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Maria was reading a book but she sees a note

Maria said "Maria come to a skeleton party 9 pm love Manolo"

Maria hears Joaquin snoring

Maria cracks her knuckles "I'm going in"

Maria puts a doll in her bed

Maria pulled out a bell and started to rings it

A portal opened

Maria jumped into it and a portal closed

Joaquin wokes up

"Wha-what's going on here!?"

Joaquin opened the door


Lullaby music plays

"Oh look she's already fast asleep"

But Joaquin sees a doll

Joaquin panicked "She's gone her dad is gonna kill me!!"

Joaquin rings a bell and a portal opened

Joaquin gulped as he walked into a portal

A portal closed

In another dimension, a portal opened

Joaquin landed in his skeletal form

Followed by his muscles and skin

"Okay that was disturbing"

He hears music

Joaquin sees skeletons dancing

Joaquin said "I knew nothing bad happens to her"

Joaquin walked into the bar


A skeleton's jaw fall off

Maria and Manolo facepalmed

"What are you doing"

"Maria you need to get home right away"

Manolo began to play a upbeat tune on his guitar

The skeletons began to dance

Joaquin snapped his fingers


He realized that his fingers won't stop snapping

Joaquin thought 'How could this happen!!'

Manny and Meche were dancing

Joaquin tapped his foot

Joaquin screamed as his feet won't stop tapping

Joaquin was about to run but Manolo started to dance with him

Maria spinned Joaquin

Joaquin laughed "I did it!"

Manolo said "I'm in Zombie Land!"

Maria said "You're in Zombie Land!"

Joaquin joined in "We're in Zombie Land!"

They continued dancing

The End