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Lonely Mother in Kardia

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“Mum? Is there anything I can do too help?” Nicholas glomped his mother as she just walked around her shop in a sad mood “No my son, I doubt you can, no one would want me” she huddled on her bed “I’m old and ugly and no one would fuck me” Nicholas hugged her and smiled at her all innocent.
“I would fuck you, I don’t know what that is, but if it pleases you mom I would do it”

Sabrina gave her son a confused look at first, but soon she was licking her lips with all sorts off wicked thoughts going through her mind “Let me close up shop first” she quickly closed up the shop, and ran back too her room taking Nicholas in with her “Right Nicholas before we do this, swear too me this stays between us”

Sabrina beckoned her soon over and kissed Nicholas, soon she was naked infront off Nicholas “Mhmmm right soon a mans job is too shove his cock” she pointed between his legs “in my pussy” she pointed between her legs “And do much more fun with me but don’t worry I’ll teach you that stuff soon okay?” Nicholas looked excited, if mom said it was fun it must be so “But first strip naked my sweet boy” he did and Sabrina smirked inspite his age he had a pretty inpressive four inch cock too use, and if it was anything like Neumann’s it will be quite a brute when he grows up.

She laid Nicholas on her lap and massaged his cock earning gasps from her son as she did so “You like?” he nodded eagerly “Good this is a hand job” she move her breasts too his face and smiled “Suck them Nicholas, suck on mommies boobies” Nicholas did what he was told and suckled on her breasts, Sabrina stroked his hair as he suckled her breasts, soon she had brought him too her face and kissed him, she duelled with his tongue making her son know she is in charge in the bedroom, as she broke the kiss she massaged his cock “Wanna see mommy suck your cock?” Nicholas red in the face gave a small nod.

Sabrina laid him on the bed and hovered over his cock, she licked her lips as she planted kisses all over his cock she deepthroated his cock slurping and sucking on his cock as she fingered herself, Nicholas only gasping as his mother was relentless on her blowjob soon he was panting “I feel w-weird mommy” she stroked his hair.
“Its okay son keep going its going too feel great” she went back too sucking his cock his gasping getting loader and loader till he finally cummed in her mouth spraying his spunk all over her mouth “S-sorry mum I peed in your mouth” she stroked his cheek and laughed
“No no its okay son this was what your meant too do, spray your white cum in my mouth, and now its time I make you a man, I’m going too fuck you and take your first time”

She laid her son on the bed and stroked his cock back into life, planting kisses on its tip and she made sure Nicholas looked as she lowered herself slowly but surely onto his ripe young cock, soon she was bouncing up and down on his cock making her soon little better than a lump off meat as she bounced up and down on his cock , she bent down and kissed him before she went for another round, her son a shaking mess with drool leaking from his mouth as he cummed inside her, Sabrina smiled as his cum leaked from her pussy, he is such a good boy, Sabrina sighed as she saw her son laying on her bed, the poor boy was exhausted, picking him up she cuddled in her arms, kissing his lips soon she had laid in bed holding her son, her lover, massaging the young boys body, glad that this is one decent thing Neumann gave her.


Sabrina Rune Factory’s OG Milf sorry Lady Ann...