight of a Diablos (send help, i'm scared to fight the black Diablos in my optional quests list)
Stoic, but loves cute things, actually a bit of a scholar (one does not join the Whycademy simple to hunt things for other researchers, you get in on that academia too), blunt, sarcastic and a bit cynical, has a soft spot for people that amuse her.
Is apparently an Amazon *steven universe singing Giant Woman in the background*
She and the Handler are this dynamic:
Hunter: Someone is about to die--
Handler:--OF FUN!

Would focus on the actual research of local monsters, the elder dragons, character relations, colonialism, the effects of a non native intruders on the natives, and exploration.

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LEADER: Ghoststep (changed from Fogstalker)

Blue tom with pale green eyes and long legs. Reeling after the death of his father and his mates disappearance he is all that's left to lead.


DEPUTY: Wolfcry

Light brown and grey long haired tom with hazel eyes. Had been the previous leaders deputy, is a loyal friend to Ghoststep and has a giant monster crush on him



A white tom with patches of cream colored fur and yellow eyes. Prefers logic and practicality over anything, not a spiritual character.



Ashcloud A pale fawn and gold she-cat with sharp amber eyes, unusually small. Has issues with her father Birchbranch Willowpaw

Birchbranch Pale brown and gold tom with faint tabby stripes across face and yellow eyes. Over protective of his daughter after the violent death of her mother.

Silentdawn Off white she-cat with lilac tabby points and light blue eyes. She has an old scar across her throat that makes it difficult to speak. Stoneshine is her brother.

Stoneshine Blue tabby with lighter chin and underbelly with teal eyes. He struggles to figure out what happened to his sister when they were younger. Sister is Silentdawn.

Brightwing Fawn tabby tom with white underbelly and grey-green eyes. Often sick, but determined to not die young. Lightpaw



Willowpaw Cream tom with white chin and paws. Brother to Lightpaw

Lightpaw Cream and white with brown eyes she-cat Sister to Willowpaw. Their mother died shortly before they were made apprentices due to a lung infection.



Mistysong Light grey she-cat with blue mask and white locket with pale blue eyes. Mother to Silentdawn and Stoneshine.















Paletree White she-cat with green eyes and bobbed tail.

Sparrowspots Copper colored tom with darker brown face and tail with white toes and bright amber eyes. He grew up in a clan that borders the pine forest shrouded in fog, he begins having dreams that draw him to the forest he was raised to always avoid.


The figure appeared as the cats around them slept.

From the center of the camp they stalked through to where the warriors slept. The cats were packed, close and warm in the still slight chill the spring nights sprung, but they figure paid little heed to them, they were not of importance as much as the curled up figure on the far end of the den.

Slowly, as if the feline was afraid of waking a sleeping body should they step wrong, the translucent being with starlight flickering in their paws stopped before the sleek furred copper tom. The figure took a moment, allowing a mournful sigh to escape them, as if the thought of disturbing the cats sleep pained them. They lowered their head down to the living cats ear.

"Come little's time for you to finish what I put in motion."

And with that, the star freckled feline vanished.


They look down from their perch in the Great Pine as the silver-gray form below sits vigil for the still body at their paws. From this height it was hard to see through the fog, but they were not mortal and as such had no mortal limitations to their sight.

"This is the one." one figure said with knowing conviction. The other turned towards her, a lost, longing look in their eyes as they tried to glean some sort of understanding the other seemed to have.

"How can you tell?"

The first figure, slighter than the other with a long plumey tail smiled kindly at the other even as their eyes shown with amusement.

"You never had as many chances as I to lead, my son. But when you were given the chances I was, you pick up things about others easily."

"So you're not going to explain it?"  

"It cannot be explained, look, listen, watch...feel it to your very core and you will know what I know."

The sturdier built figure tilted their head as they witnessed the hunched over form of the young leader. Far to young and inexperienced to have to take over the responsibility to his clan. My clan. Mine, Faithheart's, and Foreversky's.

They shook their head, still unsure.

"They will be saved, my dear one. The little bird will land here to spread its wings."

"I hope you are right...Mother."

The figures watch a moment more before they vanish into nothing.




Chapter Text

Story still takes place in the midst of the civil war, none of the characters are the dragonborn (we'll just say its an entirely different person than any of my characters despite having made or played as any of the OC's that will be pointed out as being a elder scrolls character I have made or played at some point)


Primary character and central focus still Khepri the khajiit and Guild Master of Thieves Guild. Her appearance does change however, due to me getting a ps4 and experimenting with mods (Khepri's new look is more heavily inspired by Russian Blue cats in regards to fur, eyes still turquoise. Ironically, I first used the name Khepri because it means something along the lines of 'golden'. However, due to her backstory, Khepri isn't her actual name but will hold significance still. I also often flip-flop with what I want her actual name to be in her native land)

Sendri no longer just a Guard Captain sent by Ulfric. He is now an actual Stormcloak sent undercover as a new Guard Captain to infiltrate Riften. Main goal is to either get the Thieves guild in the Stormcloak's pocket and if not to eliminate a potential threat to their cause. Obviously, Sendri does eventually become disillusioned with Ulfric Stormcloak and their cause, expecially the blatant racism towards beast races and elves.

Xal-Kee's character is nixed. May bring him back in another capacity, but his original purpose as a protector and companion to Laelette clashes with the sequel to Cat Tail.

Laelette become important supporting character as the main plot revolves around the slavers that kidnapped her as well as the endeavor to release the block on her magika. Starts out at age 18 still.

Back stories change a bit. Unsure just how much for Khepri, Sendri's stays relatively the same, Laelette's too, but her family drama and lineage is explored more in Magelight.

Khepri's family name is still Solbiri, she is a Dagi from Tenmar Forest, she is still on the run from something. She is of distant relation to La'Kishira (Morrowind character)

Main Plot of Cat Tail:

Khepri uncovers a human trafficking thing on the Riften-Cyrodil boarder and comes across kidnapped Laelette Laratross, a young noble lady that studies conjuration magic at a college back in Highrock. Laelette had been trying to gain passage on a boat to Cyrodil when she was captured by slavers. Khepri agrees to take her in as a member of a race that had often been used for slave labor in the past and Skyrim's treatment of those they consider 'lesser' races leaves a chip on her shoulder. With the threat of slavers in the area and her title as thane to Riften she takes on the responsibility of tracking the group down and exterminating them so they cannot bother her guilds own hunting ground.

Meanwhile Sendri comes into the picture and has to deal with a bit of culture shock as things are done differently from Riften and Windhelm.

A game of cat and mouse between Khepri and Sendri begins as Khepri is taking advantage of both her position as Guild Master and Thane.


Magelight takes place a couple years after the end of Cat Tail, Laelette is the central character. Laelette has made a home for herself in the College of Winterhold since the events of Cat Tail. Roughly follows the college's quest line as well as other adventures.