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A Goat's New World

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The sun hadn’t even touched the sky by the time Billie, an excitable, long eared, young, purple goat had emerged from her home and pulled her two friends Lou and Lily to the hill that looked over the village. Billie, holding a sleepy fox cub, looked over the village with that determined grin on her muzzle…while her friends were just trying to get rid of the feeling of grogginess from being woken up before the sun.
“Billie…” Lou muttered, lifting his glasses to rub an eye. As he placed them back down, he yawned, shook his head causing his ears to flip around a bit and then blinked a couple times. He looked at the horizon, just to make sure it was indeed still dark out and he did indeed have a reason to be irritated at the sudden wake up call that he did not recall ordering. Once he was sure he had every reason to be annoyed and this was not just some dream, he continued. “Why on earth did you think it was a good idea to wake us up and bring us out here before the rest of the village has…”
Billie, with that smirk still very much present, turned to her friends. She clamped her hooves into excited fists, eyes sparkling. “Aristotle and I were talking yesterday! He’s been teaching me more magic since I beat all those baddies and got all my dad’s gems back!”
“Uh huh…that doesn’t explain-” Lou was caught off by Billie holding up a finger to him.
“And then he started telling me about other worlds! Outside our very own! I wanna see them! I wanna fight new baddies, meet new people, learn new things!!”
Well now Lou just looked even more unamused while Lily tilted her head.
“Is-Is that even possible…?”
“Of course not.” Lou sighed, rubbing a temple tiredly. “There’s no such thing as other worlds or other universes or whatever. There’s only one universe and we’re living in it”
Billie gave a pout. Of course, Lou had to a skeptic…though in a world full of trolls, dragons, and magic, she really wasn’t sure how he could be. “Oh, come on! Aren’t you the tiniest bit curious?”
“How can I be curious about something that doesn’t exist?” The splotchy brown goat challenged. He didn’t mean any malice but now he was tired and didn’t have the energy for this.
Billie huffed. “W-well…I think I can prove it! Aristotle and I were up here yesterday too. He said he always felt something stronger on this hill.” She started mimicking Aristotle, though giving a much deeper voice than what he usually had.
“‘Billie! It’s been thought that all worlds are connected by magic! The trick is finding that magic!’”
Lou and Lily watched her walk around the hill, searching for…. something. Lou gave a sigh. He was done with this nonsense.
“Well while you do that…I’m going back to bed.” He started walking down the hill, only to have his foot caught on a tree root. Lou fell onto the ground…but instead of making any impact, he disappeared into the grass.
“LOU!!!” The girls cried out as Oscar ran over yipping at the spot Lou disappeared into.
“Where did he go?!” Lily panicked as Billie knelt to examine the spot. “He-he just fell into thin air!!”
“No…” Billie muttered sticking into her hoof into the grass. It rippled and waved, almost like water. “I think he fell into a portal! A portal to another world!!”
“What? B-but Billie-”
“C’mon Lily! We gotta get him back! GERONIMOOOOO!!” Billie leapt in without a second thought. Oscar yipped and jumped in after her. Lily tapped her fingers together nervously, looking left and right as if something would happen or someone would say this was all an elaborate prank or she was still in bed dreaming. When nothing seemed to happen to remotely imply that, she groaned and jumped in after.


“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” Lou screamed as he continued to slide through the colorful tunnel. Behind him he heard Billie whooping and hollering followed by Lily’s terrified screams. She more than likely had her eyes covered. They had no idea where they were going…and no idea what to expect.
Lou hit the ground with an “OOF” followed by Billie landing on him, Oscar landing on Billie before jumping to the ground next to them and Lily falling on Billie. The trio gave a slight groan at the rough landing…before being greeted by a deep low growl. Oscar growled back at the creature as the goats looked up to see a very furry dragon with some canine features.
“Alright intruders,” the creature snapped, dark blue-grin eyes showing slitted pupils. “You got five seconds to state your name and business!” The goats stared. They have seen dragons before but none like this one. Quickly they clambered off each other and tried to stand, earning another defensive growl from the creature.
“W-we’re not here on purpose!” Lou quickly stammered. “We fell through a hole!”
“A portal!” Billie corrected, getting a brow raise from the draconine. Her fluffy ears flicked upward when a new voice entered the mix.
“Ana, you know that’s no way to talk to guests.” The group turned to see a much colorful dragoness. Lavender colored scales with rainbow markings, frills on the side of her head and a fish like tail at the tip. The dragon dubbed, Ana, gave a huff.
“Goats fall from the sky, and you expect me to invite them in for tea and cookies? You know we can’t afford that right now Najada.”
Najada had chuckled at the carefulness of her friend. “These are merely children, barely older than Katara or Akos from the looks of it.”
“And yet they know about portals.” Ana shot back, giving the goats a distrusting glance. That seemed to catch Najada’s interest. She looked back at Ana.
“I’ll handle this, will you please let Tanner and Remus know?”
“…As you wish, your highness.” Ana turned tail and trudged back to the mossy stone castle in the back. Najada smiled as she turned back to the trio, noting the scared looks on two faces…and a sense of wonderment and awe on the third. Her smiled softened and she laid down to seem less intimidating.
“Forgive her.” She began, speaking soft and reassuringly. “Ana is very stoic and hard on the outside, but after you gotten to know her and earned her trust, she is the very embodiment of pure loyalty and has a heart of gold.” She lowered her head. “My name is Najada, I watch over these lands. May I ask what brought you here?”
“We were looking for new worlds!” Billie piped up with a grin. Najada blinked in surprise. It was one thing to find another world on accident…but to be searching for one?
“How do you know about that little one?”
Now it was Billie’s turn to blink. Was she not supposed to? “My mentor told me…”
“I see…who is your mentor?”
“Aristotle. He’s an axolotl and was friends with my dad.”
“And what of your father?”
“Oh.” Billie looked crestfallen. “He uh…died when I was just a baby.”
Najada lowered her ear frills. “My deepest apologies child. No one should ever have to lose someone so dear at such a young age.” She gave Billie a small comforting nuzzle. Billie smiled; this dragon seemed nice…not at all what she expected.
“So…this is another world?” She asked as Najada pulled away and gave a nod.
“It is…you nor your mentor were really supposed to know about other worlds.”
“Wait…so they exist?” Lou gawked getting a chuckle from the dragoness.

“Of course they do darling, many years ago all worlds were once connected, we all lived in peace and harmony. But then a war broke out between the lands. All because some became shrouded by darkness and felt greed and envy. The war had gone on for decades…until it was decided the worlds would be separated. Over time, many forgot other worlds existed or simply didn’t know, just you young ones. It was decided to never speak of them again, for fear of another war breaking out…”
“Then…how come Aristotle knew?” Billie tilted her head. Najada sat up and gave a small shrug of her shoulders.
“I couldn’t tell you dear. I can only imagine they heard it in passing or found an old book written of the old worlds.”
“Where are we now?” Lily asked. “C-can we get home?” Najada gave the three a comforting smiled.

“Tis why I sent Ana to inform Remus, he knows much on these matters. For now, allow me to welcome you to Mythikalia. Oh! Forgive me, I never asked your names!”
“I’m Billie, that’s Lou and Lily!” Billie picked up Oscar. “This is Oscar!”
Najada gave a chuckle and bowed her head. “A pleasure to meet you three, as protector of these lands, I promise you’re safe with me”
“Wait…that other dragon mentioned you can’t afford us to be here right now.” Lou mentioned, giving the dragoness a suspicious glare.
Najada just gave him a smile. “We’ve had our own hurdles to jump, come with me and I promise we’ll explain everything…besides, it’s quite early. I’m sure you want breakfast.”
“Yea!” Billie cheered. Lou sighed.
“Well, I guess it would be easier to comprehend this on a full stomach…”
“I-I guess so...” Lily muttered following them…seemed they had no choice but to just trust and wait and see what would happen.