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lesbian heat session

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Alex and Stephanie were at a Firewalk concert and quickly became bored. They go downstairs to get some drinks, but they stumble into an empty bathroom.
“You know.. Since we’re both so bored... Why don't we have some fun?” Steph inquires, a little nervously.
Alex immediately recognizes the suggestion and nods.
When they enter the bathroom, they strip down to their underwear and begin making out. Steph throws Alex into a wall and gently rests her hand on her shoulder, using body language to ask whether she's comfortable with her bra being removed. Alex allows her to remove her bra, and they continue to make out passionately. Steph carries Alex into a bathroom stall so she may finish her undressing.
“Are you sure?” Steph asks, before they can start actually having sex.
“With you, I'm more certain than I've ever been.” Alex replies by biting her lower lip. Steph is pleased with her response and begins to kiss her neck. Alex lets out a little gasp and motions her to go a bit lower. When Steph realizes what Alex wants, she descends to the point where she removes her underwear and begins to lick her clitoris. Alex gasps while grabbing the stall's top. Her breaths had become uncontrollable moans.
Steph gets on top of Alex and starts moving forward and backward. This was the point at which Alex became so loud that some of the people near the bar could hear her.
Alex's mouth is covered by Steph. “You're going to be heard. “Try to keep it to a minimum.” Alex nods and covers her lips with her hand to hide her groans.
When they finish, they grab their clothes and put them back on. “That was the first time we had sex together, did you enjoy it?” Steph asks, unsure of her own performance.
“You were incredible, and I will always love you.” Alex gives her a kiss on the cheek and smiles.