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Coffee & Contemplations

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A few weeks later…

…Kotone has helped the residents of Linpar find apartments & jobs in the human world, ensuring their futures to be bright.

And she’s reserved a special job for a certain, particular person…

Loyi smiles as he serves the coffee to one of Café Enchante’s many guests. “Here you are, one latte,” he says with a smile.

Kotone turns to him. “You’re doing an excellent job so far, Loyi.”

“Thank you!” he replies. He’s wearing a black cap to cover the horns protruding from his head—other than that, he passes as a human easily.

Ever since Loyi comforted Kotone, she’s felt a new freedom to express her grief, & has been able to let out many of the feelings that have been building inside her for a long time. In short, she’s doing better than she’s ever been.

She turns to Loyi with a smile.

“Now, help me make this order. Ok?”

He smiles back.

“Alright. Let’s do it!”