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A Warrior's Birth

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Well, another fic of mine, this time is an original fic where I will answer some of the questions my other fics have created about my OC: Poncho. So here it is.

A Warrior's Birth
Chapter One: The Heart of a Hero.

Now we are in a city, a city like any other, however, this city has something else, this city is called Matehuala, and here lives someone destined to do great things. But for the moment let's go to a place in the city, to a square in the center of the city, in the northwest corner of this square, a somewhat plump young man is thinking while his gaze is set on the building in front of him, a building that dates from before the independence of the country, a classic building of elegant bearing, flanked by a series of ornate arches.

-Hmm. It's been almost a year since I got my powers, and I still don't have a clue what's going on. Why do I have these powers? Maybe God heard my pleas, but if so, there is still more to achieve. And why is she here? If it's because of my wish, I must confess that I'm not ready yet, the other night she almost killed me.-

While this happens on Earth, let us leave for a moment and go to another place, a place of incredible horrors where several beings gather around what appears to be The Darkness; and suddenly, The Darkness spoke.

It's the time my friends! You are the representation of Evil in your universes, but in the Alpha Universe, I dominate! or at least it is what it should be but for that annoying balance that I have with my counterpart, but I have a plan to take power and govern. For this I need your help, I need more power than I have, and you will help me. I will empower you so that you can dominate your universes, but once your domains are absolute, I will claim my power and a little of yours, and with that power, I will rule mine, and my darkness will spread through Creation! Hahaha!

Back on Earth, in a strange castle on the outskirts of Matehuala, we can see a woman of perfect, beautiful appearance. With long emerald hair, beautiful clear skin, heart-shaped face, emerald eyes, and crimson lips see towards the city. Anyone could believe that she is a human woman, if not for her perfect hourglass figure and the two pairs of black bat wings that leave her body, small ones on her head and large ones on her back. Even the dress of this strange woman is strange: long gloves without cream fingers cover her hands and arms, a leotard with angel feathers on her shoulders and a diamond-shaped cut that seems to be heart-shaped thanks to her large breasts covering the woman's body to her crotch, where violet leggings with dark violet bats print cover her legs up to the black high heel boots that cover her feet. And so, seeing the city, the woman thinks.

-This city is very beautiful, yes, but honestly, I'm a little disappointed, yes, the boy is funny, but only for a moment. I really hope that He has not given me bad info.-

While the woman thinks, another woman enters the balcony, the new woman is a teenager, almost a girl with short lavender hair and crimson eyes. She dresses like the other woman, bat wings included, but these are red instead of black, and her suit being red and blue, the leotard and the red boots and the gloves and tights have two shades of light blue. Once the girl reaches the woman, she says.

“What a bore! I don't know why you had to accept that deal. This city is not fun at all. We should have stayed at home.”

“Lilith... I decided to come here because I saw that what I was promised was true. Besides, this city is cute, in its own way.”

The woman replied as she saw the first stars in the clear night sky, but suddenly her emerald eyes lost any light they had, while a dark voice spoke in her mind.

“It's time, see, my servant and claim what I promised you. Stop the boy and prevent him from becoming the chosen warrior. NOW!”

And then the woman wakes up, watching the young woman for a moment before flying out into the dark, but let's focus on the boy we saw before, watching him go with an uncanny haste, cross the square and enter a building, entering through a small door while the strange woman looks for him. An hour later we see that same boy leave with small steps but the same rush as before, if we look carefully and with good eyes we can notice the strange emerald flame covering his right hand while walking, quickly crossing a couple of blocks before climbing up a narrower street, greeting God as he passes by a massive classic-style church. Then he starts running, skillfully dodging the few people who still walk down that main street, and lowering his body as much as he can, he thinks.

-Mom is going to kill me! She is going to make a big fuss because I came home too late! What can I tell her...? Already! I can tell you that I was at a party with my class, but then I will not be able to have dinner.-

Thinking about the plan, the boy finally arrives at his house, noticing a noise as he approaches and, moving as quietly as he can try to enter using the concrete stairs in front of the house, but when he reaches the middle of the stairs he notices that the "noise" he heard was nothing more than the sounds of an old Mexican classic movie, so he comes back, and moving to the front door, he receives the figure of a large woman, really big, even fat, but It is not natural fatness, which I only saw with a look that asks "Where were you?", to which he responds.

"Mmm... w... we had a party... at Elba's... b... but I came back early."

The woman does not respond, I only saw him with a look that reveals how worried she was while he crosses the house, passing through the kitchen where he drinks a glass of water and leaves, only to find a familiar figure floating on the backyard.

"Hello. Do you remember that I told you that you would pay? Guess what? It's time to pay."

Then they locked themselves in a staring contest, neither taking their eyes off each other as they circled around while the boy asked.

"Do you want cash, check or credit card?"


And she attacks without warning, unfortunately for her, the boy had already moved, dodging the fireball while the woman floated to approach him, and she threw a powerful hook while her hand became a black sword, which the boy tried of covering himself using his arms.


The boy shouted as he pressed his wounded left arm while downed, the woman floating behind him laughing.

"Do you see it? It was very easy to hurt you. You are not worthy of being considered my rival. Believe me, it is not personal."

The woman said while the boy's family came out, attracted by his shout, whom they saw rising before the look of the strange woman, who only saw him too.

"Well, goodbye, little one, I would like to say it was fun, but why lie?"

And the woman created the sword on her right arm again before the astonished gaze of a real man and the two little girls watching from the second floor, the boy's mother barely leaving by a second door that led to the concrete stairs while watching in horror as the woman was going to kill her son, which transformed the look of the lady from one of horror to one of hate, and the lady advanced against the woman, pulled her arm to turn her, causing both women to they could see each other for a moment before the lady slapped the woman, who was thrown with enough force to crash against the back wall.


The Lady roared, her eyes still showing infinite hatred, while the woman rose slowly, stroking the offended cheek and seeing the old woman who dared to hurt her with a death glare.


The woman shouted, attacking the lady with her power, who could only see her terrified before closing her eyes, waiting for the worst, while this was happening, a voice called the oldest of the girls who watched the uneven fight.

-Your brother needs you. You must give him this so he can protect himself and all of you, look below... give him the gloves and he can save you all.-

And the girl looked down, seeing as on the first step of the stairs, a blue light was transformed into a pair of light blue fingerless motorcycle gloves, which the little girl proceeded to take without any other than her younger sister realized, the sister only shook her head to direct her older sister's attention back to the fight while the boy screamed.


And the boy surprised everyone by, in a couple of seconds, getting up, running until he was in front of his mother, turning and throwing a blow towards the energy skull with his fist clenched tightly, which stopped the power, but not only that but instead pushed him back slowly, the attack of the woman fighting for dominance with the unseen force that the boy used to fight back, said boy began to sweat moments later, his arm and fist showing the battle against power until the dark power is split in two, forcing the woman to jump to her right to avoid any force the boy used, while the girl with the gloves screamed.


And the boy, now identified as "Poncho", saw how the gloves were thrown at him, instantly recognizing them as his rage gloves (In fact, he believed that when he used the gloves he got angry more easily, which was false) and tries to reach them, only managing to catch one, so he ran to where the other glove fell, throwing himself to take it while the woman said.

"Oh no, you won't! It's time to finish you once and for all"

And she threw another Soul Phoenix at him, at the precise moment he put on his gloves, which melt into his skin as he loses himself in his mind, hearing in the distance how an angelic choir sang praises to God while a voice In his mind he says.

It is time… the evil in this world grows stronger, wishes control, and to achieve that, it'll use the other universes… you must protect everything.

Says the voice as Poncho asks why him, thinking than he finally went crazy, to which the voice answers.

-Because you wished for it. The Darkness knew that sooner or later your pleas would be heard so it brought that woman here. To destroy you, but now go… protect your family.-

And so Poncho woke up, raising his right hand and, extending his fingers said.


And we see how the attack dissipated, which made the woman float up, saying.

"Heh, come here... and catch me if you can."

To which Poncho, once he got up, shouted while his body was covered with a strange light green armor, making a strange cannon still visible on his right arm.

"Come here! Wings... of... Blood!"

And Poncho began to float towards her, before the look of astonishment of the family while his father murmurs.

"It's flying... without wings, flying."

"No dad, look more carefully."

The oldest of her daughters present said, observing the aerial bullet that her brother and wife star, while her mother says reverently.

"T... Those wings are beautiful. Look at them, Viejo!"

This makes the man look, wishing he could clean his glasses, since he first saw his son's armor and the wings that took him to the fight, and saw him exchange attacks with the woman, blocking or dodging each of her attacks while a strange light covers her son as he grows in intensity until Poncho screams.


Suddenly, Poncho hit the woman and they both disappeared in the dark of the night, Poncho falling from the sky, deciding to remain lying on the street for a few moments after hitting the ground.

"Ouch, that hurt."

Poncho said as he noticed the annoying sun, which surprised him and made him sit and turn to look around.

"But... where the hell!"

Our hero said when he noticed how it was not only daylight, but all the street signs were written in... Japanese!

All right. What do you think? Anyway, in the next chappie, we will see in which universe our hero and his enemy fell when "A Warrior's Birth" continues.

Next on AWB: The Brains of a Hero…