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Why Does Mars Need Cheerleaders?

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Julie woke up groggily, blinking a bit as her freshly rebooted consciousness tried to get a handle on her surroundings. It wasn't hard to do, actually, given the lack of features - she was in a stark white room, bright and glaring enough that it was a bit painful to look at with her newly opened eyes. She racked her unresponsive brain on whether she could remember having decided to take a nap on the set of a Kubrick flick. Her mind came up blank, which seemed appropriate, given the environment.

There wasn't exactly much of a breeze in the closed, motionless room, but Julie still felt a slight prick of exposure on her skin as she rubbed her eyes, and she realized that she was probably naked. That was a bit concerning, of course, but her mind was still swimming turbulently enough that she felt she could put off moving her head enough to actually look and verify.

At least she was comfortable, she rationalized. She was resting on a sleek metal table, which, while not comfy or at all padded, was certainly preferable to standing at just this moment. The air wasn’t cool or warm in particular, pleasantly neutral on her theoretically bare skin...oh, wait, her head felt comfy and covered in the familiar way. At least she still had her hat on, it seemed. So it wasn't like she was totally nude.

The confirmation that she was still wearing her beloved companion seemed to give Julie a little strength, and clear her head a bit. Looking down, she confirmed that she was, in fact, naked from the scalp down. Well, at least she matched the decor. Finally fashionable! Truly it was all she had ever dreamed.

Taking a second to make sure that she still had her kidneys and everything else - not that Julie really had much idea of how to check that, but she reckoned that if anything wasn't still in her that was supposed to be, there'd probably be a helpful burst of sheer, excruciating agony that'd help her figure it out real quick- she ran her hands over her body. Starting at  her chest, which Julie liked to think was a decent size for her figure and age, regardless of what those snooty cheer bimbos were working with, Julie carefully felt herself out, poking and prodding a bit. She was pleased to feel a distinct lack of horrible pain, although there were, she found, a few dubious splotches of sticky orange goo clinging to her skin.

Scraping a bit of it off, she wrinkled her nose in disgust as she flicked it away. It splattered against a wall, and a panel opened as a squeegee popped out and cleaned it off the wall.

“Freaky,” she decided, as she examined the rest of herself. No new scars or added limbs, thankfully. Well, mostly thankfully. More arms might've been useful, actually; she hated having to choose between one weapon and another. Being to carry her trusty squirt gun and lob cutlery at werewolves with extreme prejudice simultaneously would save a lot of hassle.

While most everything seemed to be in order, Julie did note that the small patch of pubes she had only recently grown had been shaved away, leaving her completely smooth.

“Dang,” she muttered. She was proud of her bush. Had been, at least.

Standing, Julie covered herself with her hands as she looked around fruitlessly for anything to cover herself with. She tried to recall just what had happened. The last thing she could recall was when the Martians showed up...just the next ridiculous threat in her life, joining the crowd of zombies, werewolves, killer dolls, and the like lining up to relentlessly, remorselessly, and very weirdly specifically attempt to kill everyone in Julie and Zeke's community. The Martians in particular were going around kidnapping all the cheerleaders in the town. Thinking about it, the local cheer squad was pretty huge, like half the girls in Julie's high school other than she herself, so the aliens had a pretty ambitious project ahead of them.

The last thing Julie could really remember was that she and Zeke had been arguing about whether they should save their teacher or not. Zeke was in favor of just letting the aliens have her. His arguments had included, "They came such a long way; even if we can't let them have the cheer squad, they deserve something for their trouble," and "That teacher is way more heinous than any bug-eyed freak invader could ever be."

And while he had a point, Julie didn’t feel right about it...after all, the Martians might be evil, but it was crossing a line, inflicting that on them.

Caught up in their argument, one of the not-so-little green men managed to sneak up and cheap shot Julie. That was the last thing she could remember, the feeling of the bubble forming around her and then a funky smell.

Snapping back to the moment, Julie found nothing to clothe herself with. All she had was her hat and her good looks.

“Uh...hey, I’m not a cheerleader!” Julie called out. “So, if you don’t mind just letting me go...?”

She'd been half-joking, but it was still disappointing when there was no response.

"Klaatu Barada Nikto? TlhIngan maH? Nanu nanu?" she tried.

Still nothing.

“Yo, didn't you guys ever see ET? We gave you your 1 phone call. Let's see some AT&T in here!” she added.

Again no response.

Sighing, Julie sat down on the table-bed thing and, started drumming her fingers. This was like waiting for a doctor for a check up, only she didn’t have a cheap paper robe that left her ass hanging out...well, her ass was out anyways, she guessed. That and there was no bad music or posters to stare at. Oh, and she was probably going to have her brain removed, or something was going to get put up her ass.

That last one made her clench a little. Depending on the circumstances, that wouldn't be the worst thing...but sure as hell not with these guys. Or any guys, for that matter!

After a while - just how long, she was unsure, as it was hard to tell without her watch to keep an eye on the time - something finally happened. The floor opened, and her bed turned into a slide, dumping her into a new room.

Landing with a thump, she muttered something that was not very K to A. More just A.

Sitting up, Julie had to hold back a laugh as she saw where she was now. The room looked like the tacky van her one cousin bragged about! What was it called?

...The Shaggin Wagon! That was it. Lots of leopard print and black lights, and some cheesy music that sounded like a porno, if the only thing they'd had to work with was a synthesizer and a kazoo.

It was kind of a step up, really.

Not that she was some connoisseur of smut symphonies. But she wasn't exactly a novice in the field, either. Whenever Julie had the chance, she’d sneak one of the tapes out of her parents' closet to watch. Not all of it, of course, just the parts with women...she was thankful they hadn’t noticed, or at least hadn't caught on to the reason, that the tapes were worn from all the rewinding and pausing she did.

“So...setting aside how this is a little’s also worrying,” she muttered to herself.

Soon another girl was dropped in, and Julie saw that it was one of the many, many, many cheerleaders. Like Julie, she was naked, although she’d been allowed to keep her pom-poms for some inexplicable reason. Maybe it was the only way to tell she was a cheerleader without her uniform? Human girls probably all looked the same to a Martian.

As the cheerleader got unsteadily to her feet, Julie racked her brain for a moment, trying to remember the girl's name. Actually, being Martian might not have anything to do with it; these cheerleaders just all looked the same, period.

“Hey,’re that Jill girl, aren’t you?” the blonde cheerleader asked. “Best friends with that spazz Zack? Why’d they grab you? You aren’t a cheerleader.”

Julie sighed, unsure where to start with that. Might as well just go in order. “First of all, I'm Julie. Second? He's Zeke. And while he is a spazz, he’s my spazz, so lay off him,” she told the other girl firmly.

“Riiiight," the cheerleader responded, and Julie had a distinct feeling that, were their circumstances more normal, the blonde would gave gone right on bad-mouthing him.

"So, like, why are we here?” she asked instead. “And why’s it totally look like the Shaggin Wagon?”

Julie rolled her eyes. Of course Becky had been in it. Heck, she was probably registered as a co-owner.

A voice came over a speaker. At first it was garbled alien language, but it slowly became English.

“We study human mating. Mate for us!” the alien demanded.

“Uh...I might have failed biology, and most of my other classes, girls can’t really mate?” Veronica both asserted, and asked, with a look to Julie for verification of a fact she was only semi-sure about.

Julie had to nod. “Yeah, sadly it doesn't work like that.”

Tiny mechanical arms popped out of the floor, and jabbed each girl in the belly with a needle, prompting an "Ow!" from Julie. She'd been saying that a lot lately, she'd noticed.

“Can now so mate! Once done will release.”

Cindy paused to consider the alien's command, then shrugged. “Normally I wouldn’t start lezzing out unless I had a few drinks...and having a close encounter of the fourth kind isn’t, like, really getting me in the mood? But if it gets us out of here...”

Julie was conflicted, herself. On the one hand, personality-wise, Lindsay was not her type...but on the other hand, she was pretty zamn hot. And on the third hand that the aliens thankfully hadn't sewn onto her forehead (yet), this was a way to get released, but on the fourth tentacle that no doubt served some function she’d rather not think about, the fact that this was pretty much some weird porn shoot for the aliens did make it a lot less appealing.

Julie took a good, long look at Missy. Her blonde hair was still up in pigtails, and her cherry red lipstick was still flawless, somehow. Perky tits, a bit smaller than Julie’s own, with nice pink nipples standing pretty pointedly at attention, a flat, toned belly, and her bare cunt that was just as smooth as Julie's own...

“Fuck it. Not many chances like this,” Julie decided. Scoring with a cheerleader was on plenty of her peers' high school bingo cards; it may as well be on hers. “But if we’re doing this, we’re doing it right.”

“Ohhh, you swing that way?” Britney asked, with a smugly sage nod. “Kind of thought so; got big dyke vibes from you, ya know?”

“No more talking or I’ll lose my sex drive,” Julie told Destinee firmly, as she moved in to kiss her. Locking lips, she gently pushed the girl backwards, and down onto the plush and soft bedding.

The two began to make out, their tongues dancing and swirling together.

Julie had to admit Tara knew what she was doing with the french kiss. If she really only "lezzed out" when she was hammered, then the girl might have a drinking problem, because she sure as hell hadn't learned to do this with a guy.

Without breaking the kiss, Julie moved her hands up to the cheerleader's tits, and began to massage them. She didn’t get many chances to hook up, so she was going to take her time and enjoy this. She just needed to not think about the reason why it was happening.

Pinching one of Amber’s nipples between her fingers, Julie made the girl moan a bit. She was going to give this girl an orgasm so good it would make her rethink her Friday night gang-bangs with the entire football team! And the water boy, and the mascot...although really, she shouldn't need Julie's help to rethink them.

Ignoring the fact that the girl probably handled more sausage than Jimmy Dean, Julie broke the kiss and moved down, kissing Libby’s neck until she reached her breasts. She began to kiss along the soft mounds as she massaged them.

“Ooh...that’s nice,” Amanda cooed, surprised and pleased. “Usually they just get squeezed like stress balls!”

“An advantage of a feminine touch,” Julie pointed out, as she wrapped her lips around one of Jessica’s nipples and started to suck on it. She ran her hand down the athlete's tummy, tracing her fingertip in lazy circles around her belly-button, making her moan and shiver.

“ are, like, really good at this!” Madison exclaimed, as she shivered a little. “I, I guess you’d know how to please a lady...”

Julie was actually pretty proud that she was doing so well. The only times she’d really had a chance to practice were the times that some of the single moms she’d babysit for would come home drunk and juuuuust horny enough. Any amount of badly behaving kids was worth it for the hot moms...the fact she got paid was also nice, but Julie would totally have done it for free just for a chance to roll the dice on being some gorgeous, lonely (or just frustrated) woman's dirty little secret.

Moving lower, she kissed all along Kimberly’s taut tummy, making her way down, until she was looking at the girl’s very wet pussy.

“Sorry there’s no carpet for you to munch!" Courtney offered, clearly more out of being polite than contrition. "Those moon men totally sheared the wool."

Frowning, Julie got up, and moved into position to sixty-nine.

“I said no talking," she reminded Crystal, before pressing her cunt down on the girl's face, "so just do something better with your mouth.” The cheerleader mumbled something into Julie’s pussy, but whatever she said didn’t matter beyond the fact that it felt very, very nice.

Rolling her hips to encourage her partner, Julie leaned in and spread Stephanie’s pussy nice and wide, taking a good look at it. Her folds were tighter and pinker than the usual thirty-something mother-of-four, but Julie certainly didn't mind. Planting a kiss on the other girl’s clit, she began to lick away, though sadly Kelly didn’t seem to be enthusiastic about returning the favor. But Julie just pressed down harder, grinding more to make up for the girl's reticence.

Slipping her fingers in, she stroked Lindsay’s G-spot. That got a good reaction, and the cheer-bimbo actually started to pay her back with some more tongue action. Though she wasn’t that good, it was enough to start helping get Julie close. But if she were to do this again, Kacey would need some coaching...

...and with that thought, Julie suddenly pictured the cheer coach. She was a good-looking woman, a bit like the other cheerleaders, just older. Not past her prime, though, not by a long shot. Julie wondered just how grateful the woman would be if Julie were to tell her how she saved the captain of her squad...Meg was the captain, wasn’t she?

Well, either way, Julie'd saved a bunch of them so far, so odds were one was the captain.

Julie felt that Candy was getting close, and so was she, so she hooked her finger in the way that always sent Ms. Walters over the edge. And just like the thirty-five-year-old mother of three, Natalie came hard, moaning as she sucked Julie’s clit with enough force that it’d make a dust buster jealous. And Ms. Walters, for that matter. Julie was pushed over the edge as well, and she moaned wantonly as the pleasure cascaded over her.

When her climax had ebbed, Julie rolled off, and moved into a kiss with Samantha, tasting herself on the girl’s lips.

When they parted Tiffany licked her lips. “, like, do you have a word for lesbian snowballing?” she asked curiously.

Julie groaned. Every time Vanessa seemed like she was a good lay, she opened her wonder the boys found a way to keep it full, Julie thought. And then shuddered at the mental image she'd inflicted on herself.

“Are the Earth females pregnant?” the alien asked over whatever loudspeaker system they had, suddenly reminding the pair just why they were here.

“” Whitney responded. “Kinda need--”

Before she could finish that sentence, Julie cut her off. “Oh, uh, yeah, tooootally pregnant! It just took a minute for it to...settle,” she said, hoping they’d buy it.

“Scanners detect no separate life within. Earthlings will continue mating!”

“So, are we going to do this?” Ashley asked. “I mean, like, maybe if we had a turkey baster filled with baby gravy?”

Julie gagged loudly. “Never...ever...ever, ever, and I can’t stress this enough, EVER!” she exclaimed, jabbing her finger right under Brianna’s nose, “Ever say that sentence again, or you’ll wish Stanley Decker got hold of you.”

“Stanley Decker?” Kaylee asked, tilting her head.

“Big guy? Wears a hockey mask, carries a chainsaw?” Julie said, mimicking the way he swung his rather over-the-top choice of weapon.

“Ohhh...I thought his name was Johansen, or something? It starts with a J, I'm like 90% sure,” Kaitlyn said.

Julie just sighed.

“Anyways...they injected us with...something, so I think we can maybe do it. Maybe if we just go a little more lip to lip?” she reasoned.

Amanda nodded sagely. “Like starting a campfire...just minus the stick!” she agreed, giggling at her joke.

Julie had to give her that one, at least; it was a bit funny.

“Yeah, sure,” she told her, as she guided the other girl into the proper position so that their legs were hooked and interlocked, with their quims pressed together.

“Like, this is like the kinkiest game of twister ever!” Barbie said with a grin, as her clit bumped Julie’s, making them both shiver.

“Right boob green,” Julie joked, getting into the spirit. Maybe there was hope for Lacey yet.

Both started to roll and grind their hips, their labia rubbing together, with their clits bumping now and then. Angelica actually seemed better at this than Julie, as she began to twist her waist and get more leverage.

“Oh...this...this is pretty good!” she panted, closing her eyes in pleasure. “I think I see why you like girls...”

Julie tried to not get too annoyed as she responded with a dull, “Yeah, biggest perk of being a lesbian, right here.”

Holly lifted one leg at an angle, and put her dainty foot right in front of Julie’s face, perfectly manicured and painted pink toes nearly brushing her lips.

“Hey, you lezzies like feet, right?” she asked. “This is actually so great, cuz like, I always wanted to have my toes sucked!”

Julie half frowned. She didn’t have a foot fetish, and she wasn't even sure that was a stereotype so she wasn't sure how bothered she should be by the assumption. But on the other hand, she wasn’t turned off by it, and fair was fair, she guessed...Janey was going along with stuff outside her comfort zone (even if she'd been enjoying it greatly the whole time), so Julie should be willing to do the same.

“Only if you do it for me,” she told her.

“Alright! Your feet aren’t grody or anything, so like, that's cool with me!” Cynthia agreed as she laid down. She wrapped her lips around Julie’s big toe, bobbing her head just a little, and rolling her tongue.

Julie’s breath hitched a little. Okay, even if feet weren’t her thing, this girl’s mouth was good enough that it might just give her the fetish after all. She moved along, giving each digit its own mini-cunnilingus.

Not one to be a selfish lover, Julie began to try and copy Jenny’s actions as she took the cheerleader’s toes in her mouth. They were smooth and soft, but didn’t do much for Julie. But the way Ally moaned made it clear that it did a lot for her, at least, so Julie kept giving it her all, and was gratified as the cheerleader kept moaning, and bucked her hips hard. And Julie couldn't deny that the sensations her own feet were feeling from Brandi's almost worshipful attention wasn't turning her on like crazy.

Julie and Kat spent quite some time grinding and sucking, as the pressure and warmth of orgasm built for both. But it was when Julie licked her foot from heel to toe that Honey finally came, so hard that she actually squirted! Right into Julie, in fact, which felt a bit odd.

Kind of like the time she got overzealous with that shower head.

The shock it sent through her was enough to push Julie over the edge, as well, and she ended up squirting just as was the first time that had happened to her.

“Fertilization completed. Administering growth accelerator!”

Once more the arms popped out and jabbed the girls.

There was an odd pressure, and a surge of pain, that made them double over as their bellies began to swell, growing round and plump. Their tits swelled a bit, as well, an started to leak thin, watery milk that swiftly grew thicker and richer.

“, who pays who child support?” Sherry asked as she rubbed her belly.

Julie put her hand over her own belly, feeling her hyper lesbian space baby already kicking. Well, she supposed, she was going to have something in common with the mothers she babysat for.

“This will be one hell of an episode of Jerry,” Julie mused, already hearing the crowd cheer.

“Returning females to Earth.”

A pair of bubbles shot out, enveloping both girls.

Everything was fuzzy, until there was a loud popping noise, and Julie fell ass-first onto the ground. She was greeted by Zeke grinning down at her.

“Dang, I leave you alone for five minutes and you go and get knocked up,” he cracked, offering her a spare squirt gun.

“Ha ha,” she grumbled. “You have any spare clothes or anything?”

“Nothing that'd fit you now,” the boy answered with a shrug. “Or me. C'mon, we can hit up a maternity shop together."

It was only now that July noticed that he also had a round belly.

“Uhhh...” Julie began, raising a finger.

“Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it,” he said, muttering under his breath, “Really hoped they’d buy the thing about human butts being for tasting, not probing...”

Not needing and especially not wanting any more details than that, Julie took her weapon.

“Well, let’s get going...hopefully there aren’t too many of those stupid dolls in the way.”