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How They Would

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Cardia would read patiently, kindly, absorbing everyone word carefully, no matter the text.

Fran would read every word with studious precision, studying the text as if he was studying for a test at school.

Saint-Germain would only read the parts that interest him, & perhaps even consider skipping to the ending just to see how the book finishes.

Impey would read every word enthusiastically…if it was a book on engineering. If it was another kind of book, he’d not read it at all, stating “The genius engineer’s mind can only focus on engineering!”

Van would read books his lover was interested in so that he can discuss the books with them over dinner.

Lupin would take on reading as if he was taking on another thieving exploit, viewing the words as another obstacle to overcome for him to rise to greatness. And so, he would absorb the text, wanting to conquer it.