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You're gonna go far, kid

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Kane Gardner of the Sophia Force was many things. Commander. Pilot. Husband. Father.

The Sophia Force's leader, however, was no fool.

Letting Escapee Frudnick leave the SF base without a fight would have been too much a risk to Kane's plan. All other times, he would stop at nothing to eliminate anything that dare threaten planet Sophia.

This time, however, that was not the case - Kane made it a mission to free Frudnick as soon as possible. He'd known the young man was innocent - It was just a cruel outcome that the SF soldiers didn't see it that way. 

Kane had known faking a battle, yet coming out with a pristine Metal Attacker, would not be viable, and would fool no one. As much as it pained him, Kane knew he would have to fight the boy to make things convincing. So, when the young pilot had arrived at the Sophia bulkhead....

"En garde, Jason Frudnick!"

As soon as the two engaged in combat, the gap in experience was obvious, but such things come with over 10 years of being a pilot, as opposed to a very short time. To Kane's shock, however, the boy put up a good fight; It was clear that the novice pilot did, in fact, know a thing or two about machine combat.

While the boy's combat finesse was, in Kane's mind, a series of "Frudnick moves", the seasoned war hero couldn't help but closely analyze Jason's movements.

That will....that fire inside of him, he's just like I was!

On the other hand, it was clear Jason had long since lost his patience.

"Please, just let me through!"

Metal Attacker had already sustained damage at this point - the battle wear would certainly be convincing now to the rest of the SF.

No more charades, Kane thought. Let's cut to the chase.

"What is with this guy?" was all G-SOPHIA's pilot, the renowned robotocist Jason Frudnick could think. Helping him escape the base, only to battle him when they met? Jason had too many questions, and not enough answers. What did this other pilot want from him, and does he know where Eve is?

The young pilot focused on the fellow MA in front of him. A tank, form factor not unlike his own, seemed ready for a fight at a moment's notice. But, right as Jason had a tight grip on the trigger marked "G-CRUSHER SHOT+", SOPHIA's receiver sprung into action.

"You arrived sooner than I expected."

The voice had startled Jason. It was calm, yet bold and serious, like someone with experience of many years. To Jason, there could only be one person the voice was coming from.

Kane Gardner.

Jason had never met the man, yet had heard of him. The very same person who had fought the mutants when they appeared for the first time, as well as the person who sent SOPHIA Zero when SOPHIA III had been taken over.

Honestly, Eve and I owe him our lives.

During Kane and Jason's (admittedly heated) radio conversation, the younger pilot was hit with a revelation; Kane wasn't trying to capture Jason, rather assist him in escaping! To Jason, this made sense, as the Sophia Force would have no reason to arrest one of their own.

Or so he thought.

As if in a cruel twist of fate, the mutants (who Jason had learned are called the Invem Dark Star Army on planet Sophia) had reappeared right as the SOPHIA crew arrived. To Jason's anger, the heads of the SF suspected that Eve assisted in the mutants' return.

There is no way in hell Eve would have done that!

Kane agreed, to the shock of Jason. He shared the sentiment of it being unlikely that Eve would betray her parents and fellow Sophians like this. The SF would actively be looking for him - no surprise there - and Jason would be considered "a threat to planet Sophia".

Man, why's everybody trying to make me the bad guy?

Eventually, Jason was lead to the edge of the bulkhead, and the time had finally come for Kane and Jason to part ways, and to start scouring Sophia and find Eve. As if in an instant, G-SOPHIA SV lurched out of the bulkhead, and out unto Sophia's landscape.


A reversal of fate is now underway...


Kane Gardner reminisced as the newer MA blasted out of the bulkhead; he had done the same back what had felt like decades ago. He saw a lot of his younger self in the boy, and hoped that he too would succeed in his mission.

Go forth, Blaster Master. Bring my girl home safe.