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The Blackwell Drama Class of Mr. Keaton present tonight: After the Storm

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“Behold! Tonight, in front of your eyes will be available for the first time Victoria Vampire Slayer with lots of violence, sex and kill…

-No Victoria! No!

-But Mr. Keaton?


-Behold! Tonight, the Cult Classic revisited: When Chloe meet Rachel, and it’s funny and sexy scene in the Two Whales where I show to Chloe how to fake…

-NEEEXT! Oh, Sweet tarnation! If even Rachel fall so low… The show is ruined!

-May I try something???

-Yes Stephanie, please. Maybe our lion of the lightboard will save us.

-Prepare to be bewitched, as tonight you will be charmed by the wonderful story of The Beanie Sisterhood as they must fight daemons, minotaur and…

-No, we aren’t going to do a live representation of some LARP game you had. The show is ruined, how could I do something in such a short time?

-Mr. Keaton, maybe I have the one you need.

-Oh Chloe, the romantic. May your propitious appearance counteract the tragedy of Stephanie Gingrich's LARP addiction.

-In fact, that’s not my word.”

Chloe put Max on stage…

“Charming tomato… who are you? “

Max try to leave stage, but Chloe keep her on it:

“Chloe… Traitor…

-Your turn...”

Max then look at Mr. Keaton….


-Yes dear? What is your story about?

-The story is's about...about

- It's about love! »

Max then look at Chloe. Mr. Keaton look at both and ask:

« Love? 

- Love. Overcoming all obstacles. »

Then Max spoke:

“And it's set in Switzerland!

-Switzerland? »

Mr. Keaton looked disappointed, so Steph went on stage and start speaking with Chloe:

« It's not in Switzerland!

-Seattle! It's set in Seattle! And there's this photographer.”

Chloe then smile at Max:

“The most beautiful photographer in all the world. And she met a penniless punk girl….

-The most beautiful punk girl… And she falls in love with her! She wasn’t trying to trick her or anything… it’s just loves… It was always there, and they don’t want to hide or anything….

-But the photographer got a magical power and a troubled recent past and they got shadows from both girls past and the FBI after them…. Will they be able to live their love freely and face theses dangers that could alter the course of time and put the fate of the world in the balance?

-Shhh Steph, you’re spoiling it!

-Oh sorry Max.”

Mr. Keaton looked pensively….

“Well, that could do…. What’s your title?

-Life is Strange… After the Storm.”