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The great Finn-ale

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“ALEX!!!” Fantoccio shouted from below, “WHY ISN’T SHARKSPEARES TANK CLEANED?!”

“Because I was busy mopping the stage like you asked me to!” The said cow snapped, “I can only do so much! It wouldn’t kill you to do some upkeep around here, too, you know!”

“Psssh! I am far too busy to be dealing with such lowly tasks. I, the GREAT FANTOCCIO, am an artiste, after all!”

“You’re not the only creative here, y’know.”

“You are right!” He gasped, “FANTA!! Front and center!”

“Yes, Milord!” Another puppet in a similar fashion but with two white pigtails and fangs came rushing in.

“I need your help! I need to run over my latest script!”

“Oh goodie!”

“Too the backstage, now! And don’t keep me waiting!”

The two puppets flew past Alex, knocking over the bucket of water.

“Ugh,” Alex pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.

Sharkspeare rose up from his tank, eying Alex.

“Are you here to help? Or are you just reminding me to clean your tank?”

The shark blinked before sinking below the surface once again.

“Good talk.”


“Milord?” Fanta asked sheepishly, “Might I ask you something?”

“What is it?” The other puppet asked impatiently, “Better be something good.”

“Do you think that maybe we could be a little nicer to Alex? It’s not fair that he has to do all the

around here, right?”

“Don’t be silly, dear sister!” Fanto just laughed, “It’s an honor to work alongside me! Alex loves it.”

“It didn’t really seem like it, Sir...” Fanta tapped her hands together. She remembers being in Alex’s place for a few years. It definitely wasn’t fun.

“I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m sure he would speak up if he had a problem with it.”


“I can’t tell him I have a problem with it,” Alex muttered as he scrubbed grime off the glass, “He doesn’t even give me the chance! It’s always “Great Fantoccio this and Great Fantoccio that! The great Fantoccio is too busy! It’s totally not as if I work full time now just so I can feed that ungrateful gremlins stupid little face.”

Sharkspeare blew a few bubbles in response.

“And isn’t Fanto magic?! Can’t he just do this himself?! Haven’t either of them cleaned it before I came along?”

Sharkspeare rolled his eyes.

After a few more scrubs, Alex finished with the tank, “And there! Good as new! What do you think, buddy?”

Sharkspeare happily swam around.

“At least someone is grateful that I’m around.”

“Alex!” Fanto shouted from backstage, “I wanna show you something, come on and hurry up!”

Alex tightly closed his eyes, “Well, might as well see what the little gremlin wants.”


Later that night, Alex set up his computer so the gang can stream a movie while they ate dinner.

Once the food was all eaten, the two puppets sat on either side of the warm, fluffy cow. Takaratoccio had long dozed off, nuzzling into his arm, as Fanto griped about the movie.

“Why are we watching this?” He asked irritably.

“Because it was my turn to pick.”

“But there’s no singing. No dancing.”

“Not all movies have singing and dancing in them.”

“Well they should,” Fanto curled up closer to Alex’s side, starting to doze off.

Alex smiled slightly and gently pushed Fantos hat over his eyes, “Well you don’t have to watch it.”

“Ack!” Fanto pushed the hat back up, “How dare you...” He weakly punched Alex in the arm, further slipping into slumber.

It wasn’t long until Fanto was also asleep. Alex found himself trapped between two sleeping puppet gremlins, looking at the dirty places. He reached for a blanket and fixed it so that it was on top of all three of them before dozing off himself.

He’ll do dishes in the morning.