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indulge your hunger

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It’s been 5 weeks since the return from Bestia. The wound on your arm is beginning to really scar over now, enough that you don’t really need a bandage anymore, but you wear one out of consideration for Ignis; the first time you took it off and he saw the remnants of what he had unintentionally done to you, he locked himself in his room for hours. You weren’t quite sure, but you thought you could hear him holding back a storm of tears. And while he is still his stubborn, playful self, he hasn’t done the two things that mean the most to you: eat your food and do much more than a kiss.

In all honesty, if it came down to it and it meant preserving Ignis’s life and sanity, you could go without deeper physical intimacy. You love Ignis for who he is, and as much as you want to share the heat of his skin with yours, you’d rather spend a lifetime with him than get your rocks off. The problem is, if that were the case, you’d want it to be out in the open, discussed, understood and consented to by the both of you. That hasn’t happened yet. Every time you pull him in deeper, he hurriedly pulls back. You can see the longing, the hunger in his eyes, but he dare not touch it.

And speaking of hunger! Not once has he eaten the food you’ve cooked since you safely came home! You derive your joy from feeding others, from providing a safe, warm place to retreat to when the rest of the world is just far too cold. It’s gnawing at your heart that you can’t provide for him what you used to, that all of the effort you made to hone your skills and create delicious meals specifically for him, are going to waste. How can you be equal partners at this rate?

You wipe down the counter somewhat listlessly as Misyr sips his coffee, looking on in curiosity.

“You haven’t bought much meat recently,” he comments.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. I... guess I haven’t.”

“Not since Bestia anyway.” Misyr gives you a knowing look.

You stop dead in your tracks, unable to meet his gaze, just staring holes into the polished wood of the bar. You count the whorls and spirals in the wood grain, trying not to think about it. One, two, three... or does that one count as four? It seems to be connected to the other, and yet, there’s enough distance for it to be separate--

“Look at me.”

He says it with both sternness and gentleness, forcing you to obey.

“Talk to him. No problem worth solving was ever fixed by sanitizing tables.”

“Y-yeah, I guess... yeah, you know what? You’re right!” You throw down the towel, toss your apron aside, and march your way straight to Ignis’s room, hearing a sigh and a chuckle from the demon at the counter.

Without so much as a knock, you swing the door open.

“Canus, if you could give us a moment, please?” It is less of a request than it is a demand, and if you could see Canus’s face, you’re sure it would look somewhat fearful. Ignis looks, on the other hand, extremely fearful.

“Yes, of course. I take my leave.” He says it politely yet he bolts out the door gracelessly.

Ignis looks up at you from his bed, attempting to form words but unable to find any. His lower lip quivers slightly, as if he’s scared he did something to hurt you again, and your heart fills with such love and longing that you simply jump onto his bed, straddle him, grab him by the shirt, and pull him into a passionate, forceful kiss in one swift motion.

At first, he seems to relax into a smile, kissing you back, but once you begin to feel his body awaken beneath you, he pushes back.

“Heh, missed me, huh? Do you wanna go somewhere today?”

You knew it. You knew he was keeping you away. You wanted to think maybe it was your imagination, but that was wishful thinking. 

“Ignis, why won’t you have me?” You don’t mean to let your voice tremble and yet it does. 

He blinks, swallows, eyes darting about then finding purchase on the floor, unable to look at you, then he gingerly touches your bandage.

“I... I had a taste of you once before. It was... the most satisfying, delicious, glorious thing I’ve ever tasted. But... I hurt you. I don’t want to hurt you again. I know we’ve put the beast away, but that doesn’t change what I am. What I came from. That you’re a human and I’m not.”

His words cut deeper than any wound you’ve ever sustained. A reminder of the distance between you. You remember Dromi’s words: she’s far too weak to be your mate. You need someone strong, Ignis. Maybe... maybe staying with him in this way is just hurting him. Maybe loving him is only holding him back.

“Was he right?” you breathe the words softly without realizing it. “Am I... just too weak for you...”

You feel your chin grabbed as you are forced to meet his gaze.

“Don’t ever say that again. I don’t want to hear it.” His eyes blaze with anger and longing. As his thumb grazes over your lip you feel electricity between you.

“Then let me prove it to you. Because if you truly believe I’m not weak, why would you think I wouldn’t be able to handle you? If you never want to do anything, fine. But you need to tell me. And you need to say it’s because we’re both weak. But we’re not. We came this far.”

You bring your hand to his cheek.

“I love you. All of you. And that includes the beast in you.” You pause, then quietly ask, “Ignis, do you want me?”

His eyes are thick with lust. “I... I’m craving you.”

“Then trust me. The way I trust you. Trust me to take all of who you are.”

He leans in slow, almost unsure if he should allow himself the pleasure, but he gently meets your lips, bringing a hand to the back of your head, softly tangling his fingers in your hair. You patiently accept, giving him as much time as he needs to deepen the kiss. You coax his tongue into your mouth, sucking on it, when his hand begins to tighten, the other one making its way to your waist as he then pounces on top of you, forcing you on your back, kissing you with the intense hunger you know he has. A light growl makes its way into your mouth and you moan in turn, feeling the fire in his body awaken, cock hardening against you.

“Nnng... Ignis...”

Saying his name seems to flip the switch as he begins to be overcome with his beastly lust. He pins your wrists down by your head and roughly grinds his jeans against your crotch, hitting you in just the right spot.

A girlish whimper escapes your lips and his grip relaxes.

“Are you okay?”

“God, I’m better than okay. Don’t stop. Please. If you’re hungry...” you lean up and nip his ear, whispering, “then feed on me.”

The switch fully flips and he bites your neck, sucking and rolling his tongue across your skin as you moan in pleasure. Your body doesn’t even tense up as you feel his teeth on you. You trust him. And that trust pays off in the form of another bite on your throat. You push your hips up against him, both of you throbbing with desire.

He releases your hands just long enough to rip your shirt and bra off, then tossing his to the floor. You run your hands over his exquisitely toned body, placing bites of your own on his muscular chest. He chuckles devilishly.

“Oh, you think your teeth can hold a candle to mine?”

“No, but I can try,” you respond, giggling and lapping your tongue against his nipple. He groans, responding, “If that’s a challenge...”

He pulls your face to his, kissing you deeply, roughly, hungrily, indulging himself finally, curling his tongue around yours. He breaks the kiss and hurriedly undoes his belt and nearly falls out of his pants, throwing them aside, then grabbing yours and pulling them off as well. He grabs your hips and buries his face in between your thighs, vigorously slurping up your overflowing juices, gently moaning as he does.

“Fuck... you taste so damn good... I could live off of this...”

“Is that a promise? Whenever you’re hungry that you’ll have your fill?” You’re barely able to make out the words through your endless gasps of ecstasy.

“As long as you’ll let me.” He looks up at you, his eyes nearly glazed over, continuing to work you perfectly. You grip his hair as your eyes roll back in your head.

“In any way you wish to, I’m yours to feed on, Ignis...”

“In that case, let me show you the real wolf in me.”

He flips you over on your stomach and kneels behind you, pulling your hips up and rubs the length of his cock along your dripping slit. Bringing one hand to your shoulder, he plunges inside of you, shivering in delight and you both let out loud gasps of carnal bliss. He then leans down and trails bites and kisses down your back, your shoulder, gripping you harder every time you tremble and whimper in absolute ecstasy when he wildly thrusts inside you.

“Ah, Ignis! D-don’t... don’t you dare stop!”

“Oh, you don’t think I’m full yet, do you? I’m still starving.” His breath tickles your ear as he then clamps down on the cartilage, gently grinding between his teeth.

“Fuck! Yes!”

“Uh-oh...” He says teasingly. “Looks like my bad language has rubbed off on our sweet little cafe owner.” The quivering in his voice, however, betrays his cool words. You can feel that he’s on the edge, full of excited, untamed energy. His thrusts get wilder and deeper, and it’s only a matter of time until you truly lose it.

“Ng, I-Ignis... you’re... you’re gonna make me finish!”

“Oh no no no, not yet... I’m not done with you,” he growls, shoving himself even deeper and harder into you than before, shaking and jolting your body. He hooks his hands through your elbows for leverage and relentlessly pounds you, the sounds of your sweaty skin slapping together echoing throughout the room. He leans down and bites your neck again, chewing almost, intentionally doing everything he can to leave the biggest mark possible, and you feel yourself leaking pools of wetness in turn.

He stops and pulls out of you, flipping you one more, pushing you on your back, hovering over you, then plunging in once again, this time his eyes locking with yours.

“But... I... I’m not used to you yet... I don’t want to finish this without... looking at your face.” A blush creeps into his cheeks and your heart is full close to bursting, only adding to the intense feeling building inside you. He sinks his teeth into your breast, leaving a large mark before making sure the other one matched, then gently nipped at your nipples, flicking his tongue across them. You pull his face to yours and kiss him back with your own hunger, nearly screaming into his mouth as you both reach your climax. He slows his rhythm, then slowly pulls out, gasping for breath. 

As he leans back and looks at you, his eyes wander across your body, red with welts from his loving attacks. Your chest heaves and he sees the newly forming marks.

“I... oh god. I’m... I’m so sorry, I didn’t--”

“Ignis...” you say breathlessly, raising a hand limply to signal his silence. Once you catch your breath, you respond, “I said... I accept... all of you. But... I need you to... do me a favor...”

“Anything. Anything you want.”

“Can... can you hand me my bra and your shirt?”

“Uh, yeah... sure?”

He grabs his shirt off the floor along with your bra and tosses them both to you. As you finally gain the rest of your composure, you put your bra on, and then his shirt over it, turning to face him and say, “So, am I fit to show everyone that I’m your mate?” You feel your own cheeks growing redder but you can’t help but smile as you say it.

His face softens, and responds, “Hell yeah. You’re more than fit for that. You survived the toughest beast in Bestia... and you willingly want more of him? No one is stronger than my mate.”

You giggle, put on your pants, and say, “Get dressed. There’s one other thing.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m making you a damn steak.”

His face goes blank, and then bursts out into a laugh.

“Damn, what did I do to deserve such a woman?”

After you fix your hair, you both make your way downstairs where the rest of the crew is waiting, all except for Misyr looking extremely concerned. It seems even Rindo showed up at someone’s behest. As they look up at you, their eyes go wide as saucers.

“Oh, Mr. Rindo! I’m sorry, I didn’t hear the bell ring. Would you like a coffee? I’m about to make a steak for Ignis but I have time to do that for you beforehand!”

“Uh, um... what... happened?” Rindo looks at you, eyes trying to avoid the large red spots on your neck. You look back at Ignis who looks extremely embarrassed, that adorable sulk making its home on his face.

“It appears that she has sustained minor injuries of a possibly sexual nature,” Il says matter-of-factly. “If they came from Ignis, we may need to reconsider the seal we placed on him earlier. Misyr?”

“Hey, can it, nerd!” Ignis barks.

Misyr takes a sip of coffee and shrugs. “He seems to be the same grump as before. I guess we’ll just keep an eye on it.” He looks at you and gives a knowing wink.

In any other scenario you’d be mortified. Absolutely, obscenely, deathly mortified. But not today. No. Today you proved that even the fiercest beast is nothing in the face of the bond between soulmates.

You cheerfully make your way to the back. You cook up the best steak you’ve ever made. Ignis eats every single bite, licking his lips, then looks up at you with a mischievous grin.

“You know, I’m full, but... I could... also go for seconds.”