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Adrian (04:31) – Trevor, where are you? Sypha is getting so antsy over here, it's almost impossible to keep her from just going out there and drag you back by the collar.

Trevor (04:35) – Comin' back soon. Head.

Adrian (04:36) – Please don't tell me you're drunk.

Trevor (04:39) – Explain later.

Adrian (04:41) – Trevor Belmont, you will explain yourself right now, this is unacceptable!

Adrian (04:42) – Sorry, Sypha got my phone. I really hope you're alright.


Trevor (06:31) – Alright, I'm heading back now. Sorry about all that.

Adrian (06:33) – Sypha just came back into the house and she is -pissed-. What did you do?

Trevor (06:34) – Well, she didn't find me at the bar.

Adrian (06:34) – That's a surprise.

Trevor (06:36) – She'll cool down soon, hopefully. I mean, there was a really good reason why I was out so late, and it has nothing to do with anything that she presumes at the moment.

Adrian (06:38) – So… what… did you do, then?

Trevor (06:39) – Cleanup.

Adrian (06:40) – Don't tell me you went out hunting alone?!

Trevor (06:41) – Don't act so shocked, we already had this put down as one of the next sub-goals.

Adrian (06:42) – That was just superbly stupid, even for your usual stupidity.

Trevor (06:44) – It was either that or drinking myself into an early grave, so what the fuck ever.

Adrian (06:45) – Are you sure that you're not drunk?

Trevor (06:46) – Positive. And now stop bothering me about the drunk part. You wanted to know something else.

Adrian (06:50) – Yes. Mostly why you set out to do it tonight, of all things.

Trevor (06:51) – A friend was able to give me a ride, so I went along.

Adrian (06:53) – And who was that friend…?

Trevor (06:54) – Fellow hunter. Goes by Jonathan Morris. He needed some training as well.

Adrian (06:56) – Ah. He isn't an unknown quantity to me after all.

Trevor (06:57) – That is a so… you thing.

Adrian (06:58) – So, how far out are you?

Trevor (07:00) – Half an hour more at least. Jonathan was super sleepy and I just now could be picked up by a taxi.

Adrian (07:01) – Did you run him ragged with your pig-headedness?

Trevor (07:02) – Nope. Did that all to himself.

Adrian (07:02) – Oh?

Trevor (07:04) – Apparently either I have rubbed off on him or he is just as much of a disaster as I am. From your point of view, that is. I find myself perfectly acceptable.

Adrian (07:05) – And that is very much YOU.

Trevor (07:07) – Whatever.

Adrian (07:08) – Anyway, Sypha is still mad.

Trevor (07:09) – Won't be for long.

Adrian (07:11) – How are you so sure of that?

Trevor (07:12) – I have something for her here that will probably placate her just nicely.

Adrian (07:13) – Gross.

Trevor (07:13) – Your mind sure jumps to conclusions.

Adrian (07:14) – I'm off to bed.

Trevor (07:16) – Aww, no good night kiss for me?

Adrian (07:17) – Get it from Sypha.

Trevor (07:18) – Oh, I will.