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Undercover under demons

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Undercover under demons


Summary: As much as Mizuki Shiranui loves to kill demons, she also loves to fucked mercilessly by them. Luckily most of them are rather stupid.

Tags: Prostitution, dub-con, threesome, rough sex, light choking, anal, MILF

Undercover under demons


“Siyah!” The blade of the naginata pierced the demon’s head before it could turn around. Blood sprayed in a red fountain as the rest of its body slumped to the ground.

“Hmph.” The lovely ‘phantom Taimanin’ effortlessly pulled her weapon from the monster’s skull with a flick off her wrist. Making her ample, head sized breasts jiggle a little in her skintight, sleeveless leotard swiped her weapon to clean off the blood. While the suit did nothing to cover her back, nor her much of her generously wide hips and bounteous butt, the black and dark white look is made stealth in mind. Though she could be wearing the flashiest of armor and not be noticed, this suit helps kill her presence completely. Making her a ghost in combat. It also hugs her full motherly figure well but that is more of a bonus than a perk.

“Phew! Thanks for your help, Ms. Mizuki!” Sakura, the younger sister of the great Asagi Igawa, pumped her fist in joy. Making her own healthy large breast bounce in her one piece Taimanin leotard. Though she is not as full figured as the phantom Taimanin, something that may not even come when she eventually mother’s a child as well, she can rival her beautiful older sister the almighty Asagi.

“That’s the phantom Taimanin for you. Can handle a high-level demon like it was nothing.” One of the other Taimanin sighed as he watched the gorgeous phantom Taimanin the same woman who taught the powerful almighty Taimanin Asagi, bid farewell to Sakura. Vanishing in a puddle of water.

“Yeah, glad she appeared when she did. Don’t want to know what would have happened if she didn’t.”  Spoke to the other trainee. Not trying to hide her large bare breast jiggling out from a tear in her suit from when the demons clawed at her. Much to her friend’s embarrassment as he turned his head to look away.

“Er…Y-Yeah. Ahem. She did teach Lady Asagi. So, her skill is abreast-AHEAD of everyone else.”

“Pose. Graceful. Delicate. The phantom is a good name for her.” The young man’s partner nodded. Making her chest bounce. And him hide his erection with a groan.

“Well, that’s mission accomplished guys. Let’s head to the arcade!” Sakura cheered.

“Um…shouldn’t we report to lady Asagi first?” The young man said to the younger Taimanin. Exasperated but glad to finally take his eyes off his childhood friend’s bare breasts.

“Ehhh…but there is this new game that came out. I really want to play it…” And the second heir to the great Igawa clan bashfully starched her head.

“And Sakura on the other hand….” Said the other female Taimanin with a sigh. “Lady sakura. Can’t you act more refined like lady Mizuki?”

“What are you talking about miss tits out?” Sakura teased.

The young Taimanin gasped and covered her up. Much to the young man’s relief.




Tokyo kingdom is a hell of sorts. In the daytime, the island city is filled with human thugs, crooks, killers, and shady types who will kill just for fun. They roam the streets with somewhat normal people who shop and live there. Who are mostly demons and dark hearted types that know their way around such an evil place. Backstabbing and selling any and every sort of dangerous tool around for money or just for the fun of it.

At night the demons roam freely. None more so in the red-light district. Walking down the streets is a sight as sultry demons and humans stand outside shops in the most revealing and tantalizing of clothes to lure customers in for a sinful night. Wall to wall, corner to corner, there is a succubus waiting to drain a man’s vitality. An incubus planning to take men and women alike. Insect demons, horse demons, even some normal humans find business and pleasure in the seedy district. Not even the alleyways are safe from debauchery. Those unlike the buildings those are not protected or regulated by any standard, however. Only the truly brave offer up their bodies in such a place.

“Mmm~…Such a big manly cock.”

Such as Shiranui Mizuki.

The mother of one bobbed her head up and down the swollen member of the horse demon above her. His large, girthy black and pink cock made her throat bulge. Tears welling in her eyes as her make up started to run black tears down her face. Her red lipstick stained the demon’s whole shaft, waist and even his ball sack are bright ruby red with marks of her lips dotting the swinging sacks. Pubic hair tangled on her tongue as she drooled over his shaft. Squatting done in a black mini pencil skirt that showed off her crotchless thong. Her vibrant pink pussy, leaking her lust on the ground, happily greeted the two demons. The only real clothes she is wearing is the tied white shirt, red choker, hoop earrings, and heavy makeup.

“Mmmph~…Unmph~…” Shiranui bounced her head up and down the cock with her hand jerking the sheath before she swallowed the shaft whole. An even thicker bright red cock pumped between her breasts from the wolf beast beside her. He bared his fangs in pleasure from the firm softness of the enormous breast tightly wrapped around his meaty cock. His whole shaft, completely hidden and warm inside the older woman’s bust, throbbed and hummed as he pumped his hips into her pillowy bosom.

The wolfman’s claws marveled at the softness of the bust in his hands. They squished like a marshmallow and felt just as plush. Yet there is a fullness and springiness to them that can not be matched. They melted into his hands, while the large perky nipples rubbed and tickled his shaft.

“Fuck told ya this one has a slutty mouth.” The wolf didn’t hold back the pleasant howl in the back of his throat as he increased his pace into the woman’s bust while she drooled over his comrade’s testicles.

“You weren’t kidding….” The minotaur demon grunted as he ceased another thunderous climax from erupting from him. Shiranui’s throat working his massive shaft with ease as she pushed her lips past his stealth for his cock and back into the forest of his crotch hairs. “Fuck me lady~…If I can keep you every night I wouldn’t-ngh- even dream about plowing any Taimanin sluts.”

“Fu~Fu~. Aren’t you charming~…Here’s a little some special then~.” Shiranui took both the monster’s massive testicles in her mouth. Given them a strong suck that left a deep red mark on his taint that would take hours to clean. Her tongue tickling his cum factories as she jerked him off with her hand. The beast man snarled as he put a tight grip on her head. One that would have killed a normal woman. But not a Taimanin.

Neither demon knew the woman slobbering over their cocks is none other than the legendary phantom Taimanin. The same woman who has slain armies of demons single handedly. The same woman who has crushed many of the lord Black’s goons, and can even stand above his strongest solider, the Hell knight Ingrid. The same woman who has taught the even great Asagi who has slain even more demons, and has surpassed her in skill. The very same woman who they would brutally fuck endlessly if they found out she is alone in the city. Much to Shiranui’s delight.

While her friends and family would easily recognize her through the bright red dye haired, and a mole under her eye, the demons did not. Given that, to them, the phantom Taimanin is nothing more than a ghost story. The sultry outfit helped as well as even though Taimanin suits show large amounts of skin, many of them do not wear thongs underneath. It is the perfect disguise to sneak in and have some fun with some unsuspecting low-level demons.

“Mmmph~. I can’t wait for you to cum all over me.” The older Taimanin slurped down the horse demon’s cock. Humming at the pungent taste of his pre-cum slithering her tongue as she slides it up and down his member. The wolf demon pumping his hips vigorously into her chest as he felt his balls twitch and jerk. Only a gushing bed of precum could be seen from the valley of her enormous bust. Even his mighty dick could not escape her pillowy prison.

“Please~? Can you do it…~ Spray all your hot smelly semen on me…~” The sultry woman pursed as she teased the head of the horse cock in her mouth with her tongue. Rising his shaft upwards, she trailed her tongue up and down the cum vein of his shaft. Flicking her tongue at his balls while keeping her heated gaze on him.

“Come on boys~. Quit teasing me and give me your cum~. Please?” Shiranui gave a cute kiss to the head of his cock. Her other arm around her head sized bust giving it a hard squeeze around the shaft umping between her bosoms.

And that was all it took for both demons to unleash their loads.

The wolf’s cum is shockingly thicker than the horse demons. Shooting up in long ropes in the air and landing on her chest with heavy spalts the canine demon let his tongue roll out while she jerked his hips. Shooting profuse amounts of jizz between her bust. It shot out and hit Shiranui in the chin with one long string gushing out and smacking her face. Making her giggle as she closed her eyes as her face is glazed in white.

The horse demon’s seed is not as healthy as his canine friend, but his ejaculation lasted the longest. Forcing the slutty woman to keep her head buried in his pubic hair for minutes as she gulps down his seed. Not letting a single drop against her bright ruby lips. Her deep red eyes kept a ravenous hungry gaze up at him as she drank his discharge like a thick wine. Humming and wiggling her hips at the taste while the wolf finally pulled his spasming cock from between her chests. Strings of his semen clinging between her cleavage.

“Mmm…” Shiranui hummed as she gulped down the last of the horse demon’s virile spunk. Licking the cum trailing down her face she moaned at the heat and heaviness of it. The pungent flavor making her pussy spray out a little of her lust. “You boys were back up were you~?”

“You know…” The Minotaur man grunted. His cock still as stiff as ever as the woman’s sluty display only made him more aroused. “She kind of looks like a Taimanin doesn’t she?”

“No shit Sherlock. All the humans look like em.” The wolfman rolled his eyes. “It’s the smell that makes them different and all I can smell on this whore is cheap perfume.”

“No, I mean. What was that one whore? Phan-something or other?” The minotaur said. “Well at least their hair is kind of the same.”

“Tch. Do you mean that phantom bitch that killed my dad? Heh. I fucking wish.” The wolf bared his fangs and anger through his cock reacted in lust at the vivid thoughts of bending the phantom Taimanin over. “If she was here right now, I’d break her ass in two until she can only think of my dick.”

‘Oh, how cute~.’ The wolf man’s threats were more than a little hollow. Shiranui could kill him with a flick of her wrist if she wanted, and the horseman would not even be a challenge. But she licked her lips at just what the wolf man had in mind for that ‘Phantom Bitch’.

“You know…You boys did buy me for the whole night…” Shiranui spoke as she stood. Licking her breast clean of the cum dangling off of them. “How about this; Treat me like you would that slutty little phantom Taimanin, and your next two nights with me, are free.”

“Heh. You sure lady? We might get too rough.” The minotaur chuckeld.

“Oh, trust me~.  I can handle it.” The older woman giggled. Giving a long, ravenous lick of her lips she challenged, “Or do you boys think you can’t handle me~?”

Not waiting for an answer, the wolf demon snarled with a sinister grin as he grabbed Shiranui by her hair and slapped her face in the wall. Hard enough to crack it but all that escaped the whore’s mouth was a cute squeal of delight. Pushing her hips out to the beast, spreading her legs wide, Shiranui looked less like a scared Taimanin and more like a bitch in heat ready to be bred.

“You stupid whore! Coming out here thinking I wouldn’t get you back for killing my dad!” The wolfman chalked as he started raining hard ruthlessly slaps on the older woman’s bubbly rear. His paws leaving deep red marks on her cheeks as they rippled and quivered under his smacks. Each one getting a shameful moan out of her.

“I am going to make you cock hungry sow begging only for my dick when I am done with you! Whore!’ The wolf man groped Shiranui’s malleable rear before resuming his rigorous slapping.

“Ooh~!1 I am sorry for being a useless slut! You demons and your cocks are far superior!” Shiranui moaned and wailed as the monster showed no mercy on her tush. With each slap getting harder and harder to the point she was being slapped deeper into the wall of the alleyway.

The wolfman gave one last hard slap before shoving his cock not up her cunt but deep into her asshole. Not caring about her safety or anything, the beast mashed her face into the stone wall and yanked her arms back into his hips as he thrashed them into her fat, bouncy rear.

“Haa~! Yesh~!!” Getting the cock hungry ninja to scream out a powerful orgasm as the beast started rutting in her with little restraint. Her climax hitting her like a truck as she disgracefully sprayed her lust all over herself and the building she is being plowed into.

“Cumming from getting fuck in the ass huh?! Such an easy slut! You should just lay down and spread your legs for all of us!” The wolfman cackled as he pulled back on Shiranui’s hair and returned to smacking the slut’s ass. The demon’s private fuck toy for the night wailed in delight as another climax washed over her. Her tongue flapping out her gasping mouth as her eyes rolled back in bless. When the wolfman locked his forearm around her neck, blocking her airways, Shiranui went from simple single mother looking for a quick lay to a masochist whore. Cuming her brains out again as the wolfman’s knot split her rear open. His shaft starting to shake inside her as he rammed his locking hips inside her.

“I am going fill this fat ass up with so much cum!” The beast man roared as he made well on his promise. With his cock locked inside of her, he flooded Shiranui’s rear with his thick seed. Just as viscous as before, it felt heavy in her stomach as a lump formed from the amount of spunk being poured into her ass. Only a single string of white seeped out of her confided rear when the wolfman was finished pumping his discharge into her. Shiranui moaning happily all the while her belly is being shot full of warm demon semen.

“I am not done with you yet.” Growling, the demon Grabbing her by her arms, the wolfman fell to his back. Dragging the cum happily Taimanin with him and on his lap and started slamming his hips up into her. Bouncing her on his cock while the horse demon grabbed her head in one hand and push her breast together around his cock with the other.

“I am not as rude as my friend here, but I am not going to say no to a good fuck.” The demon grunted as he started slamming his cock deep between Shiranui’s breast and into her mouth. Getting her to choke a little as he slammed her face into her own breasts. Twisting her nipples as he mauled her large tits. Losing his hands in them as his cock nearly vanished between the massive pillows. Leaving only half of it the crush the slut’s windpipe.

The demons ravaged and ruined her with not a single care of her wellbeing. Treating her like simple sextoy that will soon be discarded when they are finished. The wolf taking his frustration out on her body. Staining her ass red, pulling her arms back hard enough to make her bones ache. Biting at her neck, the beast laid into her asshole ruthlessly. While the minotaur made ruined her make up as mascara trailed down her face from the tears welling in her eyes. There was barely any red on her lips as all of stained his cock and balls. His large meaty hands pinched her nipples as he roughly slides her prick through her large breasts.

And yet, Shiranui could easily break out of their hold. Killing them with one strike so fast they wouldn’t even feel it. But she loved the helpless feeling more. The feeling of being put down by mere grunts. Being treated like a fuck doll by monsters below her and she is sworn to kill. If it was not for her duty as a mother and protector, she would be a cum toilet for the monsters on the street. Letting them fuck her anywhere and everyone.

In broad daylight in the middle of a store having her face buried into the cock of a shopper while a store clerk slams into her cunt behind her. Bending her over in the streets while others either watch on or line up to take a turn. Molested on a train and then tied up in a public bathroom until morning. Not even her home would be safe as she would wake up being gangbanged by any demon who wanted her body.

“Mmmph~!!” The images she played in her head that she desperately wanted to be real, made her cum as she cooked on the minotaur’s cock. Which in turn made the demons unleash their final loads as well. Both of them throwing their heads back as their ejaculations erupted inside her plaything. Cum gushing out both her holes as her eyes rolled back her body quivered in lust. Thick semen drooled out the sides of her mouth as she gagged and the taste. It rushed out her tight rear even with the wolfman’s massive knot locked inside her.

The demons finally pulled out her, pushing her face first into the ground. Semen leaking from her gaping asshole and moaning mouth. Shivering from her climax, Shiranui could only moan like a fuck broken slut as the demons caught their breath.

“Phew…haven’t had a good fuck like that in a while.”  The wolf sighed as he leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette.

The minotaur huffed in exertion as he is not use to cumming so much in one night. He gave Shiranui’s lust broken body a sigh before turning to his friend.

“Looks like we broke another- “

“You boys still have me for the rest of the night remember.”

Both demons, blinked in surprise to see Shiranui squatting down and spreading her legs. Her pussy gaping open as semen dripped from her abused asshole. Her make up ruined, lipstick smearing her face with the black tears streaming down her cheeks. Her chest dripping with sweat and cum while her nipples poke out proudly in the air. With one finger she slides it up and down her needy cunt, the other taking the cum from between her breasts and sliding it into her mouth.

Sucking the filthy semen, with pure lust in her eyes, the older woman purred. “Now tell me…What else do you want to do to that whore Shiranui?”