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Underworld Capital Incident: The Seven Deadly Sins Series

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“However much I try.”
“However much I try to fix things.”
“In the end, I am still just like how I always am…
“When I notice, the reality I don’t want to accept…”
“It hurts.”
“It’s hard.”
“It’s ugly.”
“I hate it.”
“It’s lonely.”


Kirishima remembers that day at the abandoned school. It was dark. It was dusty. It was a mess. And most of all, it was filled with a sense of hatred and loneliness.
The deceased one had caused many casualties. The ghost had sinned, was cursed and killed many lives she took her rage upon. She was lonely and scared. She was angry. Her wrath became her downfall and Kirishima had to stop her. He did, of course. It was his job as an Underworld Escort, to guide fallen souls back to the underworld and face their punishment, then to be reincarnated and, hopefully, to live a better life than what they had lived before.

Kirishima could only be sympathetic. He did not understand how humans functioned. He only did what he was told. He was dedicated and passionate to what he must do. That was the way he worked. But… that mission had been different.

He remembered his boss’s briefing on the situation. “For the deceased to meddle with the living is strictly forbidden. By gathering karma, they eventually mutate. Don’t just keep on letting it do whatever it wants.” Kirishima had nodded then, thinking he had understood what Rokkaku had meant. He didn’t truly understand until he had encountered the deceased, realizing what torment she went through that brought her to her doom.

Wrath is known as one of the seven deadly sins in European religious beliefs. Wrath forms when a person is filled with anger and hatred against a person or group of people who they believed had done wrong to the person or someone close to that person. Maki, the deceased one, was wronged when she was alive having been bullied and misunderstood; mistreated for things she did not do. That did not change the fact she had done wrong after she died, killing many of those who had tormented her while she was still alive.

When he had gone to the old school building to investigate as well as to escort the deceased one, he had encountered Tagami and Hirahara who seemed to have been done with their job and had moved to the school just check the situation out. Not really much to see Kirishima, not that he cared about that all too much. He could handle most situations alone. Then again, it would have taken longer to go up the staircase or through the hallways without their help to get rid of all the mountains of desks. Hirahara was jubilant as always and his curiosity proved to be of some sort of use… although having popped the black creature at that time was messy and entirely unnecessary. Tagami had been lazy most of the time but he would get his part done when it was needed. He was much smarter than he appeared but it never seems that way so Kirishima made it noteworthy to leave Tagami alone most of the time, in and out of work.

No matter what though, both had gotten the job done, no problem. No emotions were attached to their job, not that they could understand the human race’s mindset and why they bring themselves to ruin but it did not bother them. But Kirishima had felt something in his chest, warning him that something was wrong. It first started when he had stared at the mirror, and eventually had met the deceased one for the first time before she escaped. And unlike the Underworld Escorts who were bound by duty, Maki, the deceased one, was bound by emotion. Humans were such complicated creatures. If anything, he started to pity the deceased one.

It was some time afterwards from meeting Hanako and the creature in the infirmary did Hirahara started to speak nonsense, saying there was another Kirishima other than him, the actual Kirishima. He started playing along, hoping to calm Hirahara down a bit only to enter a hole in the wall where he had found another him, except with a sickening grin plastered onto his face. Kirishima had a bad feeling then and retreated, only to enter a different dimension where he met souls trapped by the ‘reflection’ which took form of anyone it chooses and traps them in the ‘reflected world’.

Maki was twisted, not as twisted as the reflection, but was twisted nonetheless. Warped by her own insecurities and doubts, she drove herself mad and unleashed her wrath on innocent people. Did Maki ever look at herself, at what she did wrong? At the end, of course she did but Kirishima was thinking before that. Before she allowed herself to be escorted into the underworld and after she was killed. Did she realize what she had become? Maybe at first where her soul was still pure enough not to be mutated. But the lingering pain she held onto from the days when she was alive tied her to the world of the living. It drove her crazy and added oil the fire as her memories of her past replayed in her mind.

When Kirishima came back from the ‘reflected world’, the school was dark. The furniture was rearranged in a way that lacked symmetry or order. The corridors were entirely different than what he had remembered. They made unexpected turns to more corridors and rooms that seemed to have been morphed. Signs were written with gibberish letters and symbols, allowing no one to understand what kind of room they were heading in. Splattered blood painted a classroom over the walls, the floors, even the desks. It gave off a putrid smell. The school was warped as a result of the beginning of Maki’s mutation.

There was no order; no sense in what was going it. The school’s dramatic changes in its structure from the supernatural were only a sign of Maki’s broken state. There was blood from the people she killed that was not there before. There was a room filled with blinking eyeballs. Kirishima was used to these kind of situations and was therefore, unaffected by the eeriness of it all. What had perplexed him was the sudden change in mentality from the deceased one. She had felt wronged by the people she killed, claiming that her death was also their fault, making them more guilt than she was. Kirishima remembered her skin turning a dark gray, the white of her eyes becoming black, her irises becoming a blood-red color, and her tight lipped grimace turning into a wicked smile.

Kirishima met Tanizaki soon afterwards and told him to finish the job otherwise Tanizaki would have to do it himself and he didn’t want any trouble. When he went forward only to find that in order to move forward, the piano had to be played, Saeki came to his aid for the second time. Saeki who was the most competent of the Underworld Escort (excluding Rokkaku), was kind and always there to help, not asking for anything in return. Sometimes he felt that Saeki was the only one who kept him sane when everyone else would drive him crazy at times. Even so, both Tanizaki and Saeki were supportive and believed in him although, in their own ways of course.

Around this time, he started to feel appreciative for all the help (although Hirahara was the one who had Kirishima fetch Saeki for the piano…) and at the same time, a feeling of contempt also grew. Even if he was not human, Kirishima knew that Maki’s suffering was not worth the death of all the people she killed. It was not worth the death of the skeleton who was destroyed in the science lab once the school morphed, the skeleton that had gave him clues as to what he should do next. Kirishima did not want people to die in vain or to die a pitiful and meaningless death.

Kinoshita, the first of the Underworld Escorts to have encountered Maki first was found (or rather, he found Kirishima) hanging outside the window of a classroom and had requested Kirishima to find his eyes since he can’t look for them himself. Grotesque as it was, Kirishima found himself having no choice but to find his comrade’s green eyes. For Kinoshita to have his eyes gouged out though… the deceased one was definitely getting out of control.

It took a while, and foolishly so Kirishima had admitted, what the visions he had when he collected the metal parts and then the blue stone had meant. A simple yet beautiful birthday present that symbolized a friendship had broken when the deceased one’s friend had died. The strong and sorrowful feelings Maki had felt had spread the broken pieces across the school building. She seemed to be in pain. As Saeki fixed the necklace for Kirishima, he felt an emptiness in his chest. He did not understand the feeling.

All he knew he could do was sympathize with the deceased one and bring her back to the underworld where her punishment awaited. All he could do was give her the necklace with the hope of making the deceased one what she had done wrong. All he could do was give Maki a choice of whether to continue as she is or repent for her sins.


“I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong.”

“Why me? Why do you say I did something wrong? Just what did I do wrong?”

“Aah, it’s so hateful!! So resentful! I hate it all!”



“Hey, Maki-chan.”

“Since I’m – your friend…”

“And so… Please smile, okay?”

“Aaahh… ahh…”

“But even so… I simply resented, hated, and lamented… and then… I was no longer able to go to you…”


Wrath (Latin, ira), also known as "rage", may be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. Wrath, in its purest form, presents with self-destructiveness, violence, and hate that may provoke feuds... Wrath may persist long after the person who did another a grievous wrong is dead. Feelings of anger can manifest in different ways, including impatience, revenge, and self-destructive behavior