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Love Thy Enemy

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The room was silent, but it was a strangely comfortable silence.

In spite of everything that happened, there was some sense of security in John's small house. Things felt calm. As if the place was hidden from the rest of the world. Which was rather fitting considering the current situation.

Quite a few months had passed since John had decided to spare the former cult leader's life.

Even though most people would have done it, murder still somehow felt wrong to the priest. He knew The Almighty was willing to forgive even the worst of humanity, so he should as well. Adding to that, murder was just a line he preferred not to cross, not even as self-defense.

The older man had looked absolutely lost after his initial defeat. He also noticed that he had deep scarring on his face, and the rest of his body. Despite everything that had happened, it made him pause. John's mind went to several Bible verses.

Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth - Proverbs 24:17

And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloke also. - Matthew 5:39

So, the priest had decided to lend a hand to his enemy. He willingly welcomed him into his home, much to his utter confusion and surprise. Oddly enough, Gary wasn't a particularly violent man, just a quiet angry one. Being cult leader had suited him rather well.

Part of his conscience said to turn him into the police. But there was another part of him that didn't want to. So, he was keeping the older man hidden in his house, at least for the time being. They were both certain they'd be safe here. No one would suspect a priest of giving shelter to such a person.

John wasn't sure what happened after that, or how. His initial empathy had grown into something more, something he didn't think he'd ever be capable of. It was supposed to be wrong to love a man, but he didn't choose these feelings. And despite what he had been taught, nothing about it felt wrong. Gary had caught on, and he reciprocated the feelings, likely as a result of his kindness.

They were holding up well together. Gary was perfectly content with staying on the couch, watching John's small TV, and wearing his older spare clothes though sometimes he still wore his robe. John had even shown him a few Bible stories and verses, including the ever essential John 3:16. Surprisingly he seemed to listen and tolerate it, but John knew he still had questions, probably about the unfairness of this world. Admittedly, he still did too. As the nights had gotten cooler the two had, albeit rather awkwardly, slept beside each other in the same bed. They knew at that point that they loved each other. Completely absurd, but somehow it had happened.

He'd found out that the former cultist had damaged vocal cords, and as such talking sometimes pained him a bit, so he and John had other ways of communicating. He'd do it when necessary or if he felt like it, but the rest of the time he would just silently mouth what he intended to say and had John lip read. In other instances, he'd simply write on a notepad. While his hand writing was a bit sloppy, it was readable.

He glanced over to check on Gary again for some reason. He was simply rested over on the couch appearing to be hiding in that Red robe. Likely deep in thought.

He had learned a quite a few interesting things. Mainly, that the man didn't really work his way up as being the cult's leader, but rather, an entity had chosen him. He was more so along for the ride. And while he was seemingly a hateful person, it seemed to be the result of outside occurrences, rather then a deep-seated evil.

Gary felt similarly. Priests were considered Godly men yes, but he didn't think they'd have any hesitation in killing a pagan. The God of the Bible always seemed cruel. His mere existence felt like proof enough of that. In any case though, he was grateful to be alive, and even more grateful that someone showed him kindness for once in his miserable existence. Oddly, he felt himself craving human touch again.


The priest didn't hesitate in sitting beside him on the loveseat. A hand inadvertently went up to the older's neck, a means of showing his concern.

"Yes dear?"

The older had to smile at the little nickname. He wasn't used to such terms of endearment. Admittedly, he was a little embarrassed to ask for what he wanted, which was simply a hug. He sort of just placed a hand on his shoulder instead, and that somehow got the point across. The younger seemed to know how to read him.

John didn't hesitate in embracing him. Admittedly, they were both quite lonely and were comforted by each other's touch. Gary savored the moment, and when they let go of each other he couldn't help but admire how cute he looked in his priests clothing.

"...Thank you..." the older whispered. John had to smile at this.

"Hahah. Feeling soft today now are we?"

It still felt wrong. Loving someone so many years older than he is. And a man nonetheless. Gary turned his head, seeming embarrassed, which made him feel a bit bad. He pulled him closer and let the former cult leader rest on his shoulder.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to tease." he told him, still holding him. "I like this side of you."

They both awkwardly blushed a bit as they just sat there together. After a bit Gary lifted his head to kiss John's cheek which made him smile.

The two found themselves locked in a rather long kiss, with the older getting rather intimate. The older trailed some light kisses down his neck, which was... new, to say the least. Gary wasn't sure what had gotten into him, but he felt warmth growing inside him.

John felt himself start to flush furiously as he realized what the other wanted. And inside, he wanted it too.

"O-Oh Gary, I...I don't even think I know what to do, I-"

The older clasped his hands as a means of shushing him. He nuzzled him reassuringly, before reaching for his notepad. John watched as he focused on writing noticing a slight smile form on his face.

I bottom. You penetrate me.

He froze as what he just read really sank in. The priest couldn't even form a sentence, and turned around, completely stunned.

"Oh, mercy, mercy, mercy."

Gary would have laughed more outwardly if his vocal chords weren't so damaged. Lightly grabbing John's shoulders, he spun him back around, mouthing to him that it was ok. And that was enough to calm him down. They both stared at each other for a second, and the priest found himself admiring Gary's face, finding his scars oddly beautiful. When he first encountered the former cult leader he thought he looked like a monster. Now he saw he was just a broken human being.

They both found themselves locked in a kiss once more, and John found himself pushing the other down a bit on the couch. Gary happily hummed into the kiss as he felt the blush radiating off the others face. The older then pushed him back gently, mouthing a 'wait' before grabbing his notepad again.

Let me shower. Really quick.

John rubbed one of his eyes, a little surprised by his request, but didn't mind it at all.

"Hm, sure."

Gary quickly scurried off, leaving John waiting for him on the couch. The priest tried to relax as he allowed the other to get ready.

All the thoughts in his head started swirling. He was equal parts nervous and excited and he also had a ton of questions. Mainly, he was concerned about accidently hurting Gary. Wouldn't doing such a thing hurt? That hole wasn't meant for that... but apparently it was done by some... His mind wandered until he heard a door close.

He looked over, only to freeze, and then start blushing madly. Gary had returned and was standing at the end of the hallway with nothing but his robe on, which was draped open, exposing his entire front side. John thought he heard something like a growl come from him, and he wasn't sure if he were trying to say something, or if it was an intentional grow as a way of flirting with him.
"Gary." He blushed.

He smiled at his stunned reaction, and John couldn't help looking him over. Even in his older age, his body was slightly toned, with some muscles just barely visible underneath all the many scars that were scattered across his torso. His eyes inadvertently went lower to his mostly flaccid member. Damn. He was rather large, bigger than he was at least.

Gary approached John who was still seated on the couch and lifted his face with his hands, before pulling him into another kiss. John grabbed his forearms and melted into it as Gary used a hand to stroke the hair on his head. The priest felt momentarily dazed, this was supposed to be sinful wasn't it? Yet all he felt was bliss, and genuine happiness.

John had no idea what to do once the kiss broke, and just stared up at him longingly. Gary still stroked his hair for a second, and found himself getting lost in those eyes. John was so adorable. He knew what he wanted to do next, and he got down on his knees so that he was looking right at the zipper of his pants.


'Let me take care of you.' Gary mouthed up to him while flashing a wide a smile. He was getting excited himself and was hoping he'd be able to please the younger. The priests heart was racing and they hadn't even done anything yet.

"Ah, okay..." John nodded, affirming his consent. He felt the older's hands caress his thighs before grabbing his zipper and undoing his pants. After exposing his junk, he seemed to flick it lightly. He looked down to read Gary's lips.

'It's very cute.' The statement slightly caught John off guard. That was a compliment, wasn't it..?

Feeling Gary place a kiss on his member made him shiver slightly. They were really doing this. A soft lick made John sigh in delight again, and the older took him in his mouth. A moan escaped his throat as his partner went to town on his cock.

He had no hesitation in taking the entire thing. Gary relished in feeling that soft rod harden in his mouth as he worked it gently, making sure to get it covered in saliva. He glanced up for a second to see John with his eyes shut tightly, letting himself get lost in the warmth.

"Ohh Gary, that feels good...fuck..."

Gary's own member was getting stiff from everything. He forced some more spit onto it so John could more easily penetrate him. Taking a look at the now full member, he saw that John seemed pretty average, smaller than he was. Secretly, he was grateful for that. It was the perfect size. He also liked how his tip was slightly bigger than the shaft. He grinned silently to himself, looked like it'd be thrill to ride that cock.

The older finally stood up, and lightly gave himself a few strokes, smiling as the other stared for a second. Gathering up some courage, John pulled off his pants and boxers.

Gary turned around, lifting his robe a bit and sat on his partners lap. He'd only seen this once in an old porno but he thought he knew what to do well enough. The younger however, was visibly nervous.

"I'm scared." John whispered. Gary turned his head, looking over his shoulder at him. He mouthed a 'don't worry' and lightly squeezed one of his hands as reassurance.

The older hovered a bit over the hardened cock underneath him. He didn't mind using a hand to help John position his sensitive head at his tight entrance. Trying to spread himself he gently lowered himself, forcing his tip inside.

He flinched on instinct, and let out a surprised gasp. John froze, likely worried about him. It hurt slightly, but part of Gary didn't mind the pain. The older let himself relax, which allowed him to slide down more on the others shaft.


John clearly liked that. The two both clasped one of their hands together, as he settled completely on the stiff member.

Gary let out a light sigh, before lightly adjusting himself. He'd briefly had messed with his hole before in his youth, but having a warm cock in there was an entirely different feeling.

"A-Are you okay?" John asked, putting an arm around him and gently caressing his chest. The older hummed lowly in satisfaction, turning his head to nuzzle the other. The two gave each other another kiss, and John pulled his hood down, revealing his long and wavy hair.

"You're beautiful." he sighed, and swore he saw a bashful smile on the older's face.

He very lightly thrusted his hips upward, the movement a bit shaky. Gary seemed to notice, and since he was technically on top he figured he should try to take the lead. He carefully adjusted himself so he could lightly bounce on the other's cock. John rested his head on the older's back as they both settled, getting into a gentle rhythm.

While neither of them had any experience, John was still surprised. Fuck, he was tight. Without thinking his hands were on Gary's hips, savoring the sensation of pushing into his tender asshole. He couldn't help moaning in pleasure, and the other seemed to be purring deep within his throat.

The soft noise from his throat grew louder, and he slowly expressed a few audible grunts before finally pushing a word out.


"S-Stooop." The priest spat out, clearly flustered at hearing that.

Gary slightly wished he hadn't wrecked his vocal chords, just so that he could tease John even more. Beg to be fucked harder. He considered just letting himself moan, since the other's reactions were too adorable.

The younger blushed furiously, and was then caught off guard by several tight squeezes around his cock. Gary sharply gasped, indicating it clearly felt good to him. John tightly held onto him in stunned silence, a little bit confused. Did he just come? But in his ass? Assholes could do that? Why would that even be physically possible if it were a sin?

Nevertheless they both kept at it. The younger reached in front and gave his partner's cock a few strokes, making him growl happily.

John seemed to notice that he was getting a bit tired. He gave the older a kiss and helped him gently off his hard member. They both ignored the sound that ensured, standing up and locking their lips again. The priest couldn't help but feel slight guilt, as his cock twitched eagerly, already missing that tight hole. He paused for a second, dazed. He'd just committed sodomy. And he liked it.

"Your bed?" Gary whispered into his ear, and the other nodded. His guilt disappeared again, and was replaced by that feeling of love spilling from his heart.

Smiling, the former cult leader tugged on one of John's hands, and led him to his bedroom, feeling as giddy as a schoolgirl, even giving him a wink. John followed and gave him a kiss, before whispering to him how cute he was. Gary felt a ridiculous amount of joy, for the first time in his life he felt like he was finally expressing his true self.

Gary wasn't shy at all about flopping back down onto the bed and spreading his legs. John's response of starring in stunned silence made him grin. A part of him wished he were younger, he felt he could have passed off as a twink, if he were remembering the term correctly.

John rubbed his cock a bit as he stared down at his partner, precum leaking from his tip. He couldn't resist giving him a smirk, as he eyed the gorgeous sight between those legs. He didn't care in the slightest that he was slightly hairy, only thing that mattered to him was that Gary was his.

The younger pulled off his shirt before leaning over on top of him. John seemed to pause, possibly self-conscious about his rather thin frame. Gary lightly kissed the side of his face, and trailed his hands across his chest. Smiling, he then lowered a hand, spreading his asshole, eager to take his cock again. Flushing madly, John eased his way in there again, shuddering at how hot and tight it was.

Closing his eyes for a second, Gary just happily laid there. He didn't think he would ever have anyone, and especially not such a cutie. He knew he should feel guilty for doing this, he was middle-aged and John was so much younger, but he couldn't bring himself to care that much. John started thrusting at a somewhat quick pace, graciously stimulating those anal nerves. He was also enjoying feeling his balls slap against him as he thrusted.

"Don't stop..." he whimpered, the words barely audible from his throat. John leaned down closer to him, sighing heavily as he felt those walls clench around him again.

"Ah...ah, you feel amazing..."

John was starting to sweat heavily from pounding that tight hole as hard as he could, driving While he did enjoy it, he made himself slow down slightly, since he wanted to alert the other.

"I'm, uh, I'm about to-"

"Inside me."

The sudden whisper in his ear was oddly sexy. He was more than willing to do that for him. Not wanting this to end so soon, he withdrew himself for a second before pushing himself back in.

The older laid there, dazed in utter delight as the priest lightly started thrusting into him. Any pain he felt quickly blended into pleasure, making Gary wonder if he were masochist. John smiled, and reached a hand down to stroke the other's hard shaft, which caught him completely off guard. He gasped, or at least tried to, as the sound barely managed to come out of his throat.

"Mmm, cum for me my love." he panted, as he rubbed it repetitively.

Gary melted into his touch, and pushed himself up against his body, the stimulation beginning to overtake him. He couldn't help loudly moaning despite the pain it caused his vocal cords.

"Uhhng! Uhng!"

He didn't have time to feel embarrassed about it as sweet orgasmic bliss shot through him, his fluid erupting all over his stomach as well as John's hands.

"Ohh, good boy!" he huffed, his own peak just several more thrusts away.

His thrusts and feeling that hot cave tighten around him once more sent him over the edge, both physically and emotionally. He couldn't keep from shouting as he emptied himself deep inside the other's ass.


A stunned look appeared on Gary's face, and the younger blushed madly, though it didn't matter as he was completely Red already. He didn't mean to say that... The moment would have felt like a holy union if it weren't for the fact that they were both men. Something something Song of Solomon, if that could even still be applied here.

Being pulled into a kiss paused his thoughts. Gary smiled up at him, a finger still under his chin.

"I love you too." he lowly purred. John awkwardly nodded as he pulled himself out, before collapsing on the bed beside him.

Since they were looking directly at each other, Gary mouthed his next statement.

'You liked my hole? Filthy priest.'

He looked away with a half smile, tears welling up in his eyes for some reason. He had no idea why, he was suddenly very emotional. This made Gary concerned, and he inched closer.

'Don't cry.'

"Oh, I'm happy dear." he said, feeling completely exhausted, and wiping his face.

The older nuzzled him before deciding to break the tension.

"...I'm a good boy..?" He croaked with a wide smile, still catching his breath. "You're kinky...where'd that come from..?"

"...I have no idea..." He admitted, truly not knowing. "But don't strain your throat dear."

He just lightly nodded, noting how tired he sounded. Gary turned on his side and simply cuddled up onto his chest. John gently twirled some of his partners long wavy hair in his fingers.

"We should get out of here. You case they're still looking into the cult.."

He nodded in response.

"I've always thought...California sounded nice." he mumbled, hooking his arm around the other to keep him close. "We should go..."

He felt the other nod again before drifting off to sleep, a bit unsure of the future.

But he'd stay with Gary no matter what came next.


And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him two. - Matthew 5:41