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Life is Strange Hunted

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Everyone was happy. When Chloe and my parents came, a good Christmas Eve took place at the Bishops’ house in Boston. It was sad David didn’t want to come…


After the dinner Walter surprised me by asking Chloe:


«Chloe… I think that you’re an occasional smoker like me… Would you like to try some Brown Betty with me? I made it myself.

-Walter… There’s a Federal Agent here.

-I’m lucky she is my daughter in law then. »


Chloe smiled to the old man.


«I don’t see the problem. If it’s homemade there is nothing to be ashamed of. »


She kissed me and followed Walter. I helped Olivia and Rachel Blake put the children in bed as Peter and Greg were with my parents…


«You are great with children. »


 Said Rachel Blake to me.


«Thanks… It’s… they are Hella cute.

-I hear Chloe… »


Olivia smiled to me. I blushed. Yeah, it was Chloe’s word. A year ago… Chloe asked for my hand… And now we were having a Christmas with family and friends on the East Coast… The first of many to come.