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Hurted Heart's Comfort!

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All of his life, Techno has put himself into a lot of awful situations. Letting into painful outcomes... Techno and Phil had gone on for an adventure... Due to the pig-man protective attitude towards the old man, It all ended up in Techno fighting all the mobs. He got caught into the adrenaline and threw himself over the edge. All this pressure that he had put himself into, in the past and recently, built up and punched him into unconsciousness. Phil took him, he had to drag him all the way home and then to the hospital..and stayed for 2 months.

Time went by so fast, but he could stay there forever so... he kept on asking when he was gonna be 100% able to leave. It didn't lead to any satisfactory answer, until one day…


It was 10:30 a.m.


Phil had visited him, which wasn't odd.His family and other friends visited often... The old man kept company to the piglin. The interaction between the two was so fluid and natural... Phil's laugh lights up the place for Techno. And that was something he needed. He was fatherly, up-beat and also chill… and the hospital had a cold and uncheerful atmosphere.

As the hospital personal walks around, Techno's doctor approaches him with a suggestion.

Attend a place, with a lot of people that share something in common, a physical to a mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities… A place for exercise, therapy, rehab.

The piglin was briefly startled at the proposition. Did he really get himself at a point to need that? Did he really need that?

He got so many different injuries, He put his own body under too much pressure' and he was so obstinate that he didn't take care of his wounds in the best way possible. Neglecting his body completely!

...Besides how he could feel, it probably was better to go to it than stay in the hospital. After all, Techno had been restrained in it for a while. After sharing a little conversation about it with Dadza. He took it, he accepted the suggestion.


2 days later…


It was 7:47 a.m.


Techno unsure, walked up to the building… It was kinda early, there were only a few people in the distance. Phil noticed the piglin's nervousness and stretched his wing to hug him.

- ...You good, mate?

Said Phil with an uplifting tone.

- Yeah…

Techno whispers...

They both got directions of where to go, they were meant to go to the office… but they were taking their time looking around the campus, it was full of nature, it looked more like a nice park…

They both enter the building, going towards the office. In the two days of waiting, Techno already had a place, a room set up for him… he got the keys of the place. Apparently, he got a roommate that had been there for at least some few weeks to a month… The pig-man found himself unfocused.

'At least it's more of a welcoming place than the hospital.'

Techno thought trying to ignore how annoyed he was that he didn't quite know how long... he would have to be there for. He was also kinda disappointed in himself for not being able to take all of this intensity.

His room was on the third floor… the light coming from the windows hits the walls of the hallway, their steps and be heard echo across it. The sound of leaves getting hit with the wind fulfills the silence together with the singing of the little birds outside… and goes over the far away sound of people talking...Techno closes his eyes, vibing with the calm environment- only to be interrupted by Phil shortly after...

- We are here!

He said happily…

Techno sights as the old man knocks on the door. They both hear a someone
stumbling their way to the door…
The door unlocked, and opened by a little....
A little ram-boi peek his head out to see up at the two.

- Who the fu…

- S-Schlatt?

He took a second, but then he opened the door wide open.

- Techno!?

He says surprised.
How could it be? Encountering a good old friend like this? What a coincidence!
They greeted each other happily, unaware of what the fuck is happening. The ram-boy also noticed Philza’s presence and greeted him. He turned towards the pigling.

- Happy to see you again dude! Wha… What are you doing here??

- U-uh well… t-this is my... room...

Techno said slowly dropping into the realization… Schlatt also got it!

- Wait! Y-… you are my roommate!?

This was a really big surprise actually!
It's a really good one too! He was gonna be roommates with him? Maybe, there is not too much to worry about after all! Phil looked at the two, surprised and relieved, now Techno got somebody he knows to be with him.

- Yes! I think I am!

The ram’s eyes just lit up with even more happiness.

- Then get in man!

He pulled the two inside. There were two beds for the two, in the middle a short night table. Fresh and spacious…

- Looking good!

The old man said… The pig sat down at the empty bed, as the ram-boy started to ramble and ramble… a single question hit Techno...

- um… Schlatt?

- huh?

- Why are you here?

…It took a second or two for Schlatt to process that question…

- Oh!... oh well… some months ago... my heart almost gave out- heh...

He said letting an anxious laugh, looking away… those words kinda stung Techno.
Phil sat down with a sad n’ startled expression.

- But -It didn’t! So I ended up in the hospital and I got diagnosed with Arrhythmia and CHD. You know… that stuff.

Sounding disinterested he pulled up the sleeve of his right arm. His entire arm was bandaged…

- Yeah, i also got this… and then i got “sent” here. And to be honest… I think I needed it.

He sighs

- Sorry to hear th-

- Oh don’t worry!... So why are you here Tech'?

He speaks up rapidly.

- ...Have you looked at me?

Techno had a diagonal big scar from his right eyebrow, going through his face and ended up in his left cheek. He had multiple scars, small in comparison. His arms are bandaged... the same as his legs. Almost healed burn scars… Getting into all this fights across the years and neglecting his health just to stay truth to his hardcore style of training n’ living really backfired… Not only that! Techno neglects himself a lot and forces himself to all of this…

- Heh.. I couldn’t even stand up…

- I see…

- And you Phil… you are helping Techno out?

The old man nodded, giving a warm smile to both boys.

Schlatt lies down on his bed, comfy, and says…

- Welp! I'm happy that we are roommates!

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It was 9:05 a.m.


Phil said goodbye to the two boys, and closed the door… They have been talking for a while. The old man had to attend the rest of his kids, and may visit him as well!

- Oh yeah!

The ram started- Techno looked at him...

- Did you get my letter?

The pigling ears twitch as he remember-

- Oh! yeah i did…

When he was still in the hospital, one of the few letters he got was from him! It was just Schlatt just wishing him to get better and casual rambling…

- yeah… uh- I really didn’t know how bad it was- to get you in here...

He chuckled…

- Are you ok?

He continued. It took a moment to settle that question in his mind...

- Eh? Yeah… I mean- I have been better, But i have been worse… Are YOU ok?

He said, kinda unsettled.

- Yes! I am… i mean- have been better! But I have been worse!

The ram said mocking Techno… they both quietly laughed…

- So, you haven’t taken a look around, right?

- nope…

Coming here the piglin boy wasn’t confident at all. He was still kind of disappointed in himself having to go here, he wasn’t as strong as he thought he was…

- well!-

He started to stretch and said…

- Get some rest ill show you around later ok?

He sighed.

- Ok!

Techno responded, lying on his bed...

- We will get out before lunch!

Schlatt got up and went to the bathroom...

Techno knew there was some kind of “cafeteria” or something… There were probably gonna be a lot of people there. He was kinda unsure of himself, he was probably just gonna get some food and sit at the table with Schlatt. This wasn’t like some kind of school where people are searching for talking to the new kid, so this was gonna go just fine.

The piglin didn’t get too much regulation on food, except for the fact that he can’t not eat as much trash food… but the Schlatt probably does.

Techno did get regulation on other things, like how much exercise he does… the first month in the hospital he really could move as much, it hurted like hell. He was so exhausted from everything physically-

He didn’t get through the muscle weakness, but at least he did not have a constant headache and dizziness anymore. This whole thing slowed his reflexes too… His whole body is full of scars… and any little burns were healed after the first weeks of being in the hospital. There are also the bandages he has to change from time to time… actually… Schlatt’s bandages looked old. He probably should have changed them already. ‘He is probably doing that right, now actually’ Techno thought… He looked at his bandages-

- ill change them later...

Me mumbled quietly.


It was 11:55 a.m.


It 's time!

The two got out of their room. As the ram closes the door, the piglin looks through the windows on the hallway… there were more people outside. It was a really nice day… less cold than in the morning, the bright light still annoys him tho’!

- Common big guy

Schlatt said calmly, putting his hand on Techno’s shoulder. He nodded and followed him to the cafeteria. They walked through the hallway, the piglin was distracted looking through the windows. The ram snapped his fingers in front of him, Techno’s reaction was slow but he got back down from the clouds... He also noticed that Schlatt didn’t change his bandages...
They went down the stairs, the piglin avoided telling anyone that using the stairs was an irritating hassle for him. As they got closer and closer to the cafeteria… there were more and more people…

- ...nervous?

the ram asked- Techno looked away as his pig ears slightly twitched

- nah

Time went by fast. Techno always consider Schlatt great at conversation, and they both had good chemistry for talking too. The ram was ignorant of how loud he was sometimes, but he was aware of how funny he is… The piglin relaxed, the ram had all his attention. And the food was better than he thought it would be. But then…

- hm?

someone tap Schlatt’s shoulder- the turn around to see this girl with an overall.

- uh- Niki?

The girl moved her arms around desperate, not saying anything at all...

- Wh- huh? What happen??

The ram seemed worried. Niki proceeds to do what looks like a desperate wonky sign language. Techno was confused, he really did not know the girl nor sign language… and it looks like Schlatt had some trouble understanding her as well, soon enough the piglin realizes that he can not fill the quietness of a place when a conversation still is taking place…

- WHAT!?

He screamed, finally understanding.

- oh fuck- uh.. Techno! I um- need to go for a sec! Look aroun- or go to our room or something!

- Wait wha-

the girl shook him rushing him


They run...

Techno was more than confused… what? He looked around him, remembering that there were lots of other people around him... he sighs, and decides to roam away from the crowd.


12:49 a.m.


Huff… Techno walked around without direction, looking for something… anything really. He goes upstairs by some floors. Looking for a way into the roof, Schlatt told him that those were usually empty at lunch hours… Maybe he can take some time for himself and look into the sky. Finally he found a door open to the open roof ‘it looked like those anime school roofs’ he thought... yup, it looked empty. He walked in and stared at the sky for a minute or two.

His ears flicker as he hears a humming… He looks at his left. There was a blond guy sitting on a bench, wrapping his own bandages...

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This masked blond guy was wrapping his bandages, singing along to an unfamiliar song.
Techno looked at him, intrigued ‘Who is this guy? sitting here alone? Heh… What a nerd…’
He thought. The guy didn’t seem to notice his presence, he was doing his own thing. Maybe the piglin actually needed to start interaction with other people… he took a deep breath and…

- hey!

he said, the blond guy turned towards him.

- Hi!

He greeted him rapidly going into a happy n’ friendly tone!

- uh- sorry if im bothering b-but i saw you here alone an-

- You wanted to say hi!

The other continued...

- y...Yeah...

The blond softly laughed, he glanced at the bench and made some space for the piglin.

- ¡Oh, thanks!

He seated doing (as normally for him) awkwardly. I felt certain relieve, he had been standing up, walking and going up stairs… his body was still dead 2 months still killing him…

- So?

The blond guy started-

- hm?

- What 's your name?

- o-oh! Techno…

The other guy flinched

- Techno? that’s a weird name.

He said in the most honest tone ever.

- Heh?

The pigling exclaimed… he thought of his now roommate’s name.

- what’s your name then?

- Dream.

He responded.

- Eh… well that is not the most- common (?) name ever

he chuckled.

- Nice to meet you!

Dream extended his hand towards him, he then took it.

- hm?-

he noticed something, and dragged Techno’s hand toward himself...

- oh you also have bandages…

- old bandages...

the piglin continued-

- Oh, I still have some! I could change yours!

- I- uh i mean you don’t have to! but if you want to-

- ¡Sure!

Techno surprised by this guy, really friendly… He has been really careful with cutting, changing and wrapping the piglin’s bandages. The blond guy was pretty good? at it… It was kinda fidgeting for him…he started humming a song quietly again.

- wow… Your arms are really um- wounded?

- yeah… I know that’s kinda why I’m here... not the arms but in general, my body is just crushed

They chuckled… and Dream said

- and there we go!


His bandages were all changed… it was consistent and strong, He was good at it definitely!

- thanks…

Techno said quietly… Dream stood up and stretched-

- huff… What time is it?

- um-

Techno glanced at his phone…

- “1:20”

- oh… I need to go back now…

- same…

- do you wanna walk back together?

He offered…

- sure

Techno stood up from the bench and walked with dream towards the stairs. The blond guy put his hand on the wall, and went down the stairs. The pigling looked back at him…

- Are.. are you ok man?

- Oh yeah! don’t worry. I go down here often!

- hm?

Dream giggled and said

- I’m blind Techno

- Oh! oh… ohh

He laughed in response…

- Not completely! I can see light and that helps me orientate- and i'm not blind from birth!

- oh I-I understand- sorry-

- Don’t be-

He went down.

- I go here often, i know how to get around here! Sometimes these stairs just give me anxiety..heh..

Techno questioned himself if it was polite or rude of him to tell him to take his hand to help…

- um… want a hand?

- oh! what a gentleman~

Dream said and, as he could, took Techno's hand. He went down more confidently…

- Thank you

As they walked Techno slowly noticed that dream purposely didn’t let go of his hand until…

- floor 2 already, right?

- yup!

- Nice! I’ll leave you here! my room is in that direction-

He pointed to the opposite direction of Techno’s room

- Oh cool- I live in… uh

- Yeah?

- Um… Do you know Schlatt?

- Schlatt!?

He said somewhat surprised

- Yeah, I’m living with that guy…

- Oh-

He giggled

- that must be fun!

He continued with a certain kind of… tone

- Well i can continue from over here! nice to meet you!
- yeah bye…

Techno looked at the guy walking away and he went back to his room too…

Half way, The piglin heard the ram calling him! He stop and look at him blankly

- Techno what's up man? Where were ya?

He greet him de-stressed

- Oh i was just looking around…

- cool cool…

They continued to walk together talking… It seems like Dream knew Schlatt and he had a certain tone when the piglin mesion him…

- and… actually i meet this dude

- Hm? whaat?? Social Technoblade?

- you jerk-

Techno slightly pushed Schlatt, they laughed.

- Yeah, um you probably know him- uh- Dream?

- Dream!?

He said somewhat surprised, just like the blond guy before.

- Yeah, that guy…

- That must have been… fun-

He said- Techno was confused and intrigued now...




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6:30 p.m.


It was a long day for Techno… At least he was with someone he knew.
Probably the rest of the piglin’s family n’ friends will come to visit him soon!
Will, Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo…

Apparently Schlatt had some dinner for them, not to go back to the cafeteria but to eat in their room… thank god. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good...

Techno had brought a little notebook, to remind himself of what to do. He had to do exercise, he couldn’t stay in bed all day and rot away like this. He couldn’t overwork himself either… The ram mentioned how he needs to workout with moderation too, maybe they can figure out this thing together later…

The night was only getting colder. ‘Where is Schlatt?’ The piglin thought. He takes a deep breath, brushes his hair and relaxes his shoulders. Looking at the ceiling blankly… He will be there for a long time, right? How did he let himself break? Techno thought that he would be in the hospital a week or two... But no. All his training- All this time spent- all the fights- and still he got himself into a hospital to then a facility- where he is gonna be there- who knows how long…

He turned his head, looking at the ram’s bed… At least he was there.-And his family and friends will visit him too. Phil always makes his day better, he is so… cheerful and nice- and fatherly. Will is great! He likes to talk and knows so much about the things he likes, it’s so… engaging to hear him out. Tommy is Tommy- he always brings so much to the table, he has energy- he is great. Tubo is Tubbo, He is an intelligent kid- hear him talk nonsense is so fantastic and fun! and Ranboo, oh god- He is so naturally funny and entertaining… They were gonna be there! -and it’s gonna be great…

*knock knock*

“ Schlatt! … God, I get too much into my head sometimes… “ Techno thought

The piglin went and opened the door-

- Got the food!

the other one said as he enter in, with the food

- Thank god-

The two guys sitting down in the piglin’s bed. Schlatt gived Techno his food-

- Is this ok?

referring to the food-

- ¡Sure!

Techno said looking at his meal.

- I didn’t know this was gonna be a big meal.

He said nervously laughing.

- Maybe you don’t eat much-

The ram guy said sassy, the pigman's ears twitched. Schlatt chuckled lighting the mood a little-

- God-

The pig said quietly laughing, he proceeded to take a bite of his food.

- So-

Techno started-

- You didn’t tell me…

- hm?

- Why did you like- run off with that um… Niki? You left me there in the middle of nowhere-

Schlatt pulled a smug smirk.

- Well- long story short. I know a couple people here and one of them- always gets into problems all the time. So yeah, Niki just asked to help- help her.

- Oh I see...

silence continued… short lived-

- Techno

- Yeah?

The ram took a deep breath, getting prepared for a question?
What was this about? to turn the atmosphere like this-

- About that Dream guy

He said with that tone again. Techno rolled his eyes slightly

- How did that go?

- heh? It was just fine- uh he changed some of my bandages and joked around.

- yeah…?

- And then went down and he went to his room…

- Yeah?

- And that 's it.

- oh-

It was noticeable that Schlatt was overthinking it… searching for something but why??

- He was cool i guess…

The piglin said, the other one sighed and keeped on eating… Should Techno ask wtf is going on? what was he supposed to ask anyways? He decided to not ask him, for now. The two guys keep on rambling and rambling… The conversation turns to anything of their situation- to Schlatt just ranting- to Techno talk about life… When he started, he went to one of the stories and ended up explaining a completely different thing, and Schlatt just complements Techno’s stories or points… But, then he grew quiet as the pig continued and continued.

Then the piglin slowly noticed the ram staring into him, directly into his soul…

- and- it just didn’t make… sense in.. the first place…

- Schlatt?

- hm?

- Are you ok?

The ram laughed slightly, he looked away

- yeah… i am

the silence in the room grew… until- Schlatt gave out the rest of his food to the pig, and let out a yawn.

- I’m going to sleep-

He got up from his bed, making the bed squeak- He stretched-

- This early?

Techno said, following the sheep with his eyes. Schlatt’s ram ears twitched-

- Yeah- i'm tired and tomorrow will be a long day-

- Wha- why?

- I… i have to run-

He said in a dry way.

- Run?

- Yeah- run! you know exercise?

- Oh… that makes sense… Well good night!

- Good night big buy

Techno looked back at his food- he felt… like- if- the ambience was kind of… dry? He looked back at his roommate, his deer looking tail was pointing down.

- Could i…

- hm?

- Could I go with you?

He noticed Schlatt tail go up-

- ¡Sure!

He smiled-

- great…

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8:00 a.m …


Techno and Schlatt were walking down the building, It was a cold- cold morning. It was cloudy and grey. The sound of their hooves echoed... it reminded Techno of when he clapped together with a crowd and it just sounded different because of the hooved fingers. It makes him uncomfortable as a child, he didn’t like the concept of standing out in a crowd. Now he doesn’t care a lot, hmm… He wondered if the ram cared about this stuff as a kid like he did, obviously it didn’t bother him now, right? As a ram he had other ram stuff to deal with- like a need to head bump something out big amounts of frustration or anger, instead of hitting someone he hits his own head…

Techno has some aggressive instincts too. He doesn’t really wanna hurt the people he cares about… He always gets so worried about Phil getting hurt, It would completely kill his spirits if Phil got hurt by his own actions… The voices were quiet lately and that calmed him. Phil knows about all of these things and still cares about him… Would Schlatt care about it?

When Techno and Schlatt first meet, the ram seems so calm and sure of himself... even when the piglin shows how aggressive he could be at times. -And Schlatt is a sheep, a prey and he is so… uncommon. Preys are always on the defensive but both Techno and Schlatt are not that-

Techno is aggressive and Schlatt is cocky n’ overconfident. The piglin has stopped worrying about stuff like being a prey for a while, but it was for his god-like skills at fighting. The ram was really intelligent, he was sadistic at times and too laid back to be a prey… but probably he still has prey complexes, right?

- Techno?

- hm?

The piglin got back into reality. They were by the door of the building…

- what were you thinking about?

- ...nothing really

Schlatt smiled at him, then they went out- It look like the ram was looking for someone… he seem to had find them


He scream, in the distance of the camp, a Sheep-girl turns around and screams back-


Techno was confused- The girl started to run towards them and got she was fast- she hug the ram and swing him up-


- (Who? Wha...?)

The pigling looked confused at the two lambs.

- ¡God! i haven’t seen ya in a while! look that you!

- Me!? whatssup with you?

It looked like a family or best friend reunion… as the both rambled Techno interrupted

- uhhhhhhh

- hm?

Schlatt seemed to just remember that Techno was there...

- Oh! yeah sorry!

The ram settled down-

- Techno, this is Puffy! my sister.

- Oh.

- And this is uhh Techno, my roommate and old friend- … and ex hit man!

Puffy giggled and said

- Nice to meet you!

It makes sense, they look similar… or maybe that is just for being sheeps…
Apparently, Puffy got herself in trouble and couldn’t see Schlatt for a long time- But now she came back, not only to visit but to help him with exercise.

- Schlatt didn’t know you had a sister- family even…

- Oh what? He didn’t talk to you about me?

The sheep turn around to look at her brother, with a mad (but not really) sister expression.

- Welp- here she is!

- oh you idiot

This thing reminded Techno of Wilbur and Tommy- They will probably visit soon...



They got to the main place, Techno went and sat down at the benches… it was too early in the morning for him to run, he was gonna take a minute or two and then join the sheep siblings…

Techno closed his eyes for a moment, hearing the sounds of nature… the people around the campus… his pig ears perk up.

- Hello!

He jumps- who the fu- He turns around to see…

- D-Dream!?

- Oh it’s you! Techno!



Chapter Text

- What are you doing here?

- oh, i'm waiting for my friend…

Techno look at the blind blond next to him on the bench.

- How are you?

He said breaking the silence that Techno always makes but never notices.

- Oh, I am fine... sleepy but still here.

- Good! But- why?

- Heh?

- Why are you here so early and so tired?

- ...well you see... I need to do productive healthy things like exercising... without dying in the process!

- Oh! Yeah, that makes sense.


- I also came because my roommate needed to do the same and... you know.

Dream quietly wheezed and chuckled at that.
He felt that if it wasn't for his roommate he probably wouldn't have got out of bed today...

- yeah yeah I know!

The blond guy laid back and pull up his mask a bit, taking a deep breath... taking all the nature all the place in. Techno looked at him and awkwardly mimic the silence prevails, muted by the sound of a few people and the sound of nature. The piglin assumed that Dream was just appreciating the little, short, quiet moment, so he looked back at his roommate and his sister...

Schlatt was sitting on the ground defeated already, drinking water as if it was the end of the world. Puffy stopped running and she sat down with him, patting his back. Techno looked at the ram, who was using a simplistic headband. He also wore a sleeveless shirt appropriate for exercise and... And shorts. The piglin thought he look good!

- (...wait-)

He looked away ashamed.

- (Am I...)

Between various n' different thoughts, Techno ask himself if he was being a creep... to a guy...... He didn't want to admit, that he was ashamed that his eyes went straight to man...when there is a girl right next t-
...Maybe it's better that way.

Suddenly Techno felt a hand on his shoulder, he flinched.

- Techno? Are you the-

- Y-yes! Fall asleep for a minute.......

- oh, okay I thought you were gone for a second!

- No no I'm here...

The piglin scratched the back of his head. He looked up at the sky, that was being filled with nice white clouds... It looked like a painting.

- hey tech...

- hmm?

- You see this?

The blond guy had a flower on his hand.

- a flower?

- yeah, I wanted to ask you-

He handed him the flower. The pilgrim's eyes winded up, was he... no.

- What color is it?

- oh... Um

He looked at it for a sec.

- blue...

Dream smiled.

- I knew it!

He said, happy of begging right.

- I got this for a friend! He is sick and I wanted to cheer them up!

- ohhh... that's nice....

He said, thank God. For a second he thought that Dream was-

- HEY!

The two guys turn around, it was Puffy yelling at Techno.

- WHAT???

The piglin said back clumsily.


W h a t


Chapter Text

(this is set in the past!)

Since Schlatt's heart almost gave out, he has been getting used to feeling weak. He felt that if somebody were to blow on him he would just disintegrate.
Not being able to do simple things like before is even more debilitating than anything else.

The first days of coming here, he would just pass out anywhere. The ram would just wake up in a new place every time, thank God that the people there are considerate. After some time Schlatt sees someone new, a blond blind guy wearing a happy face mask everywhere he goes. He knew about him because of his friends, they always talk about him...
He wanted to know "who the heck is this guy!?" And he did.

Once... The ram-man had been feeling sick, more than usual... He had fever, he was drowsy and zone out. His friends had to take him to this room, he was being stubborn saying that he was just fine. He stayed on his bed for about 40 minutes, to then just get out again. It was lunch time, he needed to go right? He stumbled his way through the empty hallways, until he got to the stairs.
He was exhausted, and gave up... He sat down by the stairs, resting his head on the wall.
3 minutes had passed and he felt a... stick? softly hit him.

- wha-

The ram said, turning around to see a blond guy with a creepy mask on. He was using a white cane to guide himself. Schlatt recognised him as the guy that all of his friends are talking about.

- oh! Sorry, did I scare you?

The guy said.

- What? No at all! Don't worry man-

He remembered that he was also blind...
The blond guy continued friendly conversation with him, Schlatt really didn't expect him to be nice. Then he awkwardly asked-

- so... what's your name?

- S-Schlatt

He slightly stuttered.

- (hm!) What a name!

- huh!?

The blond guy laughed to himself and said...

- My name is Dream, Nice to meet you!

He lifted up his mask a bit, to show a welcoming smile.

- Nice to meet you too...

Being sick wasn't helping Schlatt at all.

- hm? Are you... sick?

- what?

- your voice... you sound sick...

He said worried. The ram sighted and finally admitted...

- ... yeah, I guess I am.

His stubbornness went away... The blond guy sat down next to him on the stairs. He handed him a flower.

- (huh?) Wha...

- a flower! Hope you feel better soon!

He said in a cozy and happy tone of voice.

- w-well thank you!

Schlatt blushed taking the flower.

- I- I'm not a flowers guy... but thank you!

- yeah I just do that...

He chuckled nervously

- Don't worry about it...

The sick ram said as he watched the white flower.

- What color is it?

- oh... Um....

Schlatt knew that Dream was blind... Not only for the white cane, but because of his friend talking about the blond guy all the time.

- white

- oh nice!

Dream said, like a mental note about the flower...

- Shouldn't you go to your room?

He said right afterwards...

- but I need my food...

- Don't you have a roommate to go pick it up for you?

His ram hears went down a bit...

- no I don't...

- (wait, really?)

The blond guy whispered to himself.

- Then I'll pick it for you!

Schlatt eyes winded up. 'Was he really gonna let the blond guy get his food for him?'

- w-wait you don't need to! A-and yo-

- Oh common! Let me! You are sick! And believe or not I can get there myself without help...

He said

- ... do you really want to?

- Yes!

The ram sighted...

- Ok, I'll show you my room then...

...after sometime, Dream went and then arrived with his food. Schlatt felt a little guilty for having doubted Dream’s abilities based on his disability.

The blond guy had also brought his food, to eat with him. The ram felt that act of kindness directly on his heart. He was a nice and a funny guy… They had to be carefull, if one of them makes a good joke the other one would choke on their food. They talk about lots of stuff, little basic questions left to complete different conversations. -and then it led up to a question…

- oh yeah i didn’t asked you-

Dream said chuckling to himself

- hm?

- Why are you here?

- Huh? wha- oh!

The ram understood the question-

- Well it’s a funny story...

The blond guy tilted his head in curiosity

- I almost died!

he laughed

- O-...Oh

Schlatt laugh how only he does… and continues-

- Yeah, I have a heart condition um... Arrhythmia and CHD.

- oh sorry to hear that

- and i… well don’t tell this to anybody...but

He whispered, and Dream got closer to hear…

- I used to have a drug and alcohol addiction, you know... the usual

- Oh god, Hope you are better!

- I’m don’t worry

The blond guy was clearly glad to hear that…

- And well… i don’t wanna be rude but i think- i could guess why you are here…

Dream laugh at the comment

- Yeah, I'm blind- I went blind

Schlatt noticed that Dream was just fine when talking about this, so he asked..

- and… (if you don’t mind me asking) how?

- Oh, I um- nothing big! not a big accident- just genetics.

- I see (i see)



Chapter Text



( set on the past )

Schlatt and Dream were in bed, under the blankets. The blond guy was cuddling into him, hugging him from the bed. Schlatt was still pretty sick, he was drowsy and he was being very docile… he still had fever… But the warmth was something he was appreciating. He really didn’t know what to think. Did Dream like him? or is he just being the most overly friendly person in the world??? They just meet and they are cuddling… is not like he didn’t like the guy but… god. Schlatt was blushing, he embraced Dream’s hug. He could hear his own heart, and that was kind of worrying due to his heart condition but nothing serious… just funny. He couldn’t look at Dream but he knew he got a smile on his pretty face, their legs tangled. Schlatt was so tired of being sick and flustered that he completely gave in. The ram closed his eyes and he relaxed.

He hasn’t felt this warm in a while, he was trapped in the hospital for so long… and when he came here he never let others touch him. The ram didn’t know why but- others touch that wasn’t Puffy’s or Connor’s just makes his skin crawl. BUT- this time he felt safe and it was comforting… He started to quietly cry…

When he was small his mother used to put their heads together in a way to comfort him. Puffy did this too, as time went they got busier and they both moved out from their parent’s house. Schlatt hasn’t met other sheep he can just do this with... he can not do this with humans or other species, they’ll think that was weird… He still tries to put his head together with Connor, and he accepts it- but the ram still thinks that Connor thinks it’s weird.


Chapter Text



Schlatt shot his eyes wide open.

He was at a hospital room… the times this scenario had happened before, oh god. The ram adjusted his eyes to the place, seeing his sister, Techno and… Dream? He just woke up and he didn’t have the energy to react lots. They were talking, it was muffled and muted for the ram. Schlatt’s sighed… looking into the nothing.



Techno was truly worried at first, He never expected to see Schlatt like this… so weak and honestly vulnerable. a simple thing like running just knocks him down? apparently this is common for the ram… I ended up talking with Dream and Puffy while the nurses were checking upon Schlatt. Puffy talks about how they were when they were younger… Nobody in their family ever expected the ram to have something like this. Dream mentions that Schlatt told him about a drug and alcohol addiction. The sheep confirmed it, but stated that it had stopped once he got put in here… God, Techno had little knowledge about that- he felt for Schlatt...The piglin looked back at the ram, he had his eyes wide open.

- Schlatt?

The named one looked at him, the other two turned around. The ram seemed to scan the situation and said…

- good morning...?

Puffy laughed and walked up to him.

- good morning




(somewhere else)

Phil was reorganizing things around the house, they were supposed to visit Techno tomorrow...

- You are coming too Tubbo?

The crow-hybrid asked the sheep kid….

- yeah!

It was Tommy, Will, Ranboo and now Tubbo! Dadza was sure that this will light up Techno's mood there...

Chapter Text

12:08 p.m

Puffy, Techno and Dream get Schlatt… like once before, the blond guy offered himself to be the one who gets everybody’s food. The ram, knowing of Dream’s capabilities, let’s him go on. When they got to the apartment, the male sheep was put in bed. Schlatt felt weak and cold.

Techno wasn’t the best in these situations, but the ram reassured him that he was good at bringing in security to people… The piglin almost forgot how nice Schlatt could be sometimes…

Puffy and Schlatt put their heads together like they used to do when they were kids…

Techno remembers something of it… Every Time Tubbo got too upset, he hit his head with his hands or any object he had. He also bumped people on the head, or in general them, not only of anger but of playfulness too. It was pretty instinctive of him. But Schlatt didn’t really like to do that really… he easily gets angered, but does not like to hit his head with his hands around others all the time. Puffy probably got that too… So when they put their heads together, without fighting or pushing, it’s just relaxing to them… The piglin compared that to somebody petting his ears, he will get all sleepy and chilled. It also reminded him a lot of other little things like this… Philza can't see glass, Ranboo and his enderman things, Fundy’s fox screams… He also remember Skeppy and his diamond stuff, like not burning nor melting… he can grow parts of his body back- “wait wasn’t Skeppy’s friend son here?”
He got back into reality- Dream knocked, with all the food for everybody.

Techno stared at the ram, his mind spiraling with ideas and random thoughts

10:11 p.m

Puffy had left

Dream had left

Techno wakes up, he hears a kind of loud sound- His eyes adapted to the darkness. His first instinct was turn around to see Schlatt… but-

he wasn’t there…

probably he was the sound Techno heard... in the bathroom maybe? it sounded like something broke-

Then the piglin noticed white sound- what?

The white sound came from something under the ram’s bed...

Techno left his bed and looked under………….

There was a mini fridge hidden, plugged in the wall. He opened the little door, just to see multiple bottles of alcohol. His heart shrinked, the frustration on his mind was present in his expression more than ever before… Schlatt was… The piglin’s ear perked up at hearing a heavy sigh behind him… He turned around to look at the ram standing there looking at him...

- Schlatt

He raised his voice, frustrated and startled at the situation.

- So you founded it...

His voice was dead- no tone- no emotion-

- I really thought that you would never find it…

The ram eyes were wide open, they were sharp- cat like even. It was dark, the only light was the blue cold light from the mini fridge.

- You… you never stopped

He said, entering into realization. They stood there, looking at each other sharply...

- Techno

The piglets ears moved back a little.

- Techno, close it-

The ram walked towards him. Techno flinched, holding back the bottles... Schlatt relaxed his shoulders, sighed and blink, making his eyes less sharp.

- Dude... please man, you don't have to freak out-

- What do you mean i don't ha- ...

Techno quietly groaned, in a loss for words based on his active frustration becoming anger...

- you don't need t-

- Do you know how worried your own sister was about this? you lied to her about this!

The ram showed troubled emotions into his expression, that he tried to maintain blank.

- You- You are hiding this from everyone! you- you-

- What did you expect? for me to magically get better, by entering here?

- Did you even try!?

Schlatt went up to him trying to get him away from the fridge,

- Techno, right now is not the tim-

The piglin took the ram's wrists and push him back-


He stopped himself, staring at Schlatt's expression- blank but full of pain- in tears. Techno shot his eyes close and pushed Schlatt into the ground, he yelped...

- Tech-

He proceed to hug him, encasing the little ram's body fully, no escape...

- you can't keep doing this...

Techno's voice was hoarse and low, painted with sadness... Schlatt's expression broke in pain, hugging him back.