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cold shock

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The numerous bandages on Azure's head were messy looking, and had to be changed every few hours when the wounds were washed, but it was the best that could be done. At least, that's what Swanna had said. No one was really sure if Topaz had been listening.


Topaz, who also had to be treated, partially due to the wounds she had received from getting kidnapped, but mostly because she'd gone into shock. If he could feel anything else, it'd be frustration, because every time he tried to explain everything that happened, his voice would crack at the first word. And before he could really process it, she would find herself crumpled into a little ball, sobbing nonsense.


Swanna had taught them all how to wash the wounds and reapply the bandages, but Topaz didn't listen. He couldn't listen. All she could do was watch as Emolga, who cast nervous looks at the others, carefully removed each bandage, and washed each wound with the pure spring water. They looked better. Azure was getting better. Azure will wake up soon. They have to. There's no golden light.


How long had it been since Hydreigon was killed by Kyurem? An hour? Three days? Two weeks? Topaz had no clue. There was one thing he did know, however.



It was all her fault.