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The nymph Ishtar is never wrong with her chosens. They are mortals adorned with warm hearts and open arms, guided by her divine compassion to love others, make them feel safe, and drive the darkness away.

In the current era, the Goddess showed her daughters the prophesied one. As usual, Heptitus turned up her nose, and with a bit of coaxing, she eventually promised to bestow the mortal some wickedness to be able to slay her enemies. Ceri offered love and joy for the mortal’s life; Aisling gave light of hope to the mortal’s eyes; Serendipity spared some luck to the mortal’s fate; Nuha awarded the mortal the wisdom to overcome trials.

And Ishtar smiled as she bestowed the gift of eternal compassion to the infant Rhen Pendragon.

Then Ishtar watched her chosen conquer fate and ascend to the throne of Thais wearing divine compassion on her sleeve. The nymph almost felt bad for lying to the mortal about being a Snow Queen, but then again, Rhen did not need to know that her patron was always watching over her ever since the beginning…