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Toxic Kiss

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       A few days passed, and Alex is still banned. She wonders whether there's any way to get unbanned, so she attempts, even if it's impossible, to befriend Steph.

       She waited for Steph to leave the store and close it before attempting to strike up a conversation with her. Alex took a deep breath and approached her after seeing her open and close the door.

     “Hi.” Alex said, nervously. Steph groaned and moved away, but Alex followed her. “Seriously, what do you want? Why don’t you ever leave me alone? Just stop whatever it is you’re trying to do, it’ll only make things worse.” She screamed a little. “I don’t get what the problem you have with me is, whatever it is, I’ll stop.” Alex replied. Steph remained silent and walked away from her. Alex didn't bother to keep up with her.

       Alex immediately dialed Ryan's number and told him everything that had happened. Ryan remarked, "I'm sorry she's distant; just give her time." Alex responds, "I've given her so many weeks, I'm starting to give up."

     “Grief takes time to heal; try to leave her alone for a while.” Ryan said before hanging up.

      Alex made the decision to visit Ryan. They discussed whether Alex would be allowed to return to the Record Store after being banned. “I said this before and I’ll say it again. Please just give Steph some time. We need to recognize that she's going through a difficult period right now and that she's been cold recently because of it.” Ryan pleaded. Alex gave a gentle nod and leaned her head against her palms.

       A few hours later, Ryan got a knock at his door. “Are you expecting anyone?” Alex asked. Ryan seemed perplexed as he shook his head. When he opens his door, he sees Steph. “I’m here to return the book you gave me. Thanks by the way.” She said as she handed him the book. When she looks behind Ryan, she sees Alex. “What is she doing here?” She asked, slightly pissed off. Ryan sighed and kept his chin up. “Why can’t you two get along? I’m sick and tired of worrying if you guys will run into each other, just talk it out.” Ryan admitted. Steph turned to face Alex after staring at Ryan.  “While I'm leaving you guys in here, I'm going to get some donuts for myself. Try pretending you're best friends if you still can't get along.” Ryan said as he walked out the door.

       Alex experienced pressure in her hands, followed by a headache. She locked her gaze on Steph and noticed a halo of bright blue auras surrounding her. Alex developed the worst headache she'd ever experienced and began to have hallucinations. Come on... Not now. She thought. Steph groaned immaturely and stepped in front of Alex, who is panicking. “Uh.... You good?” She asked. Alex reached out her hands and placed them on Steph’s shoulders. “What the fuck?”

       Alex closed her eyes and focused on Steph’s thoughts. Don’t fuck this up, Steph. Try to keep your mind off Gabe for a few minutes. Alex jumped and fell back on the couch. “What the actual fuck was that?” Steph shouted.