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The Photograph - A TPP Colosseum Story

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After he got his pokemon calmed down, Seth went back to Gateon Port, where he floored Oak with the Pikachu and his tale of the Celebi. Seth would cause himself headaches trying to figure out the logistics of his trip through time for a couple more days before vowing never to think on it or its complications ever again. He and Oak left for Kanto the next day.

While Seth was off doing his errand in Agate, Oak paid a visit to the local Pokemon Labratory. He met with Professor Krane and his assistants, and handed over the Snag Machine prototype for them to reverse engineer. The lab was already in the process of switching over to researching pokemon mass-purification. While there, a young boy who lived at the lab challenged Oak to a simulator battle, which Oak delightfully took part in. Oak won, of course, to the child's and his sister's disappointment.

Eagun found the remains of Vander's Time Flute at the Relic Stone the morning after Seth's clandestine visit. He would write Vander to tell him the news. While the news was devistating at first, there was a sense of ease that soon followed, as Eagun, Vander, and the others in the society no longer had to constantly protect the Relic Stone from intruders. The search still continues for any other Time Flutes or similar artifacts, but none have been found to this day.

After what happened on the Kids Grid VPN IRC, Lon attempted to track down his friend and mentor, taking the hint that Seth's username change was the name he was going by now. He didn't find him before he left Gateon, however, and Lon would begin travelling the surrounding regions, looking for Seth, over the next few years. But that's a story for another time...

Duking and Silva awoke in the VIP room an hour after they were knocked out, finding only the two Pyrite police officers with them in the room when they awoke. They assumed Colin and Rui had chased after Cade and Nascour after what was clearly an escape attempt on Cade's part. It wasn't until they checked in with the Kids Grid did they learn of Colin's vague last words, and started to investigate what might have actually gone down.

Cipher as a whole vanished from the Orre region, leaving the Realgam Tower to new, unrelated owners. While the people of Orre were at first skeptical of their vanishing, after a couple years with no news on the matter, people became convinced Cipher was officailly gone. In truth, of course, Cipher simply went underground with their Shadow Pokemon plan. They hired a new head scientist to change and build upon the Shadow Pokemon project. Cipher would invent new artificial moves and severely limit the negative side effects of the confused rage a pokemon suffered. They would successfully keep themselves secret for five years. But that's a story for another time...

Ein left for new regions and new projects to work on, far from Cipher and their project. He took Oak's words to heart and began many projects for finding ways to make pokemon and people equal. His most recent project is said to allow people to have the moves and abilities of pokemon... but that's a story for another time...

Venus changed her name again after she fled from the Under. She left the Orre region for new territories to explore and conquer, with her ever-trusty Typhlosion by her side.

After Dakim got out of the intensive care unit, he also chose to leave for new regions, looking for more powerful pokemon to capture. And if he just so happens to run across a punk with albino hair, he would be sure to beat his head in twofold.

Miror B got carried down the underground river to the ocean and ended up in a cavern system beyond Gateon. He eventually found his Sudowoodo acting like a petrified piece of driftwood. Freeing himself from the confines of the Cipher Syndicate, he would eventually start getting a Team together with the goal of having the world's largest pokemon dance group. He would call it "Team Miror", but that story is for another time...

Gonzap returned to the Snagem Hideout and started attempting to rebuild the place. However, Cipher, in their vanishing from Orre, ceased their communications with Team Snagem, and never fulfilled their order of 20 arm-mounted Snag Machines. Snagem would fall on hard times and grow adversarial of Cipher and their shady business dealings.

Willie would continue to contemplate the strange desert man named Randall for many years, envying him and wanting to be like him, but never doing anything to improve himself. He eventually admitted to himself that Randall only highlighted to himself that he was gay, and that he liked the cool mysterious types. He would refuse to admit it out loud to anyone, however.

Niver would continue being a dick to everyone. He never got over this. The End.

What happened to Rui, you ask? Her story is *also* for another time...