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Oneshot Collection

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"Stop laughing!"

A smirk spread across Fanfir's lips as he looked at Flavio. His brow was furrowed into a stern look, his bottom lip protruding ever so slightly in a pout. He had never been able to perfect a frightening or fearsome stare, but today he was far more adorable than usual. His sulking pout was accompanied by whole body jolts.

Flavio had the hiccups.

And like with everything he did, he made having hiccups adorable.

"I'm not laughing, I promise," Fafnir lied, inwardly laughing. "You make having hiccups look fun."

Flavio bristled. "It's not fun!" he claimed, through his hics and twitches.

"Have you tried drinking water?"

Flavio rolled his eyes. "Of course, I did. It didn't work!" Still "hiccing" away, cutely, and after every second word.

Fafnir knew he shouldn't find his best friend's predicament so amusing. Hiccups were not fun and they could be exhausting, if they were long-lasting. But he just could not get over how adorable Flavio truly was. It was almost unfair how cute. Just like his bout of sneezing. Or when he yawned. So kitten like. Made anyone and everyone fortunate enough to be witness to comment on how adorable and cute it was.

"Tried holding your breath?"


Fafnir thought for a moment. "Maybe a fright?"

Flavio frowned. "That'll make things worse."

Probably. And Fafnir didn't want anything attempting to frighten Flavio. He couldn't do it himself. Besides, Flavio had an adorable little shriek when he was startled.

Hm, startle...That gave him an idea.

Fafnir stepped forward and quickly, and suddenly, pulled Flavio into his arms. The survivalist fell against his chest, Fafnir's hold around him clamping his arms against his sides, preventing him from pushing back. He looked at him with wide eyes, his mouth opening in order to utter a sound of confusion. Instead, he uttered a noise of pure surprise when Fafnir pressed his mouth against his.

After a few minutes, longer than Fafnir had originally planned but hey, he wasn't complaining, he pulled his lips away from Flavio. And the survivalist stood boneless in his arms, clearly dazed. Which, of course, made Fafnir feel utterly smug. And that feeling didn't dissipate when Flavio regained his senses and flushed darkly.

"What was that about?" he asked. 

"Got rid of your hiccups."

Flavio stilled before realisation filtered across his face. "You're right." His pout made a return. "Don't think you can use that excuse on me."

Fafnir tilted his head to the side, still smirking and still holding Flavio tightly in his arms. "I don't need an excuse?"

Flavio wiggled his arms free, only to drape them around Fafnir's neck. "No, you don't need an excuse."